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2023-07-09 14:19:59

Cook Rice Balls And Groundnut Soup With Me! (Sunday Special Emo_Omo Tuo Ne Nkate Nkwan)

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Happy Sunday .

Welcome once more to kitchen .

And if this is your first time stopping by , I would like to say a very warm recover to you .

It's Sunday special today and we are making rice balls and granu soup and come along with me and let's do this .

So here are the ingredients you need to make this and I will list everything for you in the description box as well .

The cream right now are some oxtails and goat feet .

I'm also going to be using some of this is basically lungs and liver .

I have my peanut butter , I have some mackerel .

I'm going to use fresh maca today and really , I'm going to list everything in the right quantities for you in the description box .

So I'm starting off by chopping up my ginger to this .

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I'm going to add some garlic chop up my onions .

I'm going to use two of the medium sized onions as marinade for my meat or to season the meat .

So I'm gonna cut both up , put them in the blender and I'm going to be adding some anise seed and pepper cones to this .

This is just gonna make sure that your meat is very flavorful .

You know , these are aromatics and it's going to help bring the best out of your meat .

I've added just a little bit of water and I'm going to blend these together .

And now in my bowl , I have poured my meat adding in here right now .

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The add some salt .

This is always gonna be according to your taste .

And here goes my blended spices .

So I'm gonna leave a little bit here about that much .

And that is going to go on my fish , the mackerel to marinate it .

And here I'm adding a cup of water down because these meats are very hard , you know , like tough , I should say .

So the oxtails and the cough , it needs quite a bit of water .

So it's not gonna be the typical , you know , meats that you would just put little to no water into steam first and then add some more water .

So one cup of water , which is not too much still .

And this , I'm going to start cooking right now .

And whilst that cooks , I'm gonna go ahead and focus on my fish .

So this is mackerel .

I'm not smoking it .

I'm not frying it or anything .

It's gonna go in fresh .

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Sometimes the flavor of fresh fish in your soups is just amazing .

So I've added some salt to it now and here goes the rest of my spices .

I scooped everything else out with a spoon and Now , I'm just gonna go ahead and stir , just make sure that every part of the fish is coated with the marinade cover with a cling film .

And this , I'm gonna put in the fridge for it to take its time to marinate and it's gonna go in the soup halfway done or even when it's almost done .

So that is in the fridge now and here is my peanut butter and this , I'm going to give you the right weight in the description box .

So check that for the list of all ingredients and I'm just scooping it out .

This is my very last bit of peanut butter from Ghana .

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And so now I have to find out how I'm going to survive .

So it's in there .

Now it's my water and I'm going to blend this .

So to speed up the cooking process of my soup , I'm going to go ahead and boil this peanut butter on the side .

You want it to cook on the side .

And so this is cooking at the same time as my meat .

And then when you bring everything together , it speeds up the process .

I just rinsed the blender a little bit added it here .

And now I'm just gonna go ahead and let it start cooking .

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You wanna check on this as frequently as possible because this is thick , it's , it's not a paste , but it's a very thick mix mixture and being inattentive to this is going to end up with it being sticking to the sides of your pot and almost burning , you know how hard it is to uh cook granu soup .

Like you have to stir it frequently so that it doesn't stick to the bottom .

So whilst that is cooking , I have my rice here and this , I'm gonna rinse and cook .

And today we are making the rice bowls in the pressure cooker .

So stay tuned .

Don't go anywhere to uh I discovered making rice bowls in the rice cooker gives you the best texture .

You end up with rice bowls that is very sticky .

You know , a you make it because you want that stick in it .

That's why you are mushing the rice in the first place .

So using the pressure cooker with all the pressure and the steam trapped in to cook the rice , makes it very soft , sticky and just perfect .

So anyway , I have it here in the pot .

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I've added my water and like I said , everything is gonna be in the description box for you , but it's three cups and then I've added um four cups of water .

I'm gonna go ahead and just there , the salt that I put in , set the pot in the base cover .

And this , we are going to be cooking at 20 minutes for 20 minutes .

And of course , we want to make sure that it is sealed .

So the pressure cooker is not venting .

So that is on doing its work and I'm checking on my meat .

So the one cup of water and whatever else was on the marinade , of course , has evaporated at this time .

This is about 20 minutes into the cooking time .

And you see the oxtail of the , and the meat , actually , it's softening up a little bit .

I've added more water to this just to help it cook some more .

I'm gonna cover it again .

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And at this point , yes , what I told you not to do is exactly what I've done .

I haven't been paying that much attention to my peanut butter .

So , as you can see , it is sticking to the sides now and yeah , I'm just trying to scrap off as much as I can .

And so this has cooked for uh , about 25 minutes of peanut butter at this point and it has thickened .

It has just a little bit of oil on the surface .

And at this point , I'm just gonna go ahead and transfer it onto my meat and let everything cook together .

So you see , it has thicken back , it has some oils , just a little bit of oils on the surface .

Perfect timing for you to add it .

And I am just trying to scrap off whatever else I can scrip from the bottom of the pan and then I'll rinse it out .

Hopefully , most of what is uh dry there will lift up and will be able to go into my soup .

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It is not really burnt .

It is just stuck to the pot .

Just look at that and it's already smelling amazing .

You really smell the right now .

And yes Sunday special has never been this good .

It's never been this good .

So actually my motivation for this meal was from Instagram .

I was on Instagram this Sunday afternoon , minding my own business and in my on my screen just appears this beautiful bowl of and and it had in there as well , just like the person must have been from Ghana or has connections like I do because they still had skin .

So I just jumped from my chair straight to the garage , open the freezer , started digging and here we are and I was like , you know what , I'm just gonna film for my family as well .

Yeah .

So Sam , that is how it started and I hope you enjoyed this .

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I hope this is gonna be motivation enough for you .

So anyway , I added some water .

I've added my tomatoes and peppers and I'm letting them cook .

And actually right now it's been about um 15 minutes of the tomatoes and peppers in there and I'm bringing them out because I don't want it to be very , very cooked .

And then the tomatoes will start falling apart into the soup and then you have particles of tomatoes .

So it is good .

Now , as you can see , it has cracked open a little bit and before it makes a mess in the soup .

I'm bringing everything out and my onion again for my purpose right now .

OK .

Here we go .

That's the last one , the third bit of the pepper .

And I'm gonna go ahead and just blend these uh together with the tomato paste that ensures that I don't have to make the tomato paste , you know , trying to make it smooth and beautiful before putting it in the soup .

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Or alternatively , you could just add the tomato paste way ahead of time , maybe on the meat , you know , before you even add the peanuts and that is gonna be good as well .

So this is blended .

I poured it in here , rinsed out the blender , added it and at this point , we just wait for the soup to be done .

It is just gonna need about an extra 20 to 25 minutes just to thicken up , get a as much oil as we can on the surface .

The meats are used are not ones that are oily .

So I'm not expecting to get , you know , the typical with oil on the surface .

And so we just wait for it to be cooked and then we'll just proceed and I just remembered , I almost forgot about my fish , but you know , it is beautifully marinated .

It is well seasoned .

So and fish doesn't take too much time to cook .

So I've brought it in here now , adding them to the soup and they're just gonna cook perfectly at this point .

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So , yeah , not too bad that it going in here .

And I've just added some more water .

Actually , the marinade , I just rined it out and added it in here just to make sure that more flavor , you know , goes in my soup , just stir in it a little bit to make sure the fish is well situated here and we'll let it cook .

And at this point , our rice cooker , our pressure cooker I should say has done its work .

I am vent in it on my own .

So yes , be careful if you're doing this .

I used uh a wooden stick and then I just pushed it to vent , you know , start it as far away from it as possible .

And now we are just gonna go ahead and mush it .

Yes .

See , I don't know .

Yes , the rice is so soft , very sticky .

Just look at that .

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Just look at this , this texture of rice balls like if you have a pressure cooker and you try it , you just know the difference .

Um It's , it's more like how the sellers have it , you know , like I don't know how they do it .

I don't know if this is just the manpower , the people that mash it mash it so well because of course they just cook it in a pot covered um with no pressure in cooking it .

But the texture mostly is perfect at some point .

I know this because my auntie has a OK .

She sells a and the texture that they make that rice balls is just amazing .

It's very cloudy smooth anyway , so I'm done mushing it , which wasn't too much work because as I said , the rice is so soft and sticky and now we are just gonna go ahead and make them into balls .

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I've already cut up my uh wrap , so they're just laying advantage points making it easy .

So once I'm done trying to make a ball , I'm just gonna go ahead and take one wrap , precut .

Like I said that way , I'm not touching the , the package with my sticky hands , you know , trying to , uh , tear off some plastic wrap .

So it's all uh precut .

I estimated how many bowls I'm gonna make .

And here we go , I just put it in to twist it because I like my tomato like shape for my rice bowls .

And first one made in comes the second one third and this is the very last one .

My favorite part is the crust .

And at this point , our soup is just bubbling , you know , on very low heat , the oils as much as we can get is here already .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You know , it's not so oily , but when you push it to the side , you see the oils and at this point , our soup is done .

Sunday food is ready and of course everybody is ready Ivana more than anybody else because this is her favorite rice full food with some granu soup .

And even Ide laughed at my son .

We all love it .

And this is something I crave .

Remember I saw this and I really had to make this .

I hope you get some inspiration from it .

It motivates you as somebody's post it for me and you try this recipe .

This is so good .

If you have a pressure cooker , go ahead and try making your rice balls with it .

You will be a believer .

Trust me .

Thanks for watching .

Thanks for doing this with me .

If this is your first time here , this is kitchen where making simple replicable meals is my passion .

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And until I come your way , next time with something delicious , be loved , be kind , be happy .


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