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2023-07-11 07:03:35

How to play Plunder Chess

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Plunder chess how to play the rules are the same as regular chess except for these changes for a refresher of the original rules of chess .

Check out this video during setup , place the vests to the side .

Whenever a piece is captured , the capturing piece has the option to plunder .

The captured pieces moves to plunder .

The moves take an available vest from the side of the board that matches the captured piece and place it onto the capturing piece .

If you capture a piece that already has a vest on it , then you may plunder that piece's vest .

Instead if you like pieces may only have one vest at a time , a piece with a vest is allowed to perform any legal move of the piece's symbol on that vest one time , this is called a vest move .

After a vest move , remove the vest from the piece and return it to the side of the board .

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So it can be used again later if needed pieces may still perform their conventional moves while wearing a vest without losing that vest's ability .

If you capture a piece with a conventional move while wearing a vest , you must either decline plundering the new piece or you must remove your current vest before plundering the new one .

If you capture a piece with a vest move , you must first remove the current vest before plundering your opponent's piece .

You do not have to plunder if you don't want to , but you may not plunder for that capture .

At a later time .

You may not plunder a piece that has the same moving capability as the capturing piece .

For example , a queen may not plunder a rook bishop or queen .

All pieces except for pawns may plunder ponds in order to gain their on Passan move .

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Knights , bishops and kings may also plunder a pond's double step move option as well as the condition to be captured by an Pasan .

A king may not use a pond vest move for the double step move .

If an Paan is present , the pawn vest does not allow any piece to promote to a higher rank piece .

Pawns are allowed to use their vest move in order to promote .

If a pawn wearing a vest uses a conventional move to promote , then whatever vest it is currently wearing will be transferred to the promoted piece .

So long as that vest adds movement potential to the promoted piece .

Promoted pieces may not gain a pawn vest upon promotion nor does a pond vest promote to a different vest when reaching the farthest row .

If a pawn uses a vest move to return to its second row .

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It regains its double step move option as well as the condition to be captured by an Paan a night vest move allows pieces to jump over other pieces .

Castling is allowed like normal unless a vest move threatens an open space between the rook and king vests automatically and immediately check an opponent's king .

There is no limit to the number of times a vest can check a king .

It is also possible for a king to check or even checkmate their opponent with a vest .

So long as they remain out of check , kings may use their vest move to escape check .

A king's vest move is allowed to slide through check .

So long as the king doesn't end on a space in check .


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