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2023-07-11 06:51:47

How to Broil the Most Tender and Juicy Steak that you Will Ever Eat from Your Own Oven.

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Hi , this is Debbie with the food prepping channel .

And today I'm going to show you how to draw the perfect steak .

Um , it should be juicy , it should be , um , tender .

And since , um , it's a steak , I really don't personally like it seasoned very much .

I kind of like the , the actual taste of the steak .

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Um , especially on charcoal .

Now , I'm going to do this in the oven .

I'm going to broil this in the oven so I don't have the charcoal taste .

So I am going to use , um , some moisture shower sauce on it .

But the first thing that I'm gonna do , I have four strip steaks and strip steaks .

Um , do need a little marinating the ones that don't need marinating or , um , are rib eyes new .

Um , no , rib eyes porterhouse t bones .

Those really don't need to be marinated before you cook them .

But I'm going to use , um , this is just mccormick's unseasoned meat tenderizer and I've used this for years and years and it always seems to work pretty well .

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So , what I do is I just take this and ok , there you go .

I haven't used it since this summer .

So I'm gonna take this and I'm gonna go all over the steak with it , spread it all over the steak and this is unseasoned and then I just take a fork and you do and you just poke it all around where the meat is on the steak and you do that to all the steaks .

And I did have this , um , meat tenderizer that I paid a lot of money for and , um , it's disappeared .

I can't find it .

I have no idea where it's at .

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And like I said before , that's what happens when you have nurses working for you or whatever .

Over the years , I've had a lot of things missing in my life .

But , um , anyway , so you just take these and poke them and go all through them with your fork .

Make sure it goes all the way down and to give it a little bit of taste .

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Um , I'm gonna put just a little bit of wash to shower on top of them and then I'm going to turn these over and I'm going to do the other side the same way .

I'm gonna put the meat tenderizer on the other side and I'm going to pack them with the fork all around .

And then , well , I'm going to put the meat tenderizer on them , then I'm gonna do the fork and then I'm gonna put some moisture shower on this side and then I'm going to put these in the refrigerator I'm gonna cover them with aluminum foil and put these in the refrigerator for two or three hours .

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Um , it's the only reason I'm doing that is because it'll be dinner time by then .

So , and then once they're done , I'll take these out and once they're done marinating , I'll take these out and put them on a plate and then I have the top to the broiling pan and I'll put this on there and then I'll put the steaks on here and put them in the oven and , but I'll do all that when I bring you back .

I just wanted to show you this is the first thing that you do when you're marinating these .

And so I'll bring you back .

Ok , I'm back .

Um , I had let the steaks stay marinated for a lot longer than , than I thought they were going to .

It's , they marinated for about six hours .

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And what I've done is I took the steaks off of , um , they're inside this pan , they're inside this pan and I took them out of there and put them on a plate with paper towels on the plate and I dried the steaks off and put them back on the top .

And what I've done is I've got aluminum fo in the bottom so that you , so that the drippings will drip down in there .

And it's good to , to broil your steaks on a broiling pan like this .

And , um , the , you , I have got my broiler on now , on my oven .

And what I'm going to do is we're going to cook them .

Medium rare is , um , 6 to 8 minutes on each side for a 1.5 inch .

But these are only like one inch .

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So these are probably only gonna have to be , um , done about , about six minutes for medium rare and then medium , um , well , would be 7 to 10 minutes for 1 , 1.5 inch .

But like I said , these are not , so I'll do the medium , um , anywhere from 6 to 8 minutes .

The well will is 10 to 13 minutes on 1.5 inch .

But I for well done , I probably do , um , 10 minutes and then once you cook them , I'm sorry , my grandson is acting up , but I've got to get these in the , um , in the oven and when you put these in the oven , you make sure that you set your timer and do not close your oven door all the way , leave it open just a little bit so you can constantly check on them .

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Um , and you do do them on each side and after they get done , I will bring you back when , um , they're , when they're done and you want these at least 2 to 4 inches away from the , from your broiler part of your oven .

So I'll bring you back when things get done .

Ok , I'm back .

I know y'all gonna think I'm crazy because I like ketchup on my steak .

But I just wanted to show you there's the steak .

I cooked it for five minutes and it was about two minutes from , um , I mean , two minutes , two inches from the broiler .

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So I'm gonna taste this , I'll let , took them out and let them sit for , um , about five minutes and I'm gonna taste it .

Now , see what it tastes like .

Oh , my gosh .

This is the most tender steak I have had in a long , long time .

That is how you broil the perfect steak .

This is perfect .

Absolutely perfect .

So , anyway , you can see now these steaks are broad .

It's medium , well , really , it's medium rare , I guess is what you'd call this .

Um , I did it for five minutes on each side .

It was two inches from the , um , broiler .

So , try this .

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Give me a thumbs up if you like this recipe .

Subscribe to my channel and you have a wonderful night .

Bye .


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