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2023-07-08 09:15:53

TACO TUESDAY­čî« _ How To Make Steak Tacos At Home _ Authentic Mexican Style

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It's I go , bro .

What's up everybody ?

Welcome back to my channel .

It's your Boy Cannon and today is Taco Tuesday .

So you know what that mean ?

We are doing some flank steak , Mexican tacos .

Let's get into it .

But to start this dish , y'all , first off , you're gonna start with your flank steak .

And if you cannot find some flank steak in your local store , then you can use some skirt steak .

But flank steak or skirt steak are perfect for Mexican tacos .

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Now take your steak and dice these up into some really small strips or some nice cubes and we're gonna start the seasoning off with two teaspoons of mint garlic .

You're gonna wanna add two teaspoons of cumin .

Now let's do three .

Let's do three .

Add about a teaspoon of onion powder , adding about a teaspoon of oregano , add some chili powder .

Um I prefer to just bring this on not really a teaspoon because it's kind of to my liking .

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Add about a teaspoon of black pepper , add five teaspoons of soy sauce , add about two teaspoons of olive oil , add one teaspoon of vinegar .

I add about a third cup of freshly squeezed orange juice and lastly add fresh juice of one lime .

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Now that you've created your steak marinade , mix all of these ingredients up with your steak .

Make sure every piece of the steak is 100 and 50% marinated .

Now , once you see that your steak is 100% marinated , you wanna want to leave this in this bowl covered with aluminum foil for about , I'd say 2 to 4 hours if you just want a really good marinade .

I mean you can't cook this immediately .

But for that best flavor , I say 2 to 4 hours , I'll take one raw onion , dice it fine and just set that aside because what's a good Mexican taco without onions and cilantro .

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So now that you can take your steak out of the fridge , it's been marinating for about 2 to 4 hours .

Take some olive oil , pour that in your skillet and we can start cooking this steak meat .

I am cooking this steak on medium high .

I say closer towards the high side versus medium , but it medium high and I am just cooking it until it gets to about medium .

Well , because that's how I prefer my steak tacos .

I eat a steak medium .

But for steak tacos , I'm gonna go with medium well , man , these tacos smelling amazing .

So what I like to usually do , I'm gonna give you all one last tip .

I like to pop my steak in a broiler really quickly .

Just so I can get that nice brown sear on the top .

Now , I only broil these for about 2 to 3 minutes .

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Um , I don't know how your strong your oven is or how weak your oven is .

I just say continuously watch in the broiler because you don't want to make these into dog food , burnt bites , tacos .

But yeah , you're pretty much done now .

So get you your corn tortillas .

You can get your onion , get your cilantro that you set aside and get some nice Mexican cheese , pour that on top and boom , you now have some Mexican authentic tacos .

Oh yeah , you cannot forget your yourself a day .

Um In my next video , I will be dropping soon .

Um I will be showing you guys how to make this from scratch as well or you can just buy it from the store .

I prefer mine from scratch .

But yeah , thank you guys so much .

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Comment below , please guys , comment below .

Share this video and just stay tuned for the next one .

Thank you guys so much for watching we out here .


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