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2023-07-10 08:49:56

GRAPHIC - LIVE GIANT Isopod Fried Rice _ Real Life Pokemon Kabuto _ Isopod Cooking Hour

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He , oh , yes , we're heading to South Beach and can I get some reactions from some people who have never seen an ipod before ?

What do you think ?

Yeah .

To some people that I think I never seen this kind of stuff .

Yeah .

And , uh , let's see what , what they're gonna say .

Take a look at that .

This is live .

We just picked it up .

Ok .

This is , uh , have you seen this before ?

No , I never seen it before .

I never seen this from another planet .

Look at the eyes .

You see it ?

Did you ever watch it ?

It look like it look like a , yeah .

Yeah .

From , from another world , you know , they , they , have you looking from another world ?

Look at it .

You eat this thing .

It looks like a fossil .

Right .

Exactly .

It's amazing .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It looks like a giant cockroach .

That's what people say it is .

Yeah .

Yeah , exactly what it is .

It's called an iso , have you seen them before ?

They've been on the earth for 300 million years from Star Wars .

That's cool .

It's won't buy you .

No , no , no , not at all .

I tried it once because when I lived in Vietnam .

I , I dogs , Vietnam dogs and they call it swamp rat by the ocean .

I , I eat them because we live in that .

You , you , you eat that the death .

Now , would you eat this ?

Like ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No , not like that at the ?

Oh , my gosh , that's so , they've been around the earth for 300 million years .

They , like on the bottom of the ocean .

Yeah , pretty much kind of the cockroach of the sea .

Now , would you eat this or would you keep it as a pet ?

No , I'll try it .

I'll try to eat it .

You try it , try it .

I eat it .

You know , if you don't , if I don't like it then I won't buy it .

That's nice .

Ok .

That's what it is .

I just boil it and crack it open .

We actually did a video about two months ago and you've done the card .

You can go there and you can see how the chef prepares it .

Wow , this is , I wouldn't eat this .

I would not , I would leave it alone and , and just let it be to put it on top of this is basically ocean floor .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's what this thing does .

Right .

And right now some of the juice coming out .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Sorry about that .

No , it's all right , man .

Oh , wow .

It's about to die or something .

No , no , no , no .

Now , would you eat something like this ?

I don't know .

They call him roly poly .

They call him , uh , Yeah , it looks like , uh , Star Wars .

Right .

Look at those eyes , but really alien looking .

So you'd keep it as a pet rather than you .

All right .

That's nice .

Yeah , that was so funny .

In South Beach .

All those people talking about this little creature .

Yes .

And , uh , they're so surprised to see it .

And you've probably seen from the other videos .

This is a very special one .

This is a very special video because it's gonna be kind of a Christmas fried rice theme .

No .

OK .

What are the special ingredients we're going to use ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , this , this guy is more very , very special and the uh so Christmas this color is white or red and green , right ?

So I have it here .

Little pepper , green pepper and is actually white but I gonna use also white onion .

No , you're not gonna see much after mix but onion and a lot of pepper and a green pepper .

OK ?

Yeah , it's very simple and the egg and of course , you know salt and pepper you don't see here the salt and pepper but I don't have a salt and pepper and some bean sprouts too .

Bean sprouts too .

You know , I hate to say this but I have a Pomeranian that looks like this and he loves to be on his back once he's on his back .

He wants you to carry him to the room and in this position with those two little beady eyes , a little nose and mouth .

He doesn't look like that is AOD .

Oh , come on .

Ok .

So that's it .

And how's our iso doing ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So , first thing I need to do it again .

So we're gonna do stop it right here .

Ok .

Ice water .

All right .

OK .

Let's do it here .

It's definitely that water .

Yeah , it'll come out with the juice coming up .

Ok .

Yeah .

Ok .

This guy told me that .

So it looks like a different than other one .

They have a little that they Yeah .

Yeah .

It's from like the original one that is more like a , you know , the other one is more like a water .

Yeah .

So I don't know how many people are gonna make this for Christmas , you know Christmas .

Yeah .

What do you think ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Maybe this is a lot of people I think on the Christmas this is maybe good for the Halloween .

Halloween .

Yeah , we passed Halloween already .

Yeah .

And then if you broke up with a girlfriend , start with this song on Valentine's Day .

That's good .

Your wife , this guys cook this one on your day anniversary , on her anniversary or you can pick Mother's Day Valentine's anniversary or birthday or maybe put the just on the , you know .

Oh Yeah , I know what you're hiding on the under the instead of it's gonna be good .

Tell you about a new pet .

Yeah .

OK .

OK .

So today I'm gonna grow this one , this patch .

I just uh I just taking off this one is more , a little bit better easier .

I'm gonna take , just cut off this one because after that , it's more easier .

So then I'm gonna cut it all the way in the house .

Ok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I just pass , using the scissor to just taking off this part .

So that's it .

And then I cut into the half all away .

Last time I took off the leg out .

But this one I gonna cut into half .

but are you expecting juice coming out ?

So I just gonna put into the uh towel .

OK .

In case then let's cut open .

Hm .

So in this case , we're gonna cut all the guts and everything is cut in half .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So know what I got to cutting , cutting off too .

They were always asking how many towels you go through .

You know , I know maybe , maybe I was in a lot of towels but after II I uh especially after I cooked the shellfish in my lobster .

Um it's very , so I change it .

Ah , he looks delicious .

Look at his , it looks like some kind of red bean paste .

Again , a female with a bunch of eggs in there .

Take a look .

So I just go all these things .

Look at this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is , this is kind of smell , you know , this is a stomach , this stomach cut open the half .

So I going to take it off , wash it out but I need as well .

Is your Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

OK .

Nice and clean now .

These are the teeth .

Teeth .

Yeah .

Wow .

They go put your finger against that , touch it .

Yeah , I know .

I know .

That's really hard and really sharp , you know , that's what it does to , I guess , digest the food and just bite the teeth of it .

You know , I just use this much .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You just , ok , after 10 minutes , er , I support is ready .

Steam .

How delicious it looks here .

Look at this .

I just can't wait .

I'm sure you at home can't wait either .

I wish I love that color .

It's got that beautiful gray , kind of that gray bluish color .

Hm .

Take a look at this .

We go to smell this at home .

Amazing .

Yeah .

Give me some soup .

So soup .

But I use a spru and a chopstick .

You try first set up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna take off a little bit of juice yourself .

All the good seasoning .

The natural .

That's disgusting .

Yeah .

But for the fried rice or not so good for this juice , you know , making it too soggy .

So that's , I just , I don't know what to say to yourself .

I'm not gonna lie .

This is disgusting .

But I can't wait to say some fried rice here .

Oh , I can't wait to wait to taste the fried rice .

You can go first .

You know .

I'm so excited .

I'm gonna do the pepper salt and soy sauce .

This is a soy sauce and the uh uh sesame oil .

OK ?

Very simple oil .

I haven't made a long time .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Ok .

That , yeah .

Vegetables .

Yeah .

Hm .

Yeah , I'm gonna do .

I support needs .

Yes .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , that I , so , hello ?

And black paper .

And , uh , so , and a little bit of sesame oil .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

I gonna drop something .

Some of the , and here .

Oh , I know what you're doing now .

Hero .

You know what I'm doing .

And now I get it now I get it .

I guess you gotta make that very down packed , very tight .

Huh ?

A little bit for the two right now .

It's gonna be like uh like a Christmas tree .

Yeah , like that .

Yeah , like that .

Ah , look at that .

It looks like a Christmas tree and here's your pine needle .

Ok .

Aye .

Well , it's right here .

No , no , this is what you're doing .

That's great .

Beautiful presentation and there's more rice .

Let me tell you what it actually smells good .

Huh ?

Smells really good .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Fried rice , blue crab , fried rice .

Just close rice and imagine it .

It's delicious .

Maybe would be better .

Well , thanks so much .

Beautiful Merry Christmas to everyone .

If you guys like this video , give it a thumbs up .

Comment below .

Share .

Don't forget to subscribe .

We're wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate it .

If not , I have Hanukkah and all the other wonderful .

Yes .

Uh I I hope we see that .

Yes .

Thank you .

Thank you so much .

Yes , everybody .

Merry Christmas .

Merry Christmas to you , Merry Christmas , right ?

And we have a special taste .

Ice a hot Christmas tree , fried rice .

Hm .

Hm .

Actually , yeah , I did like um , if we cook it this way .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , those smells really , really good .

Yeah , with a Brian Pope , right ?

Ok , guys .

Thanks again for sticking on here so long .

I hope to see you soon .

Thank you so much .


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