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2023-07-10 08:48:01

How to Cook a London Broil or Top Round Steak on the Stovetop Cast Iron Grill

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Hey , guys .

Thanks for stopping in tomorrow .

I want to cook a top brown steak or London broil as they're labeled around here .

And I want to try doing it on my stovetop , cast iron grill .

I haven't tried that before .

I've cooked a lot of these steaks but never on my cast iron grill .

So I pulled out of the freezer last night and put it in the fridge and it thawed out .

So tonight I just want to get into a marinade .

So let's get started .

Ok , I have my round steak here and this was buy one , get one free .

So half a 6 99 a pound is like 3 50 a pound .

So as far as steaks go , these are about the most steak you're gonna get for your money .

Now , they don't have much fat in them .

There's no bones in them .

They're kind of a bottom of the barrel steak .

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But if you marinate them and you don't overcook them , they're actually pretty good steaks .

I've cooked many of these .

So what I usually do is just take it and I take my knife and just poke a bunch of holes in it .

And , uh , I do both sides and that's just so the marinade can get into it .

So , uh , let me finish doing this and then I'll show you the marinade I'm gonna use , I got this pretty well poked full of holes and , uh , I use the knife but you can use a fork or one of those meat tenderizer tools , whatever .

Um , I'm gonna use some zesty Italian dressing for my marinade .

This is pretty good .

It's got the vinegar that helps tenderize the meat and there's usually garlic and onion and herbs and a bunch of stuff in it .

And with beef , I also like to add in a little bit of Worcestershire sauce .

So I just Sprinkle some in , I don't really measure it just a little bit of that .

That looks good .

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And I happen to have some garlic here .

So I cut up a coup couple of cloves of garlic and uh put the garlic in there as well .

Now , if you have any kind of a marinade that you like , just , you know , feel free to use your own marinade .

But almost every time I do a marinade , it's a little bit different .

I just kind of experiment and use what I happen to have on hand .

So now I'll just kind of massage this and try to get the marinade into it the best that I can .

And , you know , a lot of guys use Ziploc bags and that's fine .

But , you know , for me , it's just kind of a habit .

I just use a dish like this and that way I'll pull it out of the fridge periodically and just kind of flip it over and massage it a little bit .

So it's just the way I like to do it .

So , um , I'm just gonna get this into the fridge overnight and , uh , we'll be back tomorrow and cook this baby .

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That looks pretty good and I usually cover it with plastic wrap before I put it into the fridge .

So I will see you guys tomorrow .

Ok .

It is the next day and it's time to cook our steak .

I'm gonna get my cast iron grill warming up here .

I'm gonna put the heat about three quarters of the way up .

A lot of times I'll turn it all the way up , but this marinade has sugar in it .

Italian dressing has sugar in it and that might start to burn .

So I go about with the heat about three quarters of the way up and start it out that way and see how it goes .

Now , I pulled the , um , steak out .

It's been sitting on the counter for about an hour .

It's good to let your meat kind of come up the room temperature before you cook .

It , it tends to be a little more tender that way .

I think .

Now it's been in the marinade about 15 hours .

Um , I would probably go at least five or six hours .

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I've gone probably up to 24 hours .

Um , also , I'm gonna make sure all this garlic is off of the meat because that will burn as well .

Um , all right , as soon as the grill gets warmed up , we'll get it on there .

I think my grill is getting pretty warm here .

So I'm gonna go ahead and get this steak on there .

Make sure there's no chunks of garlic like that on there .

All right , here we go .

This has been cooking for about four minutes or so and I think I'm just gonna turn it just for more even cooking .

And also to see if I can get those cool cross grill marks on it .

Been about four minutes in this position .

Now , let's flip it over .

Looks pretty good .

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This has been on there about 13 or 14 minutes total and I want my internal temperature to be about 1 30 .

So it's gonna kind of vary , I guess .

1 28 right there .

1 24 2017 , 1 22 .

These quick reed thermometers are great for this .

That looks good to me .

I'm gonna pull it off because sometimes they keep cooking a bit once you pull them off .

Well , this meat definitely doesn't look dry .

I'll let it rest for a few minutes and then I'll slice it up .

I sliced part of this up and you can see how juicy it is .

It looks really juicy .

So let me try a piece and , uh , see how I've turned out here .

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This turned out really good .

It's juicy has really good flavor from that marinade .

It seems like everything I cook on that cast iron grill comes out really good .

It comes out juicy .

It has a lot of flavor .

Sometimes I like cooking on that better than my outdoor grill .

And , um , you can actually feed quite a few people with one of these London broils .

I've , I've cooked these , like , when the kids come over and stuff , like , get togethers and if you have like side dishes and stuff , you slice one of these up .

Everybody will just take , you know , two or three slices and it , it goes pretty long ways .

It's a really economical way to serve beef .

So , um , hope you guys will give that a try .

Thanks for watching and I'll talk to you next time .


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