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2023-07-09 14:27:48

How I Cook BLACK RICE (EASY & Super Healthy) - Steven Heap

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Hi .

Welcome back to another episode in my kitchen .

So I'm just going to make this simple instructional video of how I make black rice , which is actually purple looks black when it's dry in the packet .

One of the most highly nutritious rice is you can google it or spay the details , but it's super healthy .

I soak my rice overnight .

It ensures equal water distribution .

A lot of people might think it's not necessary , but that's how I did it .

And then I thoroughly wash it .

It's a very tough rice , and it takes a different technique of cooking to the basmati one I did recently .

It's all we do in a nice big pan again .

We tap our race in .

I want double the amount of water .

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So just like that , so double the amount of water to rice that's after it's been soaked .

Tonight .

I want to make sure this is nice and soft , but not overcooked , and you can use salt .

I'm actually using one of these mucky stock cubes because it's really healthy .

It's not the most , uh , tastiest .

You know , we have to sacrifice a little bit of flavour sometimes if we want to eat healthy .

So one of those as a substitute for salt .

That's just my take on it .

And I'm going to let that come to a gentle simmer , and I'm going to boil it for about 25 minutes .

Once it comes to the bubble , I'm just going to simmer it off nice and simple , and the fun nail is what it looks like when it's cooked .

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So without further ado , thank you very much for watching hope you've enjoyed the video .


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