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2023-07-08 09:17:24

How to Make Steakhouse Ribeyes with Todd _ Blackstone Griddle

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Welcome back , everybody .

So I just got back from Antelope Hunting and Blackstone sent me this in the mail , the brand new large griddle cutting board .

I'm loving it so far .

A huge improvement over the original one and a set of Blackstone steak knives .

So , you know , I had to stop at the market .

Pick up some rib eyes .

It's time for rib eyes .

I got to try out the new cutting board .

Well , let's put that brand new Blackstone cutting board to the test .

So let's get an onion ready .

I love to have onions with my steak and mushrooms .

Picked up some baby bellas .

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I washed them out , dried them out on a paper towel .

I'll set these aside for a few minutes while we work on our steak .

Check out these gorgeous boneless rib eyes , man .

They look so good .

We're gonna put a little bit of olive oil on each one of those .

Olive oil works great for this avocado oil , uh , duck fat , uh Nate and CJ use the beef fat sometimes .

So you get the point here .

I'm just gonna coat these up with oil and we'll season those with salt and pepper sea salt .

Been loving this new sea salt that we got from the Redmond salt mine out in Utah ordered it online .

Black stone griddle on high heat .

When you're cooking a steak , you want it to be super high heat .

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So whether you could get that griddle to 450 degrees , 550 degrees , 625 degrees .

The hot , the better for that killer sear down with olive oil .

Again , that's my personal thing , whether it's olive oil , avocado oil , whatever .

I just always like to have that griddle uniformly or oily in unison , something like that .

All of it looking oily like that .

That's my Delio right there .

Griddle top is super duper hot .

So we're gonna go ahead and lay those rib eyes , seasoning side down and you are instantly going to hear the sizzle because we are going in for that sear baby .

Again , we want these things to be seared beautifully .

So feel free to press them down if you want to .

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You can use a griddle , press whatever it takes , slide my steaks over to the side , olive oil and straight down with the onions and mushrooms .

I'll season with more of that salt and pepper .

We'll also take this time to go ahead and season the second side of the steak as well .

Another splash of olive oil .

I've got a skillet over here on my side burner .

A little bit of butter .

I'll start out with about three quarters of a stick .

I can always go up if I have to and I'm fresh out of garlic , but I do have a new tube of garlic paste .

So of course , we have to go in with some garlic as well .

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Tongs .

Perfect for flipping the steak .

Oh , my goodness .

If you want to , you can even take your steaks , press them up against the side of the griddle like this .

It's a great way to get that killer spear .

See that , get that killer spear on all the sides .

So , so much about Blackstone griddle cooking is interactive .

You know , it's a lot like cooking on a skillet on top of a range top , you're moving things around .

It's not like baking where you throw it in the oven at 475 degrees and forget about it .

So you're looking at things .

Oh my goodness .

Well , I can see that I can see that these onions and mushrooms need to be moved around .

We're going to move them around .

You can look at them and think , hey , I think I need a little more salt and pepper in there .

So grab a little bit of salt and pepper .

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Folks cooking with the black stone is so interactive as our garlic and butter are looking gorgeous here .

I learned this from n eight years ago .

Rosemary .

It's just so good .

A little bit of rosemary in there .

We'll get that cooking away mushrooms and onions looking absolutely out of this world .

It's time to do our first temperature reading on the stinks .

I don't mess with thermometers very often , but with steaks you probably want to do it .

And another thing that we can do if we're concerned , which I am over cooking our steaks .

We can grab the Black Stone , uh , warming rack , any kind of a cookie sheet , something to raise it .

Ok .

We can put the steaks on top of here and we can take a closer look at these , uh , to make sure we're not overcook them , then we can bring them back to the griddle and back and forth if we have to .

Yeah .

1 18 , 1 22 1 18 .

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So , yeah , we're pretty uniform right there .

So we'll pull those steaks , get them back on the griddle and make sure they continue to cook .

So we can bring those things up another 10 , 15 degrees or so .

The oil and butter getting a little squishy splashy .

So I need to break out a nice apron at my , made for me a few years ago .

And let's give the stakes one last split right there .

That's what you want right there .

I've never made a steak that's looked any better than that .

That is absolutely perfect in every way we're going to pull those for a second time .

So I think we're ready to pull these steaks here .

Let's , uh , lay them out on my cutting board .

And now it is onion and mushroom time .

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So I grabbed one of my little old school Blackstone uh platters here and you use that , grab my skillet with the garlic butter and rosemary mixture .

Lay this out here and make it look nice and pretty .

And we'll put some of that beautiful garlic butter down on the stakes .

You could also finish the stakes in the skillet as well .

Little piece fell off the end there .

So before we do a take a look at that , I'm gonna do a cheater bite .

Take a look at that .

Grab one of those brand new Blackstone steak knives .

Look at that .

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The package says Japanese steel , Mimi Mo .

Let's just grab one here .

Oh my goodness .

Let's give it a try .

That steak is amazing .

Killer Sear .

Killer Sear .

Always pull your steaks early if you're not sure that way you can do what I did .

You can test them , put them back on , test them , put them back on .

You don't run the risk of over cooking them .

And I mean , I know these are gonna be amazing because you didn't know this .

But off camera , I was snacking on the mushrooms and the onions the whole time .

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And let me tell you something about onions and mushrooms too .

OK ?

I'm not a fan of mushrooms .

I went well over 40 years without eating a mushroom ever .

I saut ed one of the Blackstone griddle .

It looked so incredible .

Just the caramelization , the color and I love them .

Ok .

So when I'm making steaks and sometimes burgers love to have the mushrooms .

Same things with onions .

Ok .

I've talked to a lot of people on tour .

A lot of people and my mother-in-law is actually one of them who don't like onions .

They're not a fan of onions , but they love them sauteed on the Blackstone griddle .

So for what it's worth , I'm telling you what you got to get some of those .

But I'm gonna go in for one last bite on camera .

I mean folks look at that .

That's the sear that I'm talking about right there .

OK ?

You wanna have that killer sear ?

OK ?

And you wanna have some pink in the middle .

If you wanted to go to full medium , you could add on another five degrees or so .

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But pull your steaks , they'll come up another five degrees or more after you pull them friends there , you have it delicious rib eye on the Blackstone .

And of course , the whole inspiration for this was the brand new Blackstone large griddle cutting board and steak knives .

I just had to do it .

You can pick these up at Blackstone products dot com .

Speaking of Blackstone products dot com , that's your portal for everything Blackstone and hey , make sure you give me a thumbs up .

Please me a comment a like and all that stuff down below .

If you haven't subscribed , do subscribe my show here .

Airs every Saturday .

So thanks so much for watching everybody .

And until next time this is Todd , I'm saying praise the Lord and pass the rib eye .

I don't know what to call them .

I think I have to have like some kind of a magical name , but I , I'm just gonna let the picture do the talking today .

The rib eyes , the rabbis .


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