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2023-07-08 09:13:08

Minute Steak Recipe with BBQ Butter Sauce - Minute Steaks

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Hello , this is Chef John from food wishes dot com with minute steak with a barbecued butter sauce .

I've got a lot of requests for minute steak recipes which you know what , I never even considered a recipe more of a technique , but I want to show you how I do minute steak named because it takes about a minute per side .

That's it .

So I like to use top Sirloin for this , which looks something like this at the store .

They're normally about , I don't know , 8 to 10 ounces each .

I'm going to trim off all the fat and of course , any fat that has meat attached to it , you're going to save for sauce .

And by the way , see that piece that's just mostly fat .

Save that , I'm going to show you a very cool trick .

So I'm going to cut that trimmed piece in half .

Right .

So that's going to give me about 24 to 5 ounce minute steaks .

So it depends on your portion control .

That's either one portion or if you want to give someone two of those that would be like one big portion , regardless of how much you're going to give each person you have , take each piece and pound it out to about a quarter of an inch .

I like to use a Ziploc bag or you can just use plastic wrap .

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And as you can see , I'm using one of those flat metal meat pounders , any heavy flat object will work .

And there you can see about a quarter of an inch thick or one pinky nail thick .

Unfortunately , since I'm not king , that's not an official unit of measure .

But one day , if everything goes according to plan , it will be so our meat's prepped and here we go with the sauce behind .

Every great minute steak is a delicious pan sauce .

And this one is simply beef broth , some barbecue sauce and not just any barbecue sauce .

Here , I'm using my wife's famous SFQ and to the beef broth and barbecue sauce .

I'm going to add a little bit of butter , not a lot , a little bit of hot sauce optional and a little bit of black pepper also optional .

So as you can see , very simple , I mean , why do a minute steak and then have some long time consuming sauce that just won't make any sense .

So we're going to set that aside , we are going to generously season our steaks with salt and pepper and then we're going to take a skillet , put it on high heat .

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This entire thing is done on high heat and here's that little trick I mentioned earlier using that piece of fat .

I'm going to throw that in a dry pan on high heat and when it starts to sizzle , I know my pan is getting hot .

I know .

Thank you , Mr Science .

So I'm using that little piece as sort of a temperature guide .

So once I see the fat in there rendering and sizzling and crackling , I will add just a little bit of neutral oil .

All right , I'm using a grape seed oil , but really any high heat vegetable oil will work .

And as soon as my test piece is sizzling away like that .

And I see the tiniest wisps of smoke that pan's hot enough .

I'm going to throw in my steaks , which are going to sear pretty much instantly .

Now , depending on how cooked you want this , you're going to go between 30 seconds and a minute per side .

Again , it's called minute steak .

Traditionally one minute per side for medium rare is good .

Personally , I want about 45 seconds per side .

All right .

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As soon as the steaks are done to your liking , pull those off , leave the pan on throw in your sauce and while the steaks are resting , which is only going to take two minutes , your sauce is going to be done because that pan is so hot and you're not really putting that much liquid in that's going to reduce down in maybe two minutes .

That little bit of butter is gonna emulsify into that tangy barbecue sauce and make just a beautiful glaze once it looks like that you're done that .

Is it how unbelievably simple is that you're going to put your now rested minute steak on a warm plate .

You're gonna spoon over that incredibly simple but unbelievably flavorful barbecue butter sauce because this is so thin , it's pretty much either gonna be rare pink or cooked through .

So you don't have to really worry about being too fine with this a minute per side in general comes out .

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Perfect also because you're like , you know , super smart and creative just seeing this , you should already be thinking of like 17 variations of this sauce recipe , right ?

Because really what is it ?

It's some stock , some flavoring , a little bit of butter , salt and pepper .

Ok .

So there's a million directions you can go with this anyway .

I really hope you give that a try .

All the ingredient amounts will be on the site as usual , including information about the SF Q sauce and as always , enjoy .


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