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2023-07-08 09:19:01

Steak And Shrimp Surf And Turf Recipe

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We are about to make a delicious juicy tender steak along with some perfectly seasoned and seared shrimp .

This dinner is gonna be everything .

So without further ado , let's introduce these ingredients and get to cooking .

I have some beautiful rib eye steaks ready to go as well as some jumbo shrimp .

And in order to tie this delicious recipe together that we're about to make , we're gonna need some rosemary .

Of course , it should be fresh as well as fresh thyme , garlic , cloves , ground black pepper salt .

Now , for this particular recipe , I'm gonna be using kosher salt .

Of course , if you have regular salt , you can use that as well .

We also have some butter , garlic powder onion powder as well as oil cedar plank salmon seasonings , smoked Paprika Cajun seasoning .

And we have our broccoli as well as our potato because we're gonna be pairing a baked potato with this delicious dinner as well .

The first thing we're gonna do is work on our baked potato .

We need to get this bad boy in the oven only because it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to bake until it's nice and tender .

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But first what we need to do is put some holes in there just like that .

Placing the holes in there is gonna help with releasing some of that heat .

We're also gonna add a little oil .

Yeah , we're just gonna massage our potato with the oil , make sure it's well coated and we are gonna place it in our aluminum foil , wrap it up 400 degrees .

About 45 minutes to an hour .

When you make this at home , you're gonna work on the potatoes first .

And during the last 30 minutes is when you're gonna work on your steaks and everything else .

If timing is up the essence and you don't have the time to allow your potatoes steak for an hour .

Here's a quick tip and trick what you need to do is take that potato .

Of course , you're gonna pierce it the same way we did and you're gonna add a little oil to it .

You're gonna place it in the microwave , allow it to spin in the microwave for about six to seven minutes .

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And that would allow the pota to cook at least , if not half way through , at least three quarters of the way through making your timing in the oven much less .

So instead of your potato sitting in the oven for about an hour , it's only gonna be in there for about maybe I would say 30 to 40 minutes .

Let's work on our steaks .

First thing we're gonna do is I have some kosher salt .

We're gonna add the kosher salt to the steak just like that .

I love the kosher salt because it sits .

It just like literally hugs the steak .

All right .

We're gonna make sure we add enough because this is a big slab or should I say a thick slab of meat and we also gonna add our black pepper .

Mhm .

Add enough .

We're gonna take our hands and pat it in here because we want our salt and our seasonings to sit on the steak .

We're gonna flip it over .

We're gonna do the same thing .

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And after you're done , if you're double dipping , this goes into garbage .

Of course , you're not gonna be using it for anything else .

You're not gonna put it back into the container , you're just gonna toss it .

And of course , our steaks are room temperature .

When we making steak , this is the best way to go .

You don't want it to be cold now that we added our salt and pepper .

We need to add some garlic powder because we want a steak to have some extra flavor .

If you have steak seasoning , of course , you can add some steak seasoning as well .

Mhm .

And we're also gonna add a little onion powder .

Turn it on over repeat the same process , of course .

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And we're gonna add our last but not least our garlic and that's it , rub it all in and this is perfect .

We're gonna allow our steaks to sit out for about three minutes because I want all of that season to be absorbed within the steak moving right along .

And just in case you didn't realize I'm wearing two pairs of gloves , only because I want to have clean hands or gloves when I'm working with the shrimp , that's how you get the job done .

All right .

So the shrimp , we're gonna add just a tad bit of oil .

We're also gonna add some of my favorite salmon plank seasoning .

I had somebody asked me for it whether or not if this salmon plank seasoning contains any fish ingredients or any seafood ingredients and believe it or not , it doesn't .

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We're also gonna add our smoked paprika .

It's just a complimentary season for seafood , but it does not have any uh seafood properties .

However , I also use it when I make my lemon pepper wings .

So delicious .

We're gonna add our Cajun seasoning as you guys saw it .

I didn't overdo it .

I just added just enough because the occasion seasoning as well as the uh salmon plank seasoning does contain salt .

So it's not necessary to go in there and add any additional salt .

Just allow the other seasonings to do its thing .

Work its magic and make everything taste absolutely good .

Delicious .

Give it a good mix .

Everything is well coated .

These are gonna be absolutely delicious , perfect color .

Right .

Yes .

Yes , indeed .

For our cast iron skillet , we're gonna add some oil after we add our oil .

We need our pan to be nice and hot .

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We need this oil to come up to temperature in the description bar as well .

I'm gonna list different oil .

That's perfect for searing .

Once the oil is nice and hot , we're gonna place our steak into the pan and we're not gonna bother the steak .

We're gonna allow it to sit in the pan for about , I would say 60 to 90 seconds because we want that perfect sear .

So therefore you can't turn it over , back and forth .

You just gotta let it sit there and let it do its thing .

It's been about 60 to 90 seconds time .

For the moment of truth , we need to flip the steak over and see what's going on .

As you guys can see , it has a perfect sear , perfect crust going on .

This is absolutely what we're looking for , allow it to sear up another 60 to 90 seconds and then we are in business .

It's been about 90 seconds so far .

And as you can see , our steak has a perfect sea on the other side as well .

So what we're gonna do is we're gonna push the steak in the pan just a bit .

And at this point in time , I want you to turn your stove top up or lower that flame .

I'm going to add some butter .

However , for this particular steak recipe I'm gonna use , carry gold butter .

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It's something about the curry gold butter that just brings a rich element of flavor .

Whenever you're making steak , once that butter starts to melt , we're gonna add our fresh time in our rosemary .

And you remember that garlic bulb that we had ?

What we're gonna do is we're gonna cut right into it .

We're gonna place that garlic into the butter and allow all of those fragrances to be released .

It's about that time .

What we're gonna do is we're gonna base our steak with that delicious garlic and herb butter .

We're gonna do it for about two minutes because we want our steak to pick up all of those wonderful flavors .

Oh , my goodness .

I'm telling you , just continue doing it , just continue basing the steak .

Once we're done , we're gonna place our steak into our 425 degree fa and height , of course , preheated oven and we're gonna allow our steak to cook through .

And by the time we take it out it is gonna be absolutely everything .

We are gonna add some oil to the skillet as well as some butter .

Once everything is melted , we are gonna add our shrimp because what it is time to sear these bad boys up .

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What we're gonna do is we're gonna give our shrimp ample space .

But first we need to make sure that our pan is really nice and hot .

That's the only way you're gonna get the perfect sear .

Once the pan comes up to temperature , add the shrimp , give it ample space .

Allow the shrimp to sear for about maybe what one minute , check on it periodically , flip it on over , allow the other side to sear as well .

And as you can see , our shrimp is looking really good right now .

It's looking really , really good .

No , we gotta add a little greenery .

You know , veggies are good for the body .

So , what we're gonna do is put this broccoli right here .

We're gonna rinse it off really good .

And when we're done , we're gonna cut the stalk off .

The little stalky stalk just like that .

Get rid of it when it comes down to the broccoli .

Of course , you could break it up into bite size pieces or you can leave it the way it is .

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I have a pot of hot water that's on a rolling boil and we are gonna add our broccoli to that hot water and we're gonna cook this broccoli until it's nice and vibrant .

That's the perfect indication that our broccoli is perfectly cooked .

Now , here's the thing .

If you want your broccoli mushy , the more you cook it is , the less vibrant it's gonna be we want our broccoli to stand out on the plate .

So I'm not gonna overcook it besides .

I want it to be nice and crunchy time for the best part .

Of course , it's time for staging .

Now , I don't want my broccoli to overcook .

So the first thing we're gonna put on our plates is our broccoli .

However , what we could do is we could actually add this broccoli to some cold water .

It's called blanching .

And what's gonna happen is it will stop the cooking process immediately , take our broccoli place .

It right here .

That looks nice , perfect color .

And of course , that's one of the reasons why I didn't want to cook it out too much because I wanted it to have that nice green vibrancy .

The more you cook it is the uh less color it's gonna have .

And that ain't cool , especially when you serve it .

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You know what I mean ?

You want it to look its best .

All right , we have our baked potato right here and of course it's really hot .

So I suggest you go with the ultimate portion .

Let's cut into it and see what we're working with just like that .

And as you can see the knife glides right in , it's nice and tender perfect using the foil .

We're just gonna press it in like this .

That's perfect because of course , you don't want to burn your hands , do you ?

I would assume not .

And we have some butter , place it right in there , allow it to melt .

Let it pick up that nice buttery flavor .

You don't wanna try baked potato , do you ?

Right ?

This is it .

Of course , if you want to add a little Sprinkle of kosher salt , you can just a little bit .

Not much .

I can also hit it off with a little bit of cream cheese .

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If you prefer your baked potato with cheese , knock yourself out , add some cheese .

We're gonna hit it with a little parsley .

If you have chives , of course , you're gonna add chives and the start of the show .

Of course , we're gonna add our beautiful steak perfectly cooked .

Mm .

Gonna add that rosemary on top for garnish and of course we have our shrimp right here .

We're gonna add it to the top just like that .

Hm .

Hm .

This is perfection , guys .

Definitely .

Yes .

And the extra shrimp that we have , we could add it right there .

Why not ?

Right .

This is our plate .

We do what we wanna do , how we wanna do it .

Beautiful .

Yeah , we're gonna take some of that butter sauce and we're gonna add it to the top just like that .

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Uh-huh This right here is food porn like seriously , we're gonna add a little bit to our potato as well to make our potato taste even better .

Our garlic bulbs has been released .

Remember when we added it to the pan and it's seared and everything .

It's perfectly charred .

Both these garlic bulbs right here are gonna have so much flavor .

So guess what ?

We're gonna add it to our potato .

And of course , if you want to add a couple of the gar bulbs to the steak , you can , if you want to add it to the side where you can just like literally cut and eat and literally scoop up some garlic along with your meal .

Why not ?

I am telling you guys , it is gonna be so delicious .

If you wanna add some butter to your broccoli , you can , especially while it's nice and hot .

Anyway , without further ado , let's cut it into the steak and see what we're working with .

Check it out .

It's time for us to cut into our steak .

Uh-huh .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And this is perfectly cooked .

And of course , if you want to cook it differently as far as if you want it .

Well , medium rare or medium , I will definitely put the timing at the bottom as well as the temperature .

So that way you can't go wrong .

But this right here is everything absolutely delicious .

Perfect .

Just how I like it .

I surf and turf with our baked potato as well as our fresh steamed broccoli is done , guys .

Absolutely beautiful .


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