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2023-07-08 09:29:42

Hainanese Chicken Rice _ Nasi Ayam Hainan _ 海南鸡饭 [Nyonya Cooking]

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Hi guys , welcome to New York cooking .

In this video , we are going to prepare a highly requested dish and this is how to prepare Hainan chicken rice .

Now , Hainan chicken rice is made of different parts in the dish .

First is the chicken .

Then we have the rice and also the soup that comes together , but not to forget also the different sauces that comes together in uh with this dish .

This dish is very popular in Malaysia and also Singapore .

I know many of you requested for this dish .

So finally , the recipe is here .

Now let's move on to the ingredients so that we could quickly see how our chicken rice would look like .

The main ingredient of this dish would be chicken .

I'm using a whole chicken because I will be serving four .

And depending on the size of the chicken , uh you have to gauge yourself .

But if you're only alone or uh you're cooking for two , I would suggest you to get a drumstick that is attached together with the tha you can use that as also perfect .

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So now we move on to spring onions , ginger some sauces here , soy sauce , sesame oil .

I have some chicken fats because we will need the chicken fats to cook the rice later on and also salt .

The next part of it that will be the rice .

Now , here I have some rice pandan leaves just to make the rice really fragrant .

And then we'll move on to shallots , ginger garlic , soy sauce and some sesame oil .

We are first going to prepare the chicken .

So to make it easier when we are going to carve it , uh later on , we have to remove the wish bone .

Now , this is an optional step if you don't want to do it .

Uh but I like to do it because uh it really makes things easier when we want to cut it out .

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Later , you first look for the breast , it's um connecting to the neck of the chicken and then you'll find this bone that looks like a y shape , reach up to the top of the connecting bones and you can just pull it off .

Now , when you get it out , it will look like this .

Exactly like a wine .

They don't call it a wish bone out of nowhere because it's really a wish bone where uh you can always pick this and clean it up .

Of course , uh It could be a quick game .

What you do is you have 22 person holding each bone on one side and then make a wish , quickly pull it off and see which side is the longest bit .

So the person who has the longest bit of the bone would actually have his , his or her wish granted .

So that's the story of the wish bone .

Remember to also give your chicken a scrub with some salt .

I did it the night before .

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So after giving your chicken a bit of facial , the skin will appear smoother and remember to also remove the extra feathers .

I'm gonna pour the sauce into the chicken .

Now , just give it a quick overturn a few wraps and I'm gonna stuff in some ginger and also some spring onions .

Now that we have the stuffings in the chicken , I'm just going to use a very simple tray .

Uh going uh a few times over to have a thicker thread and I would have tied the lips of the chicken to ensure that the stuffing will not come out during cooking .

The next step is to cook the chicken .

So over here , I have a big pot and I have some water in it .

So it has been boiling first downwards .

We're going to slowly put this in .

Another thing that you need to ensure is to have the water in the pot covering the chicken .

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So because this is not fully covered , I'm going to add a bit of hot water as we wait for this to boil , uh we can always add more spring onions or you can add carrots , um radish , you know , different kind of vegetables .

It's actually the soup of the chicken rice .

And we will also use this soup to boil more uh to cook the rice .

Later on .

Take a look .

Once the water starts boiling carefully , turn the chicken over so that we have the bad part of the chicken fully cooked as well .

And once we have the soup simmering with the chicken in , you then can close the pot while waiting for the chicken to cook .

We are going to prepare the rice here .

So I have a pot with one tablespoon of oil and then I'm going to add the chicken fats .

Now on the chicken fats , you can get it while cleaning the chicken itself .

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I have some chicken fats a bit attached to some chicken skin as well .

Uh What you really want is the fragments from the fat or the oil .

Once you see that it turns a little golden brown and we've got enough of oil , I'm just going to remove this very quickly and then in goes the garlic ginger and also shallots , they're gonna quickly toss it around until it's really fragrant .

And then I'm gonna put in the pan leaf as well .

Sesame oil and a bit of soy sauce .

Now , you have to really cook this at low heat and quickly add the rice .

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I'm just gonna leave the rice aside now because the chicken is rainy .

And as I've mentioned previously , I have a bowl here filled with ice .

I'm going to put the chicken into this bowl , we will leave the chicken in the cold bar for about 10 seconds to just immediately stop the cooking process .

And now we can gloss the chicken with some sesame oil and a bit of salt just to add this beautiful glaze over the chicken and also to add some fragrance .

Remember we had the rice earlier .

So now it's time to have the soup in the rice to cook the rice .

You will need to ensure that the soup does not only cover the rice , but it has to be the same height of the rice as well .

And that means it's basically 2 to 1 ratio , one for the rice and two for the soup .

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So I'm just going to boil this in the pot and once it's boiled , I'm going to bring the heat low and then just cover this pot and let it cook to have a great chicken rice .

You need to remember the accompanying sauces .

So I have here some soy sauce , choo wine , sesame oil and also sugar .

Another important sauce that goes really well with this dish is the chicken rice chili sauce .

Now , in my previous video , remember to see here if you haven't seen it , there's a chili garam recipe and we need that to prepare this chili sauce .

So now let's move on to mixing the sauces .

We begin with the sugar sesame oil , soy sauce .

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And as for the chili sauce I'm going to put two tablespoons of chili Guam , then we will add the soup into the chili sauce or else it will not be complete .

Give it a few quick stirs .

And if you like , you can always add some salt and sugar just to enhance the taste .

But otherwise , it's good to go .

As for the soy sauce , meats that we had earlier , we would also need to add the soup .

The sauces are ready , the soup is ready and also the rice .

So now it's all down to the chicken .

I'm just going to carve the chicken .

So just gonna show you how it's done .

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So try to use a bigger knife and make sure it's sharp .

OK ?

Make sure the chicken breast is facing up , remove all the spring onions , ginger so that it doesn't disturb us while we cut the chicken .

So once you have the chicken cut into half , take one part of it , lay it flat and we're going to cut the chicken wings first .

As for the drumstick , your knife is going to go across to remove this drumstick .

We are now left without the drumstick and also the wings .

So I'm just going to cut this into half again .

And all you need to do is just cut into slices .

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Finally , I have everything .

I , I place the chicken on a plate and then just , uh , have drizzle a bit of soy sauce mixture on it .

Hm .

Oh , so good chicken .

Is nice , not dry at all .

The sauces makes everything so delicious .

So those two of you who have been requesting this recipe , I hope it's right .

And uh if you have never tried chicken rice , you're really missing out a big thing .

Another thing that uh is really core to this dish is the soup itself .

So I'm just going to try it .

Now , I've added a bit of salt just to taste and also some reddish as I've mentioned earlier , feel free to add in some vegetables .

Try this recipe and tell me what you think and remember to subscribe to your network cooking if you're new to us and stay tuned for new recipes .

I hope you enjoyed this video until then happy cooking .


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