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2023-07-10 08:42:36

Air Fryer Steak _ Juicy and Tender Ribeye Steak

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Welcome friends .

I'm Rose with another delicious air fryer recipe .

You don't wanna miss today , we're making juicy and flavorful rib eye steaks before you get started .

It's very important that you preheat your air fryer .

You wanna make sure that when that steak hits that basket , it's nice and hot .

And by the way , my air fryer is an Emerald brand and it's a 5.2 liter basket .

All right .

So we're gonna preheat this at 400 degrees and you wanna just let it run on empty force at least six minutes .

Another important tip before you get started is to let your steak sit out for at least 20 minutes .

So they come to room temperature , cold meat to a cold pan will cause the meat to become dry and lose all those juicy flavors .

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Also , when cooking steak on a pan and you start with cold meat , it can cool off your pan not allowing it to get that nice sear .

You want a nice sear will help lock in the meat flavors and juices .

I like to start by adding a little bit of extra virgin olive oil to my steak .

So you don't need a lot and then I take a brush , brush it all on there .

You want to make sure you do both sides and also run your brush along the sides of the steak , add salt and pepper to both sides real quick .

If you're looking for a video and can't find it on my front page , be sure to go up top where it says videos and playlist .

I've got lots of videos in there for you as well .

Add a one sauce to a plate .

You could either use the hearty or original .

Either one will work just fine .

You'll also need Montreal steak seasoning , which I highly recommend because it adds a really nice flavor to it .

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Now , if you , for some reason can't find it and you wish to use your own seasoning , that's perfectly fine as well as you can see , I spread my sauce out a little bit .

Now I'm gonna be adding a little bit of Montreal seasoning in there , lay your steak right on it , rub it in the sauce and flip it over .

Now , add more of your steak seasoning on top .

Yes , baby , I love to season .

All right guys .

So now I'm just gonna flip my steak over and add seasoning to this side as well and make sure to get the sides of your steaks .

You want everything completely coated a brush can also be pretty handy .

We're gonna start with our first batch of two steaks just in time , my air fryer is done preheating .

Now , when you pull out your basket , make sure not to place it directly on your countertop .

It's pretty hot and you can ruin your countertop .

I usually just place it on top of my cutting block .

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Then I'm gonna go in with a little bit of olive oil and spray the bottom of my basket .

I like using this spritzer that I got through Amazon .

I'll post a link in the description below .

Try and avoid using the aerosol cans because they can damage the coating of your basket .

If you don't have a spritzer or a spray bottle , you can just use a brush to brush your olive oil in there .

The olive oil is just to help food from sticking .

We're gonna be cooking two steaks at a time because that's all my air fryer can fit and you also don't want to overcrowd things .

Your steaks will cook while you work on your site .

So it's really not a big deal .

All right , let's get these babies in .

We're gonna start by cooking our steaks on one side at 400 degrees for eight minutes .

They have been cooking for eight minutes .

Now , it's important that you come back and flip your steaks over because we're gonna continue cooking them .

Let me show you real quick what they look like right now .

Let's flip them over .

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If you wish you can spray them a little bit more with olive oil .

We're gonna continue cooking on this side at 400 F for seven minutes .

In the meantime , I'm gonna chop up a little bit of fresh parsley just to add as garnish .

By the way , if you're enjoying my video so far , be sure to hit the like button and help me out by sharing this with friends .

It's been seven minutes .

We want to go ahead and remove these and put them on our cutting board .

We wanna let them rest for at least five minutes .

Do not cut right into them , allowing them to rest , will lock in more flavor and create a succulent piece of meat while they're resting .

I'm gonna add a slice of butter and garnish them with fresh parsley .

I have already started cooking my second batch and we'll go over that in just a minute .

All right friends .

So these have been resting for a while , but I want to cut into them .

So you can see what they look like when I cut in .

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Now , these are going to be more of a well done to medium well and they are so juicy and tender now stick with me because they're second batch is gonna be a different cut .

All right .

My second batch here has been cooking for eight minutes on one side .

So we're gonna flip this over and we're gonna continue cooking these at 400 degrees for an additional five minutes .

All right guys , it's been five minutes now .

Take a look at these .

Mm .

I smell them so good .

I'm going to also let this rest for a while , but I'm going to add my butter and my parsley .

Now , if you wanted to , you could also melt some butter with some minced garlic .

A little bit of thyme and rosemary and create your own steak gravy for it instead .

All right .

Let's go ahead and cut into these .

Oh , my gosh .

Now this is my cut here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is more of a medium rare to medium cut with .

I absolutely love .

Now , just a quick note that the thickness of your steak and your air fryer can make a difference .

So if you have to go ahead and just adjust your time accordingly , if you haven't already subscribed , please be sure to do so below or hit my little picture on the site .

Also , don't forget to hit the little bell to get notified of all of my new videos and please be sure to check out these links on the site , share with your friends .

Thanks for watching and your support .


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