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2023-07-07 13:56:29

How to Make CHICKEN PASTA Like an Italian

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Ladies and gentlemen , this is the chicken pasta .

I made chicken pasta .

Italians don't make it .

Italians don't eat it , but I had to make it because this dish is so popular around the world .

All the fake Italian restaurants sell this .

So I had to try myself to see if it's possible to do chicken with pasta .

But I did that in my way .

Like an Italian will do it .

I can't believe I have to tell my now that this pastor it's sensational .

Wow .

Again , you got wrong .

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Hi and welcome to plate the place where you get to learn how to make Italian recipes .

This is not Italian .

No , no , no , no , no , no , it's not .

It's fake Italian , but I have to make it with the Italian way .

So you can actually enjoy your chicken pasta , done the right way .

Ok .

Let me react to a chicken pasta video and then I can be inspired .

I can learn how to make your favorite chicken pasta and then I can make it like an Italian .

Ok .

Find this video from , don't go big on my heart .

I like the name of the channel .

The video's got 1.7 million views , which is pretty impressive .

So lots of people love chicken pasta .

That looks nice and creamy .

Very nice pasta .

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But let's see what's inside , right ?

It's marinating the chicken breast .

II , I prefer not to use chicken breast because it's too dry .

Ok ?

It's gonna dry up , right ?

Ok .

So he cooks the chicken breast first .

Interesting .

Cook the chicken breast first , right ?

I see it and then probably gonna slice it OK ?

The chicken breast look fantastic just the way it is .

I don't know why you put it in pasta butter .

I would have used extra virgin olive oil .

OK ?

Is afraid of garlic and onion .

OK .

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That's his choice .

Chili flakes .

OK ?

So you like a spicy ?

OK .

I'm not gonna put spice in my recipe but you can add chili .

I like it .

Sandra tomatoes , white wine .

Good idea was a pure chicken stock .

OK ?

Chicken stock makes sense .

Of course I have to say I like the sauce .

I don't need the chicken .

This sauce sounds good .

Oh why do you put the cream ?

We don't need the cream .

Such a beautiful sauce .

Ok .

Let's see .

Looks nice .

Looks nice but you don't need the cream all the time but it does look nice .

Yeah , like it looks pretty nice .

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Alright , so you use the chicken slice and then Parmesan just like that .

Oh OK .

The problem is the department will become stringy because it's still on , on stuff looks nice .

I think I can do this .

Uh , let's see .

Um , what we need to understand is that if you have chicken , a big piece of chicken and you use a long pasta , when you do this , you're not able to collect the chicken and the pasta .

So I recommend you to use a short pasta .

So you can just go like this and get everything .

You know , it's , it just , uh , it makes more sense , You know , you need to understand that you can't just use anything , any pasta for any sauce .

Different pastas need different sauce .

I still can't believe I'm making chicken pasta .

Now , this is how I will do chicken pasta .

First , I'm not gonna use chicken breast .

We need six chicken thigh about 800 g .

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Then we need the so made with onion , one carrot and one celery stick .

All of them chopped the same way .

We also need 300 g of pasta , one stem of rosemary .

Just to give the flavor to the two bottles of homemade pasta .

You can buy pasta from the shop .

Just make sure you buy a good brand , one glass of white wine .

One liter of vegetable stock .

You can also use chicken stock if you want extra virgin olive oil , salt and pepper and parsley for decoration .

Let's do it .

Ok .

We are cooking this on a medium high heat .

Ok .

So we start by adding a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil about four or five tablespoons .

Now we're going to add the celery , the carrots and the onion so we can do the .

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So which is very important when you make a Ragu , it's the base of your OK ?

And this is , oh , I'm gonna make my chicken Ragu because if I wanna have a chicken pasta , then it needs to be amazing , moist and full of flavors .

You can cut the carrots smaller if you want .

We wanna cook a so for about 10 minutes .

OK ?

And then what we do , we are going to add the chicken .

All right .

So now the Sofrito is done here and what we're gonna do , we are going to put the chicken thighs and I , I wanna cook them on both sides first .

OK ?

We are gonna slow cook this .

I want this to become a pulled chicken .

OK ?

Guys , I want pulled chicken to come out of this .

I'm , I'm going to slow cook this Ragu .

I'm not going to stress .

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I'm gonna take my time because I want this Ragu to be super moist .

OK ?

Super , super moist .

So what we're doing here , we're basically browning both sides .

OK ?

Just like this .

It does give more flavor to the pan when you do this .

Now we add the rosemary in there .

And what we do is we go like this the other way and here we got the rosemary .

So we just go like this and we got all the rosemary out .

Now we wanna do this for a few minutes .

OK ?

Until we , we brown the chicken .

This is the moment where we need to add the white wine .

OK ?

The white wine is so important because it gives the beautiful flavors and the aci label .

It's perfect .

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If you don't want to use white wine , just use a glass of water .

But the wine plays such an important role in this recipe .

You know , at the beginning , it does give the right flavors and don't worry about the alcohol .

It's kids friendly , the alcohol will disappear .

What white wine do you wanna use ?

You can use any white wine .

OK ?

Maybe a dry wine is better .

But let me tell you , I had a Moscato here in my kitchen was already open some sweet wine and it's gonna give more sweetness to my sauce .

We're just waiting now for the wine to evaporate before we add the tomato passata .

So the wine is still there .

We want the wine to disappear .

OK ?

Now look how moist this is OK .

I want this to become pulled chicken .

These chicken thighs are so moist .

I'm gonna turn them into pulled chicken .

So that way it's easier to combine the chicken with the pasta , right ?

All right guys , the wine evaporated .

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We got some liquid here from the chicken .

Now it's time to add the king of the sauces , the pasta homemade pasta by Filipo .

You can watch the video up here so you can make pasta from scratch .

Let's put it inside .

Guys .

Look how real this is , guys .

Look how real this is .

OK .

We got tomatoes , those made with home grown tomatoes .

I love this bottle .

It's a bit of a pain because you have to do this , but I love it .

So basically this has the basil inside already .

If you don't have basil in your , you can add a little bit of basil .

You don't have to put basil .

But you can , at this point , we're gonna put a pinch of salt and a nice amount of pepper , a nice amount .

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So what we do is we are gonna add about 200 mils of stock , about 200 meals and then we'll see how we go .

Ok ?

With more .

If , when it dries up , if it dries up , you're gonna add more stock .

I'm adding the stock because I wanna get the pool chicken and the stock does help to get the beautiful pool chicken that we want .

Now we put the lid on and we're gonna cook it for two hours on a medium heat at least two hours .

Ok ?

And every now and then you add the stock if needed , ok ?

You want to make sure it's nice , moist and not dry and look at this .

After 40 minutes , the sauce is reduced and the chicken is getting more moist .

It is making love with the sauce .

What we need to do .

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Now , we need to add about 200 meals , more stock and then we let it cook for more for about one hour before we go and check it again .

Alright guys here after about 20 minutes of an hour , check it again .

Make sure you always keep an eye on this go and check every 20 minutes .

All right .

Look the the chicken is already pulling apart .

Look at that .

It's very moist .

What we're gonna do now we wanna add again a little bit more stock with about 200 more meals put in there .

Ok .

At this point , guys , we have about one hour to go about 50 minutes , one hour to go .

Ok ?

So we want to stir this a few more times before it's ready .

But I can see that the meat here is already coming apart .

Pulled .

Look at that .

Can't wait to eat your baby .

I can't wait to eat you .

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It's gonna be so much fun hitting you .

Alright .

Our sauce it's ready .

So all we need to do now is to boil the pasta .

So I get one nice generous tablespoon of sea salt and I put it in a large pot of water .

Now , when the water boil , we can put the pasta in , ok ?

It's time for the time to cook .

A always read the instruction on the pocket for this .

We need to wait 12 minutes .

It takes 12 minutes for this to be ready .

I can't wait guys , I have to tell you .

I have cooked the chicken a bit longer than two hours .

The good thing is I want you to , to see is , look at me , I'm wearing white and I don't have a splash of tomato sauce on me .

It is an impressive , huh .

I wanna see if you can do it too .

Now , look at this beautiful sauce .

Look at this sauce .

The sauce has been cooking for 2.5 hours .

The chicken pulled apart .

Look at that already pulled apart .

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There is not much for me to do .

There is not much for me apart from mixing this with the OK , we are about to mix this beautiful sauce with the pasta .

Now you're not gonna use all the sauce because you only made 300 g of pasta .

So what I recommend you to do is to use the sauce that you need for the pasta and what's left , freeze it , you put in a plastic container or in a glass container , freeze it .

And when you are hungry , you frosted and you ate it .

That's what we did today .

This is what we did .

This is gonna be good for maybe two or three more meals .

If you buy yourself even five meals , you know , this is a lot what we did today .

Ok , guys , the chicken is pulled , ok ?

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But just in case some pieces are not pulled , we just squash just to make sure we have every single piece of chicken pulled .

OK .

I don't wanna have chunks of chicken .

Now , this is not a chicken steak .

This is a chicken pasta and this is how we do it .

These are Italian .

We have chicken pasta .

OK , guys , we got two minutes to go until the pasta is ready .

What we do is in a nice sauce .

Put two or three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and we are going to put the meat .

OK ?

OK .

So here we're gonna have maybe I get but out four spoons .

Look how beautiful this Ragu is .

Look how fantastic this Ragu is .

Now what we're gonna do , we got two minutes to go .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So these two minutes we are going to finish this off in the pan and we can break any extra chunks of chicken and here it is uh chicken Ragu is ready to be served with the .

Now guys , before you get the pasta out of the pot , get a mug like this and we get the pasta water which is full of starch and it is extremely , extremely important to combine the ingredients .

OK ?

Guys , it's been 12 minutes .

Always check your past .

OK ?

You don't throw the past on the wall .

You just try it .

Mm Beautiful .

Perfect to go with a OK .

Let's get the pasta out and then we mix it with our beautiful sauce .

I still can't believe I made chicken pasta today .

I can't believe it .

All right guys .

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Now it's time to put the pasta in the , let's put about half mug of pasta water and we want to combine our ingredients .

See , the , the best part about this short pasta is that we are gonna get the meat going inside the pasta and look how beautiful it is .

Now , the pasta is absorbing .

The sauce is making love with the chicken and the chicken is gonna go inside .

Uh The flavors that we have over here are just incredible .

I still can't believe I'm making chicken pasta .

Let's get a nice amount of pecorino .

Let's take the pan off the stove .

Ok .

Er , with , with the pecorino , we're trying to make it a little , a little bit creamy .

Let's just toss , let's see if I'm gonna stain my shirt .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Just toss and make sure the pasta and the sauce and the chicken and the make love together .

I don't know .

Oh , no .

Oh , my last man .

Look what I did .

I stained my apron and my shirt mission not accomplished .

Oh , let's see if this pastor is gonna make me happy .

Let's see .

Let's try it .

Ok , let's see what this big fuss is all about .

Now , let's play it this pastor and then there's only one thing left to do to try it to eat it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think the pool , the pulled chicken pasta , it's , it's the way to go and moist .

It is .

What we're gonna do now is put a little bit of parsley , use parsley for this recipe .

Ok .

So we put parsley and then we serve it .

My Son Club is all right .

It's time to eat this pasta are nice .

I like the pulled chicken there .

All right .

Let's have it .

I am about to do it .

I am about to eat chicken pasta for the first time in my life .

Let's see .

Hm .

Yum .

Wow .

The pasta of course , is cooked to perfection .

But that beautiful chicken pulled chicken .

It's actually nice .

It's sweet .

It's actually pretty awesome .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Mm .

Wow .

I'm really enjoying this .

Wow .

I'm eating pasta for the first time I believe , done the right way and I'm loving it .

Wow .

Wow .

Wow .

I don't think I can eat that chicken pasta made into cubes .

It's too dry .

Ok .

This is gonna change my mind .

Let me tell you , I'm not gonna say bad things about chicken pasta .

If it's done the right way , this is gonna change the world .

Oh , yeah .

Oh , yeah .

I can't believe I have to tell my now that this pastor it's sensational .

Wow .

I mean , can you go wrong ?

Two hours , 2.5 hours .

Slow cooked chicken .

This is really good .

No , no , we have to eat this together .

You will like it .

Let me tell you , you will like it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh my God .

I'm impressed .

Ladies and gentlemen , I'm eating chicken pasta and I like it .

What can I say guys ?

This video is gonna surprise you .

It's gonna surprise everyone and I haven't told my parents yet .

What can I say ?

Thank you so much for watching this episode .

I will see you in the next Vincenzo play video recipe .

Vincenzo plate .

Um Yeah .

Hm .


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