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2023-07-08 09:21:17

How to Cook the Perfect Ribeye Steak Without a Grill _ Chef School

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I'm Chef Roger King and this is the perfect steak and sometimes it's intimidating to go outside .

What do you use a charcoal barbecue , propane barbecue ?

This is something you could do indoors all year round .

So check it out starts with the rib eye .

My perfect cut and some seasoning .

Now , I like to mix the seasonings .

These are green peppercorns very similar to white or black dried peppercorns , but they're just picked earlier and dried , usually floral , almost citrusy sort of flavor to it .

We're gonna take equal parts green peppercorns and black peppercorns in this handy mortem vessel .

Now it's grind time .

Now , if you don't have a mortar and pestle at home , you can use a coffee grinder that you dedicate only for spices .

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So your coffee doesn't taste like because you don't really want that .

This is the kind of consistency I'm looking for a nice coarse grind and in there is a mix of like little finer ground bits .

A rib eye is nice and dry .

I've brought it up to room temperature .

Always cook your meats from room temperature .

They cook a lot more evenly .

I really love rib eye .

It has a good amount of marbling and fat .

It's just a really delicious buttery cut of steak .

If you cook it properly , I'm gonna season it .

So I wanna go fairly liberal with the salt and a good amount of this cracked green and black peppercorns and I wanna make sure that I press it in there so that they really stick .

And I'm gonna let that sit for a good five minutes .

That salt is gonna soak into that meat and the peppercorn is gonna open up their flavor and aroma and really sit down into that meat .

In the meantime , I'm gonna start my 30 cloves of garlic sauce .

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I'm gonna chop up a bunch of this garlic here .

Now , I know it sounds like a lot of garlic , but we're gonna cook it nice and gently , it's gonna soften enough that it'll be almost like butter on top of that steak .

When we're carving it in butter and meat and garlic go hand in hand , it's gonna be delicious .

Now , if I leave the garlic too big , it'll have a really strong flavor .

If I cut it too small , it's gonna burn .

So there's a very fine sweet spot we gotta find here .

That is perfect .

See that we're gonna start with a little bit of olive oil , nice medium temperature and just very light sizzle .

I want to make sure I keep this pan moving so that I don't burn the garlic .

And as that's coming together , I just add sprig of rosemary , just kind of rub it , get it going and the oils will start to release from the rosemary .

Our garlic is starting to soften up a little bit but it still has a little bit of texture to it .

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I'm gonna add some white balsamic vinegar .

It's a very clean acidic flavor with a slight bit of sweetness .

Let those flavors come together .

Oh .

Mm .

So much depth of flavor .

I can already smell it .

Add pepper and we're gonna finish it with enough olive oil to make a loose paste .

I'm just gonna let that hang out there until we're ready to serve the steak .

Now , I've preheated my oven to the highest broiler setting and I've moved the rack to the highest position .

We're gonna cook this over aggressive direct heat of the broiler and really get it going .

There's some moisture that will build up on the surface of the steak .

I just wanna pat off some of that excess moisture because I don't wanna steam the steak .

We're gonna add a little bit of oil .

What's gonna happen is that oil is gonna start kind of bubbling and almost frying the exterior of that steak .

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Our rib eye is gonna stay under the broiler for about 6 to 8 minutes and I'm gonna take it out and flip it .

So the other side gets cooked .

Now for our sauce , we wanna take out this rosemary .

It's done its duty .

Just transfer it into a bowl .

Chicken steak .

Oh , yeah .

Baby .

That it's taking on some color .

The aroma is incredible .

It's got a little crust on there .

Not too much .

Now , we wanna make sure we remove this from the heat so it doesn't continue to cook to make sure that all the juices kind of redistribute through the meat and it stays nice and tender and moist .

I wanna tent it .

It's gonna keep its temperature without continuing to cook it .

Oh , smells and time to slice the steak .

The flavors , the rosemary , the garlic olive oil .

Mm .

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Delicious with beef .

Take a little of our sauce and there you go .

The perfect steak with 30 cloves of garlic sauce .


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