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2023-07-11 07:16:48

How to make bread. Super easy

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I , hi there .

It's time to make my no need bread .

I've been making this for well over a year and it only gets better and it's both so easy .

So , first we start with about three cups of flour .

Um , you can use all peppers , red flour .

They will turn out just fine .

Um , I haven't done too well with the whole wheats .

I know there are ways to make that .

Uh , there are recipes out there for that , but I've yet to master that , but I have mastered making a mess .

Ok .

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So there's about three cups of flour and then I'm gonna add a teaspoon and a half of kosher salt and about a quarter of a teaspoon of instant yeast .

This is the time the type that you don't need to proof , you can just , uh , just add it right .

It's about a quarter piece of it .

And then we're gonna mix this up .

It all blend it pretty well .

And then we're gonna add some water .

This must be this called for a lot of water .

It's a very wet dough .

Um , you'll see when we get to the baking process , how that wetness in the dough really help , helps make the great , great crust .

So I'm gonna add about a little bit more than a cup of cup and a half of water .

So about , um , about 11 ounces usually I think .

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So , I'm gonna do eight ounces and this is warm .

This is probably 100 and 10 degrees .

Now I'm gonna go six ounces and about , you know , about five ounces .

Five between five and six ounces .

That's five .

Now let's just mix it together .

It's very , very , very wet .

Don't have to mix it too much .

Just get it all blended , make sure that there's no dry flour .

Give a good hard mix .

It's gonna be wet , but we're gonna add a little bit more fire when we do a little bit of needing .

So I guess it's not officially honey bread .

That is it .

Now we're gonna let this rise for 18 to 24 hours .

I'm gonna cover it with some plastic , keep it in a quiet mellow spot .

Um , and we'll get back to it and make it .

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Ok .

So here we are at step two of the process .

So we're gonna need this a little bit and then let it rest for about 30 minutes .

So we need some and you can see this has actually risen quite a bit since yesterday .

It's been about 25 hours .

I'm gonna put a little bit of flour down on the board clipboards .

Let's pull up very wet dough .

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That's good because we need the moisture to create steam in our enclosed cooking vessel to make a good crust .

So we're gonna need this about 10 to 15 times or so .

A little bit of extra flour .

It's a little sticky but that's ok .

Better , too sticky than too dry .

You can always add more flour .

You can't take it away .

Mhm This extra needing works on uh creating the gluten which is what makes bread bread .

Oh OK .

Now I'm gonna put it on a piece of part of the paper .

Can you let it sit for about 30 minutes ?

Baby , baby is 45 .

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OK .

So the next stage is to uh finally shape the loaf .

So it's risen for about 30 to 45 minutes or so .

I'm now gonna turn it on to flowered board and I'm going to reuse this part of paper .

This is actually the paper , I'm gonna bake it in .

So I'm just gonna shape it loosely carefully to stretch it out and that is it .

It's all you need to do .

It's gonna look a little weird but that's OK .

OK .

So the next final step here is , yeah .

So we're gonna take out the preheated .

We pre heated these up for about 30 minutes in a 453 oven .

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It was hot very much there .

Gonna take it on the freshman pepper and just put it right , just like that .

I'm gonna put the lid on Now I'm gonna open it up .

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We're gonna bake it for about three minutes with the top on for 30 minutes at 450 degrees .

Ok .

We're almost done , but we have a few more final things to do .

So now we're gonna take , you're gonna check it .

Only look , it got a pot roast in there too .

We're gonna take the lids off , just the lids .

It's ok .

Ok .

So we're just gonna take the lid off .

We're gonna , so we've taken the lids off and now we're just gonna finish baking those for about 15 minutes at 406 degrees .

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Ok .

So now , yeah , I hope it's done .

Look at this .

Yeah , beautiful .

So here it is the final product .

So let's take it out .

Still .

Answer story line .

What's going on here ?

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So I was like doing two at a time and they are .

That's it .

Look at that , uh , that my friend is the best bread we'll probably ever .

The string good bread , that's for sure .


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