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2023-07-09 14:07:08

Pasta Primavera Recipe

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Hello , everybody today you will make a pasta , pasta .

We gotta use everything .

Nice vegetable fresh .

I got over here nice zucchini slice already .

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I got one red pepper , got carrots .

Now the , the carrots , carrots when you cook , you need more time like this .

I put together with everything .

It's more the carrots , fresh peas , mushroom , baby Bella , mushroom , garlic .

I got my oil , baby .

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Um , asparagus .

This is wild asparagus to this .

It's the to but it's the small one over here .

Beautiful .

OK ?

We started with the olive oil .

It's , we gotta make a shoe , got the oil .

It's a nice warm but we gotta use a little extra oil .

Got a lot of stuff for the poor in .

So you got more stuff for the poor inside .

Go ahead .

It's a , it's a pasta and we started with the garlic .

OK ?

And the garlic started already .

The garlic is started to smell really , really good and make sure they not burn the garlic .

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OK ?

Now we started with the pepper , the red pepper and we gave a nice turn on the pepper like one minute the pepper .

It's more OK ?

Now the pepper it's like , oh baby .

Now , this is the Italian long hot pepper .

Ok .

Now , this is a really quick to go if we go with the zucchini .

Yes , we give a nice turn on zucchini .

If this , it's so easy to make .

It's not hard .

One time you chop everything , everything you go easy .

OK ?

Now , this nice to ever think .

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And it's a time of the baby Bella mushroom and we give a nice to , with the baby mushroom and not the peace .

This , it's a fresh piece .

No , froze , it's fresh .

Ok ?

Now it's a time .

Asparagus give a little turn and now ready for the carrots already smell like it smelled really , really everything fresh .

Now we put the making sure the once in a while like this , ok .

Now we gotta put a black pepper .

I use , I got a sea salt over here .

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Ok ?

If we give a nice turn everything .

Ok .

Now , the vege , they gotta cook like uh 10 to 15 minutes .

Ok ?

You don't wanna cook too much .

Ok ?

You want the vegetable ?

Be nice , crunchy .

The veg is almost ready and we cook the pasta .

I put a salty already .

Ok .

Now one of the past it's done , the vegetable , it be ready to together all together and we gotta put it together , the pasta , everything with the vegetable .

If we mix it together .

Ok .

Now the pasta is done .

Turn the gas off .

Hey , we got over here in the front over here .

Hey , lets it drain my .

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Ok .

Ok .

You need a little water .

We dump right inside over here .

Ok .

We give a nice turn .

Look a beautiful look at this .

Oh , you see the past that change the runway change the color .

We put some of the water .

This is water like I said , make sure the that's it .

Now we give a nice mix and we leave a stay a little bit more .

The cook like this , you drain the water and this , I wanna enjoy it tonight .

Delicious dish .

Ok .

Now it's a time that taste my pasta .

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Give a nice mix .

Temple right over here on this dish .

Ok .

I gotta use my little and I got my fresh basil I like and lula cheese .

This , it's a little pecorino cheese .

Ok .

In love a little pepper .

Mhm .

It's a really , really good .

Hm .

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And I wanna say with this dish dish over here , I wanna say David Barry a really , really good time .


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