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2023-07-08 09:10:15

Cooking the Best T Bone Steak on the Stove & Oven _ Pan seared, butter basted and Baked

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Hey guys .

What's up ?

It's Dean Murphy .

Today .

I'm gonna show you how to make an amazing , delicious tasty steak that everybody will love at your house using household ingredients .

So we're gonna be cooking a T bone steak .

We're baking it in the oven .

And I'm gonna tell you , this is probably one of my favorite recipes .

I've had all kinds of steaks prepared in all kinds of different ways .

And this is by far up there in the top three , maybe even two rivalling with one .

This recipe is amazing .

All right , check it out .

So I have everything set up and ready to go .

What you have is four sprigs of rosemary , then four cloves of garlic .

This was a really large one .

So I cut it in half .

Then you need butter , salt , pepper and olive oil and that's pretty much it .

And over here , what are we cooking today ?

Found some amazing T bone steaks at Kroger .

Uh They have some of the best steak deals on Wednesdays .

I absolutely love it .

These are gonna be amazing .

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So , for the garlic to use that , all you have to do is crush it and then you're good to go .

Um , I have the oil in the pans .

It's nice and hot , ready for the steak .

We're gonna sear them .

And then I also have the oven preheated to 325 degrees .

Now , to make sure that the garlic is good for cooking .

All you have to do is just it once with your knife and the way I do that is just put the garlic underneath the big side and push it down and then once with the small side and that's ready , put it off to the side and the same with the other piece , what this does is it crushes the garlic and releases the juices .

So they will come out when you're , it's being cooked .

All right .

And with this steak , each steak gets two Rosemarie and each steak gets a garlic , two garlic cloves .

All right .

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So we're gonna season the steaks and we use some pretty basic seasonings here and don't worry , there'll be plenty of flavor .

I'm a big fan of that seven spice , but I'm finding that just a little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper can do the job .

Very nice as well .

So I give it a little salt coating and you wanna be careful with your amounts because unlike the grill , the , all the seasoning is gonna stay in the pan .

So the grill will burn off a little bit of seasoning .

It will fall off , uh , while the steaks cooking , but in the pan it collects and holds all the seasonings .

So you can't put on the seasoning as liberal as when you're grilling .

Um , unless you really , really , really , really go crazy about seasonings and that's ok .

I'm not gonna judge if you love to cover your steaks and unreasonable amounts of season here .

All right .

So we have this side covered and I'm just gonna give it a little flip and coat this side a little bit of salt .

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There we go .

And the T bone is a really nice steak because you get to try two wonderful cuts .

You have a New York strip on the left and you have a filet on the right go .

The New York strip is really nice because it has some marbling throughout .

Um , but you get a lot of meat with every bite and the filet , the filets texturing is out of this world .

It's so tender and delicious .

It is the most sensual of the stakes if you will .

All right now these bad boys are ready to hit the pans and get sear on each side .

Ok , guys , as you can see , I have our two pans here hot over the stove top .

I have them each at a setting of about five out of six and the oil is nice and toasty .

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We're gonna lay the steaks on right now .

There we go .

And the little technique that I learned is that you can lift it up like this and lay the stake away from you .

So the oil doesn't splash back .

Now , you want one pan to sear each steak in because that will allow for perfect cooking .

He will hit the steaks right in the middle .

There we go .

So we have each set .

So next , we just start the timer for two minutes while that's going to throw in the rosemary on either side , garlic cloves and lots of butter and put about half a tablespoon , maybe a little more on each side of the stick .

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So while it's cooking and get some of the juice and base it on the top , a little bit of a butter oil based .

There's lots of nice flavorful juices coming off to the side .

OK ?

If you need to add in a little more liquid for , but juices for basting , that's OK .

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Now , OK , so that's two minutes .

We're gonna reset the kitchen timer for 10 minutes and then flip this tape .

OK ?

And this is what you're looking for .

You're a nice brown crispy Sead side on the face .

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There you go , facing as you go along .

It really helps you in the flavor .

OK ?

Guys , that's another two minutes .

So what I do to finish this off is I'll put just a little more juice on top and then I also move the rosemary and the garlic .

So it'll bake on top of the steak .

Oh , that's looking absolutely fantastic .

Smells wonderful in this kitchen .

Here we go .

Now , this pan right here isn't good for the oven .

It's got some rubber .

So I get a , a oven shake can , so I can bake them both in the oven .

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All right .

Here we go into the oven and since these steaks are about an inch to an inch and a half thick , I cooked them on 3 25 for seven minutes to get a medium to a medium rare .

Yes , it's ready .

Oh , yeah .

A little hot up .

Shut down .

Oh , that looks beautiful .

All right .

So we just have one last step and that's to let them set for about 10 minutes because that'll lock in all the juices and you get even better bites .

All right .

So , of course , really , the last step is to see if my beautiful taste tester pre pre uh smiles when she eats this .

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Oh my gosh , I'm so excited and look at how perfect it is .

It's a medium rare .

That's the way I like it .

Um Oh my gosh .

Is it good ?

It's divine .

You guys , I'm not sharing with anyone either .

All right guys try out that recipe for one of the best steaks you'll ever have .

Thank you for watching .

If you like the video , be sure to subscribe and like and comment and we will be showing more delicious food videos as we find out new recipes .


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