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Hi and welcome to Place the place where you get to learn how to make delicious Italian recipes .

All made Italian recipes with me .

Today we're making pasta and has three main ingredients , olives , capers and a , a delicious pasta recipe from the area of Naples .

Let's make it together and I'll share the story of this pasta with you .

So what ingredients do we need for pasta ?

First spaghetti pasta , uh which is the original pasta that was used for this recipe .

You can use , you can use any type of pasta that you like .

Please you be very creative .

Then what we need is we need a or like in England , they're called ancho .

Make sure they are in olive oil .

Don't get anchovies in vinegar or you will ruin the recipe .

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We need under salt , we need to wash them properly under water .

So we remove the salt .

Then we need garlic and you use as much garlic as you like .

And then we need a Calama olives .

Now , if you're not in Italy and you can get the olives from , you get kalamata olives because it will be fantastic for this dish .

We need fresh parsley and we need one can of peeled tomatoes or you can use beautiful sweet cherry tomatoes only if you have the nice cherry tomatoes .

Like the one from a you need some beautiful cherry tomatoes .

Oh Go for that .

Go for the peeled tomatoes .

This is so easy and so fast .

So I'm going to cook the pasta at the same time , I'm making the sauce so they will be ready together .

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You need a nice , beautiful amount of rock salt to put in your water and always use a large amount of water when you make pasta and then you put the spaghetti inside .

This is for Suzanne and I , so we have about 300 g of spaghetti .

Now , come over here , I want to show you how we are going to make this beautiful sauce .

First , we need to go and wash the capers .

Now it's time to make the sauce warm up your pan and then you want to add extra virgin olive oil a nice amount .

Then what we do , we are going to add the anchovies .

I would say about two per person .

Now , I don't love anchovies .

I'm not a big fan , but this recipe needs the anchovies and what you're gonna do .

Now we are going to melt the anchovies in the other .

When you eat it , you don't really taste it , but they will give such an incredible flavor to this pasta .

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So let's wait for the anchovies to melt .

So as we are cooking the anchovies , we are going to add the garlic in there .

Ok .

Beautiful .

You love garlic .

You will love this at the same time .

I'm going to add the capers .

Here we go .

The beautiful yummy capers and we have a wonderful uh olive .

What I'm going to do with the olives is I'm going to crush them like that in there .

I don't wanna cut them .

I just want to them a little bit in my hand .

So they bring out more flavors and then we want to do this for a couple of minutes just to give the flavor .

Just want to , to get the flavors to , to mix , to mix together and to make love .

Now it's time for us to put a little bit of color in this .

OK ?

I want to show you what we're going to use .

We're gonna use these wonderful peeled tomatoes , little bit of salt .

Not too much .

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The reason why we don't use too much salt is because the capers are extremely salty .

The anchovies are salty so go crazy with the pepper but not too much with the salt .

We also want to chop some beautiful fresh parsley so we put some in there , beautiful mix it together .

What I'm going to do ?

II I want , I need to crash .

I need to crush this come and have a look .

Come and have a look .

I need to crush these tomatoes .

Oh my God .

The flavors of the tomatoes are coming out right now .

Beautiful , just a little crush , little tomato mixed with the parsley .

You can use basil if you like , but parsley goes very well with anchovies and the capers .

Ok .

Now we have all the ingredients pretty much uh flavored , you know , all the ingredients of flavors .

See , there , there's not much left of the anchovies .

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Look at that , there's nothing left .

It became a cream .

Now it's time for us to add the beautiful .

So and we give the color to this dish .

Beautiful .

Look at that .

Look how fantastic this is .

Yeah .

Wow .

Yeah , the flavors are really are out now .

Yes .

And the sauce needs a couple of minutes to cook .

Not too much .

So the history of so if I translate to you , what means it's not gonna be very nice but means prostitute .

So yeah , I know it's not really nice but um this pasta was created in the brothel back in the 20th centuries in Naples .

And because the male need to get some energy before you know , they go and do their business .

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The prostitutes in the bro , they used to cook his pasta and this what what they used to have in the house .

This was cheap .

This was always available and it gives you the energy .

So if you like to add extra energy to your beautiful um what I would say is add some chili .

So we're gonna add a little bit of chili , not everyone likes to do it , but I think chili flakes can give you the , the kick that you want .

Especially in the old days when you know this was , uh , pasta was made for those gentlemen .

Now the pasta is cooked .

Ok .

So I've got the pasta over here , I've got the spaghetti and they are already cooked .

Look how beautiful they are .

We're gonna get this pasta and put it straight in the pan , beautiful spaghetti .

And what we do now we're gonna add the spaghetti in our sauce .

Yeah .

Nice .

And we are going to toss it .

I want to toss it .

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So the spaghetti will get the flavor .

Look as it is .

Look how beautiful it is .

Look how beautiful .

This pasta is beautiful , smooth tasty .

The flavors the flavors are telling me , please eat me , eat me , look as it is and this is how you make your beautiful , delicious pasta .

Look at that .

Say I love pasta , eat me .

We are going to eat you .

Oh Yeah , this is definitely the best part of the recipe .

Let's get this beautiful pasta full of flavors and we're going to plate it .

How much do you want ?

Suzanne ?

Smells delicious .

So I want a lot , a lot of it .

OK .

So is this your plate ?

And the little one here is mine ?

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That's so make sure you decorate it .

You wanna put the olives everywhere and they go and find your capers in here .

See , I like to go and find my capers because the capers , believe it or not , most of the flavors are in there .

You got the olives , get some cherry tomatoes , well , some tomatoes and then we get a little bit of parsley to just decorate this beautiful , beautiful , sexy pasta .

And this is how you make a delicious pasta .

Look at that .

Look how sexy it is .

So Suzanne , you wanna eat from the plate ?

I like to eat from this .

So let's put parsley in there .

Oh no , I think there's more flavors when you have a straight on the pan .

Let's see if it's good .

So thank you guys for watching this episode .

I hope I brought you all the way to Naples with this dish .

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Thank you so much for watching this video recipe .

We will see you in the next Vincenzo plate , video recipe .

Vince plate .

Oh yeah .

Time to eat .

Hm .

Wow .

Like I said before , I don't love anchovies but the anchovies give the right flavor to this pasta and you don't really taste them .

It just gives the flavor .

Mm .


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