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2023-07-08 09:06:52

Cooking a Perfect Medium Rare Steak in 15 Minutes! _ MasterChef Canada _ MasterChef World

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All right , home cooks .

It's time for you to demonstrate another classic French technique .

Are you primed to see what it is ?

You look terrified .

Just need to know what it is this time , your survival depends on a butter basted steak perfectly cooked to medium rare .

The French term for this technique is arose .

We're looking for a beautifully brown crust , a tender pink interior with just a hint of red .

This is what I'm looking for .

Exactly .

You got it .

Yes .

Yes .

Yes .

I make butter basted steak fairly often .

So I have a really good shot at making it up to the balcony after this round .

The first thing I do is get my pan searing hot .

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One of the most important aspects of this dish is getting a beautiful sear on the steak .

I'm very happy that it's steak and not a French omelet again .

Two minutes to bring the pan up to high heat , eight minutes to cook and five minutes to let your steak relax and you'll be cooking a perfect medium rare .

I'm extremely focused just trying to get this done in a timely manner .

So I have more than enough time to rest my steak .

It's very important when you season meat to be liberal because a lot of that seasoning will be lost to the pan .

I have to amp this salt up and butter .

I do not want to let the judges down .

I'm secretly rooting for Jonathan .

He's an amazing charismatic guy and has a good soul .

I really do want this , but I'm also missing my family .

My mom taught me how to cook .

She was a single mother , raised my brother and I , and I want them to be proud of what I'm gonna put on the plate today .

All the seasonings been wiped off at John Holmes .

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He's wiping all the seasoning off just waiting for my oil to smoke .

I wanted to rip my hair out .

Oh , come on when the state goes in , you want to hear it sizzle .

If you don't get that sizzle , you are in trouble right out of the gate .

I love the intensity of the pressure test , but I can see the fear in their eyes and it's kind of exciting to see .

I know Marissa is a bad ass with steaks .

So I'm really happy to be up on the balcony because the difference between having a perfect steak and being underdone or overdone is really minute .

I've got adrenaline going through my veins .

This is it .

I want to be up there with my buds .

I need to be up there .

I don't want to wait any longer .

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I'm pretty confident in Marissa cause she's into proteins and the rest are a bit iffy .

You want the exterior of that state to caramelize , add more butter baste and base to keep it moist .

Everything they do matters here the way they season them , the way they see her , the way they rest , everything matters .

Hr Has too much about you .

Look at Nadia's pan is spewing off lots of big smoke there .

that concerns me .

She could be burning her herbs .

She could be burning the steak .

She could be burning them garlic one second can ruin white if I do not get the heat right in this pan .

I'm done .

Five minutes , five minutes left .

Make sure you leave enough time to rest your state .

The sear on the outside is perfection .

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I just want to see a beautiful pink center .

I lay my stake down very carefully and I just wait .

Patience is a virtue 54321 and I'm feeling very unsure like here's unsure and I'm like here , I'm only gonna find out if I nailed it when the judges sliced that bad boy open .

Jonathan .

What is the color that you're trying to achieve in the center of the steak ?

The medium rare .

You miss some of the caramelization here .

You can see that .

See how it's gray .

Yeah , see that .

Let's make the cut and see if you actually made the cut .

Boom .

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Look at that .

That's perfect thing .

Of beauty .

Thank you .

How's it taste ?

Hm .

Could use more salt but overall really solid performance .

Thank you .

I'm thrilled .

I'm feeling a bit more confident .

I Marissa , chef Michael , you a steak lover .

I am a steak lover .

I actually heard you have a dog by the name of Porterhouse .

Porterhouse is my dog .

Interesting .

And are you pleased with the outcome using this classic French technique ?

Yes , I am .

I achieved a nice sear on all sides of the steak .

So let's see how you did on the cook .

Very good .

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I think it could have been pushed just a little bit more with the seasoning .

You lose a lot of salt and pepper when you're cooking and basting , but not bad at all .

Just wish it was a porterhouse .

Thank you , Mara .

Thank you , Nadia .

Hello , Chef Alvin Pan with smoking .

You cook a lot of steak .

I have , but usually I do it on my grill in the middle of a park .

Well , how do you think you done ?

I'm hoping that it's a beautiful , medium rare .

How did you know it's medium rare ?

I used a small hin .

I just put it in then I just put it right your most sensitive part of your body right there .

Where did you get that trick from a wonderful chef ?

I didn't recall telling you that .

Ok .

Well , very good colonization .

Thank you chef .

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So the moment of truth , please open it .

You are killing me right now .

Sounds good .

So , did you season it ?

Yeah , definitely .

I was liberal with the salt .

It's nice to season .

You know what I like about you , Nadia ?

Tell me you don't do things halfway .

Thank you , Chef Alford .

I'm feeling pretty happy .

There is a very good chance that I'm going up to the gallery now .

I want to pass out like my legs feel like they're gonna go .

And I have to think with every ounce of my being don't fall over .

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I just , I just have to keep going .

Hi there , Jen .

How are you feeling ?

Nervous as usual .

I like what I'm seeing .

Great .

Even caramelization all over .

Well , let's see how you did .

That looks terrific .

Thank you .

Nice .

Even color , nice , blushing pink with a touch of red in the center .

Nicely seasoned , well done , Jen .

Nice job .

That one .

Yeah , it's about as close to a photo finish as I think you're ever going to see when it comes to full stakes .

Yeah , I'm thinking ok , I might have a good chance here .

Possibly .

I don't want to battle with one other person .

It's gonna be down to that last grain of salt .

That's how close it is .

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I feel a little bit nervous but excited at the same time .

Nobody knows what to expect .

Uh , my stomach's in knots .

All right .

Let's do it .

You are four of the top eight home cooks in the country and you proved it with this challenge .

This decision came down to the finest of details .

Taking everything into account .

Two home cooks had the slightest edge and they are Nadia and Jen nicely done .

Please head up to the gallery and my friends .

I'm so happy .

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I'm going home to the gallery and I just made the top seven .

Yeah , I would say if I cooked a perfect steak .


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