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2023-07-10 08:46:14

How To Cook The Ultimate Venison Steak.Food Porn.TheScottReaProject

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So , somewhere in that 3 50 range and then once we get it up to that temp , we are going to grill these hanger steaks pretty much just like you would a rib eye or a strip along those lines .

What are we seasoning with today ?

Seth ?

All right .

So we talked about this this morning and Scott and I , we decided we were like , you know what , let's use the black in the original .

This is our six bottle variety pack .

So it has original Black Chipotle Cajun Hollywood Hot all in this variety pack .

However , beard to butchers dot com , you can customize this however you want .

So if you find something that you like better than others , that sort of thing , you can customize it to your liking .

But today we're going to use the black and the original , it's gonna be a pretty simple process .

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I'm just gonna use a little bit of extra virgin olive oil .

I'm just gonna put it on top of these , rub it in a little bit nice coating that seasoning to stick to that steak real nice .

Now , I need to mention that the other day we cut this hanger steak right here .

So you saw us cut the hanger steak .

You saw us prep the Hanger steak .

I decided to get a couple more just because I know we're going to have some hungry mouths to feed around here and one simply wouldn't be enough going to start with the original .

We're gonna want a nice liberal coating on all sides .

Let's get these seasoned up real nice .

You can see the egg over here .

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It's getting nice and hot .

I think by the time we get done seasoning these , the temperature of our grill is gonna be just about perfect to throw these on there and get them cooked up .

So , a nice , nice liberal coating like that , think those are ready now .

We're going to switch to the black .

Our black has the coffee in it and molasses .

It's a little windy out here .

I have to make sure I don't lose most of it .

You can see the tint has a darker tint and the longer you leave the sit on here , it's gonna absorb some of that moisture out of the meat and it actually will turn slightly black and that's the reason why we named it Black because of one , the coffee .

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But two , when you use it , it turns black and it creates a really , really nice black bark on whatever you're smoking .

So whether you're doing briskets or pork butts or ribs or , you know , whatever you might be cooking , it just makes a really nice bark on there .

So even though the seasoning doesn't come out of the bottle black , that's why we named it black because of that coffee .

And the way it looks on the product , big green egg is pegged right at 350 degrees before I put these steaks on .

I want to mention this just real quick .

We have the bucket available on our website .

So if you get the £4 bucket , it comes with a free shaker .

It's on the website , you use the bucket to fill the shaker .

Also , we now have the refill bag for the bucket as well on the website .

So just want to touch on that real quick .

Now , let's go ahead and let's just get the steaks on the grill .

Got that nice smoke rolling , got that hickory , hickory wood chunks .

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Let's just go ahead and place these right on our grill .

They're , they're pretty thick .

So we're gonna have to watch these real close .

We are gonna want to flip them a decent amount and we only want to take these to an internal temp of about 125 So we certainly don't want to overcook .

These gotta keep my different flavors separate .

So you can see these are the black seasoned .

These over here are the original .

So let's go ahead and watch our temps and we're just gonna cook these up like you would a rib eye or strip steak looking pretty tasty .

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I'm just gonna move these around so I can see where I have a hot spot on my grill , So I'll just move them around a little bit , making sure that I don't get the black and the original confused where they're placed smelling good .

Yeah , we have met that one said 127 .

I don't want to go any more than that .

Those the original and these are the black who ?

Those are smelling fantastic .

We're going to let him rest for a minute .

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Hey , I've been working .

Where have you be too ?

So original season , black season .

No , no , no , no , no , no .

We gotta let them rest .

So we gotta let these rest and then we're gonna slice them and sample them .

Look in the window .

You can always catch Sean peeking over your shoulder , looking out a window .

Those look delicious .

All right , let's unload this truck and then we'll eat .

All right , you gotta tell me what we got .

We should , I guess it's time to sample .

Look at all that juice .

Get in here , Dan .

Someone asked in our or mentioned in our last youtube video when we introduced Dan that they wanted more of Dan .

So here's Dan , more Dan more .

Dan .

Dan has got our knives coming back in stock very soon .

This knife , the Victor K six inch semi stiff Dan has them ordered .

They will be in stock very , very soon .

So .

And also the beef came from Daniel's farm .

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His childhood farm is where the beef tenor came from .

All true facts .

All true facts .

Which one do you want to start with ?

And can you , can you pick which one is which well by flavor or , or like what ?

I can tell you that these got to be the grain fed , correct .

These are the grass fed .

Yeah , I'm , I'm gonna have you decipher which flavor when you try it , I can do that .

OK .

All right .

So I'm just gonna go start with this one .

We're gonna go against the grain just like this looks pretty juicy to me .

So just go ahead and get one and give it a shot .

I'm telling you what beer to put your favorites are .

Here you go .

Dan Original .

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And you're talking , what , five minutes to cook these a trip .

Now to get that ultimate steak is you need to rest these .

Have a look at that .

Don't they look superb ?

E .

Fantastic .

And all we're gonna do to rest them .

Obviously we turn the heat up and we base it with butter .

A bit of foil over the top .

Leave them for about 10 minutes and what will happen All the juices will go straight back into that meat .

Obviously , when it's cooked , it's all screwed up tight , and it relaxes and releases all those juices .

And that's what makes a juicy steak .

Trust me , I'm almost a professional .

So my steaks beautiful , been resting .

You can see all the juices gone back in .

It's gonna give him a quick It would drain on there .

Oh , man .

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Wow , that's delicious .

So tender and juicy .

Was that correct ?

Do you work ?

Correct ?

Yeah , nothing wrong .

There is , that's extremely tender .

Now that we sampled that one , let's go with this one .

Nice job on the cooking side .

Thank you .

I tried really , really hard to make sure that I didn't overcook it because I knew that with hanger steak , you don't want to get it above 125 1 30 .

So this is black .

Yep .

That's delicious .

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These have like a really nice , like , look how we see those fibers in there and they're , they would , it would appear that it would be tough , but it's not tough at all .

You've had hanger stake before , right ?

Is this the best you've ever had ?

If somebody didn't tell you the only one answer to that question .

If somebody didn't tell you , they could pass this off to you as brisket .

Yeah .

With the texture is nearly nearly the same texture of brisket .

But the tenderness of tenderloin .

Yeah , texture texture of brisket .

But the tenderness of with , with big time flavor .

You boys want a bite .

Yeah .

He says jump on in here , hop on there and get some .

Where's the rest of the gang ?

It's a busy afternoon here at White Feather .

We actually , I was on and grill .

The animal is coming in for a meeting .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We got a truck coming in but we wanted to get a hanger stick video done because people kept asking for it .

So we wanted to show you and we wanted to eat some .

Of course , we want to show you where on the carcass it comes from how you trim it and how we grill it .

So there you have it and I'd say it was definitely , definitely a success .

Smash it .

Wonderful job on the cooking .

Thank you .

I hope you enjoyed the video .

As always , we want to remind you for all your butchering and cooking tips .

Come see the beard of butchers on youtube and other platforms .

Don't forget to subscribe .

We just hit 600,000 subscribers on youtube .

Appreciate every single one of you .

We've got a bunch more videos planned .

So you have to understand we're filming these videos during our processing days .

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You know , we're literally , we process this morning , we pop outside , we do these videos in the afternoon .

So we achieve that when we can .

So thanks for being patient with us and don't forget to follow us on all the other social media channels that we have Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , tiktok , you know the deal and until next time , see ya , see ya .


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