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2023-07-09 14:16:42

How to Cook Ham Steak

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Hi , Phyllis here from southern frugal dot com .

I wanted to show you what we're gonna have for lunch because some of you might not know that you can get the , uh , center cut ham steak and it makes a really quick meal .

Now , I hope you can see that price 4 68 at Walmart .

And you can get probably five servings out of this .

It's about 3/4 of an inch thick and all you have to do is cook it for about four minutes on each side .

Now I'm gonna open this up and dry it off with some paper towels and put it in the skillet .

Now , the skillet needs to have a little bit of , uh , oil or Crisco .

I like to use Crisco .

Yes .

And just grease it just a little bit .

You don't want a whole bunch of grease in there because then it'll be just popping everywhere .

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So grease , it just a little bit and let it get good and hot .

Now you wanna cook this on medium .

Now , I'm gonna just use my scissors and cut it open and try not to get the , the , um , water from it on your counter if you can help it , just cut it around .

Cut that center section .

Oh , the camera almost fell off .

Excuse the jiggling .

But we're gonna go ahead .

We do reality videos .

So if anything happens , it still gets on the , the tape .

Ok .

All right .

I'm going to need more paper towels to dry this off again .

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Get it just as dry as you can get it .

Let me turn that down just as dry as you can get it .

Skill it .

Of course , again , its own medium .

I'm gonna take the whole thing just like it comes from the pack and drop it right in .

Now it's gonna have to cook for , I would say at least four minutes on each side .

And what I'm looking for is I'm wanting it to get some brown on that , on on each side .

Really ?

Now we're gonna have this for lunch and we're having this with some steamed cabbage and potatoes and some of the fried bread .

So after this gets brown on one side , we'll be back .

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Now , I wanted to point this out to you when uh frying out this ham , I generally take some paper towels and just soak up all that liquid that's gonna cook out of it because if you leave the liquid in there , it's not gonna brown as well .

So I just soak up as much of that as I can cause some water will definitely come out once it starts cooking more paper towels , put that water out as much as you can .

That way it will brown a lot nicer .

Ok .

So it's got about about three more minutes and I'm gonna turn my bunny up to medium high time .

We'll be back .

All right .

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My ham has been cooking for about really four minutes and you can see it's burning some in the pan there .

So it's time to turn it over now and I did turn my butter up to medium high .

So I'm gonna turn it back down now and I'm gonna just put it around on that dark , almost dark part there and get some of that brown up on the meat and you can fix these on the grill .

But to me going outside and you know , firing up the grill is not worth it and you need to fix it in really , probably less than 10 minutes right in your kitchen .

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So , ok , so we're gonna let that cook for , let's say another about four minutes and it should be ready .

Now , what I've done , let me show you that it's scraped all around the bottom .

You should get up that dark part that was sticking to the pan because of course more water is cooked out of it .

And I want you to look at that .

It's made a little dark gravy .

You see that , I'm gonna let it cook and for about four more minutes and we'll be back .

All right , we're back and the ham is just about ready .

I'm gonna zoom in on it and let you see , I've turned it over one more time .

Let's see if I can get that in there straight .

There you go .

Oops about that .

Now , here's what I'm gonna do .

Turn my burn down to medium low .

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This is leftover coffee from this morning .

This is about two thirds of a cup just gonna pour it right in and this is gonna be a type of what we used to call .

So gravy , I don't really know how other people fix it , but this is the way we fix it .

And you can also , uh , fix this kind of gravy after you fried sausage .

So now I'm just gonna cut my burner off and just let it stay on the stove for a little while and while I get all of the rest of the food ready for the meal .

All right there .

You have it .

See you next time .


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