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2023-07-08 09:20:58

How to cook Sirloin Steak in a pan - Medium

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In today's video , I'm going to be showing you how to cook the sirloin steak perfectly medium .

So make sure you stay till the end because I have a few tips and tricks on how to achieve this .

Ideally , you want to have your steak out of the fridge about half an hour before cooking half an hour to an hour should do the job .

Why is that ?

Because if you have a room temperature , it will take less to cook than having it out of the fridge when it's cold .

This steak is pretty thin .

Ideally , you one it probably double the thickness , but that's what we found at the shop and that's probably in most situation you're gonna find .

So we're gonna deal with what we've got before you get your seasoning on the steak .

Go in with about two tablespoons of veg oil and you wanna add an oil that's resistant to high temperature .

In this situation is canola oil , which it does perfectly in this kind of conditions .

And now once I have the oil on the steak , I'm gonna go with salt and pepper , I'm using rock salt , but you can definitely use normal salt and you're not gonna have any issues , do this on both sides and same with the pepper beef loves black pepper .

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So don't think that you're adding too much once we got this ready , we can turn on the heat and I wanna make sure that the pan is really hot before adding the steak because I want to sear all the surface of the steak , keeping all those juices inside to keep the steak nice and moist .

I'm gonna cook this about two minutes on each side .

And once I'm done with those two minutes , I'm gonna base it with butter and that's how I'm gonna punch a lot more flavor into the steak .

So make sure you stay till the end because I'm gonna share this method with you and you're gonna get your steak perfectly cooked every single time .

Now , the pan is hot enough .

So we're gonna go straight in no more oil needed because we have enough enough oil on the steaks .

As you can hear the steak is seasoning and that's what we want .

We want to have a hot surface that's basically sealing all those juices inside .

Keeping it the steak nice and moist , in my opinion is absolutely nothing wrong if you flip your steak more than once because I know there are a few recipes out there saying , oh , well , you need to flip your steak only once .

I don't think that's a problem .

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But if you flip it once after a minute , let's say , then make sure you give a minute on the other side .

So basically the amount you give you on , on the one side , make sure you give on the other .

So they cook evenly .

Now we're gonna flip it as you can see , nice and caramelized .

That's what we're looking for .

Also , what you might want to consider is to see this side of the steak , which is the fat because some people remove the fat entirely .

If you remove it entirely , then obviously you're not gonna need to worry about that part .

But if you want to keep the fat , it's ok and most people do , but just make sure you give you a bit of color by keeping your steak like this and see that fat giving you a bit of color and that's gonna be manageable for eating .

Otherwise it's gonna be kind of disgusting and pretty much raw .

Ok ?

At this time , I'm happy with what I see here in the pan .

We're getting there with the cooking .

I'm gonna add the butter because now it's time to base this steak .

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And also I've got here a sprig of thyme and a sprig of rosemary .

I'm just gonna crush two cloves of garlic , add them straight in .

Same , the thyme and rosemary .

Everything goes in and I gonna use a spoon to base all these meat .

Now that I've got enough flavor into the steak , I need to check them with the prop thermometer and make sure that I don't go over 60 degrees Celsius .

Medium steak is 60 to 65 degrees Celsius or 100 40 to 100 50 F .

About that rate is approaching 60 now , so I'm getting it off the heat .

You need to get your steak off the heat slightly earlier than the temperature you want to achieve .

That's because it will continue cooking .

There is still enough heat in here .

So the steak will continue cooking .

If you don't remove it from the heat on time , then it will overcook .

So now I want to give this about five minutes to rest .

And after that , we're going to try and see how it looks like .

Now , if you have an excess of butter after cooking the steak , this is a pure gold .

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So I don't want you to throw this away while you can do more garlic .

And after that , at the end , once it's slightly colder , you can add some chopped parsley and turn this into a nice garlic butter for your steak .

As you can see , you have a nice pink steak right there .

And my friends , I really hope that you enjoyed this video and if you did make sure to give you a thumbs up and I will see you in the next one with more simple recipes like this and this date is absolutely perfect .

I'll see you in the next one .


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