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2023-07-08 09:12:18

How To Cook The Perfect Tomahawk Steak _ Waitrose

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today , I'm going to be roasting a tomahawk steak and serving it with chimichurri sauce .

Tomahawk is the rib eye with the bones still attached to giving us a much fuller , stronger flavour .

I've got some fresh oregano and some flat leaf parsley , which I'm gonna pick .

Chimichurri sauce is a fiery , quite punchy sauce , Plenty of acidity .

It works really nicely with the grilled steak and also the fat content in the meat really balances it out .

Once you've picked your herbs , you just bundle them up together and we're gonna be chopping them .

We want them to be fairly fine .

I'm just gonna add my parsley and oregano to my chopped shallots , which have already been prepared .

When it comes to crushing the garlic , hold the knife over the clove and give it a really good squash .

Using the edge of the blade , push and scrape that into the chopping board .

Add the juice of half a lemon .

Then I'm going to be adding three tablespoons of rape seed oil instead of rape seed oil .

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You could be using vegetable oil or sunflower oil , a couple of teaspoons of red wine vinegar , half a teaspoon of dried chilli flakes .

This is gonna give it a really good fiery kick , some salt and pepper .

The sauce should come together and just lightly be bound with the oil and the vinegar .

So we've got the Tomahawk steak .

It's been out of the refrigerator for around about 45 minutes to an hour .

With a piece of meat this size , you're gonna need it to come up to room temperature to ensure some really beautiful , even cooking throughout , my pan is on .

It's getting incredibly hot .

I oil the meat on the chopping board or a tray before I put it into the pan .

The main reason we do that is because otherwise it gets quite smoky in the pan , and we can really kind of monitor the amount of oil that we're using by doing it this way .

Generously season this meat with salt and lots of black pepper .

Then it's gonna be ready to go into our hot pan .

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You'll see a lot of smoke , but that's absolutely normal .

So I'm now colouring the tomahawk steak .

We're gonna be doing that for a couple of minutes .

Either side , Um , it's really important to do this correctly .

You're going to create a beautiful crust at this point , get some wonderful flavours on the outside of the meat .

So if I turn it over and show you what it looks like , move it over to a hotter part of the pan .

So we get some nice even cooking .

Once I'm happy with the crust , I'm going to be roasting it off in the oven .

A good tip for checking that your steak is cooked .

How you'd like for rare .

Bring your thumb and your first finger together and just lightly press here on the inside of your bottom of your thumb , then moving it along medium rare medium and finally a little bit firmer right at the end .

It's well done .

Once the steak is cooked , you're going to remove it from the oven , and then you're going to lift and place that onto either a chopping board or a tray .

We're going to rest it , and we're going to cover it with some tin foil shiny side down .

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It's really important that you rest your meat so it stays nice and juicy and succulent .

When it comes to carving for the chimi cherry sauce , spoon it generously all over the cut steak .

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