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2023-07-11 07:19:58

The £40 Aldi Bread Maker!

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who ?

Oh , there is a stir fry setting , but that is a lot of smoke .

And I don't know why .

I .

I don't I don't like that .

I did not expect it to go like this .

If I hear the fire brigade , I guess I'll head home .

Hello , everyone .

It's Barry here .

I hope you are .

Well , do you remember that Bud Aldi fryer Tuck Genuinely .

This cost me £9 that I've been using recently in videos .

It's an absolute bargain .

It's only a mini fryer , but it is stonking .

I was in Aldi the other night , buying my fruit and veg , and I stumbled upon Oh , this is by the same brand .

It is a £49 breadmaker , and it doesn't just make bread as hopefully we'll discover during this video .

Now , as this is my first rodeo with a bread maker , I'd like to review other ones going forward potentially .

But this is just to see if it's any good , a lot like the fryer .

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I will be giving it away on Patreon , but it is quite the beast indeed .

I mean , it's massive , but it's actually quite light , a little bit like how Andre , the giant came over when he kept getting like lifted by wrestlers half his size .

You guys like it when I chuck in wrestling references .

Basically , it's like it looks massive , but the , um , bread actually gets made in this sort of bucket thing .

Here .

It's literally that I mean , that does kind of look like a loaf of bread .

I just There's a There's a stump at the bottom , a few other bits as well .

It's like random thing .

Is that like a dough hook ?

Apparently , this doesn't go in there .

It's just literally , uh , this thing , which is called a K needing paddle straight on there like that .

Right .

So this thing is just called Hook , uh , which is for removing the needing paddle .

So it does give you this , like diagram here about the order to do it So you put your fluids first , then your flour , and then you put a little bump at the top of the flour to keep the yeast particularly away from the salt .

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At first , what I didn't realise is that bread machines take absolute hours , so my plan is to get a first batch on , then go and walk .

Boston , which he's very excited about .

Hopefully come back to some more bread and then spend the rest of the day and potentially overnight , uh , making some interesting things .

Let's make some quick bread .

Here we go .

So I have got the liquid first .

Apparently , this is just gonna go right in like that .

Oil and some room temperature water .

Yep .

That's the salt .

This is a instant use .

3.5 teaspoons .

I've never used that amount before for bread .

And this is sugar , which we know yeast absolutely loves .

So we need to keep that well apart , so the salt and the sugar can go in .

And , um , this is 500 grammes of bread .

Flour ?

Yeah , I've just got some on the heating element .

I'm gonna have to clean that out .

Oops .

It does say to do it with it in position like this , but I think I'd rather have done this bit on the work surface .

Oh , yeah , I've got some flour in there .

Hang on a minute .

Let me get that out .

I'm gonna take my measuring spoon here and just make a little indent here .

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A little island now , the yeast we could got like this little pocket for that to go straight into , and that is it .

So Lid goes down and there's all these settings , which I'll come to in a bit .

But we're going , uh , for number two , which is quick bread .

And I think we just pressed the menu button two .

Yeah , so it's gonna be two hours .

I'm not sure if you can see that .

And for such a cheap gadget , it's actually got , like , 507 150 grammes or 1 kg .

So we change the weight that's moved across to a kilo and added , just for an extra 250 grammes just five more minutes , and then it's got a colour setting , Uh , which is light , medium or dark , and I'm gonna go for dark for a nice brown crust .

So that is your crust setting .

If you want nice and light .

I don't know how it does that , and it could be a bit risky because I guess it's just based on the heating element , how hot that's gonna get .

And where is the crust cos all the heat's coming from underneath .

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This is all new to me , and then we just press start , it's actually needing the dough .

Can you see that ?

Very , very reflective .

I don't know how much of that you can see .

Right ?

It started .

Hopefully , in two hours , we'll have some quick bread .

This machine , though , has 19 settings .

So you've got basic bread , quick bread , which is what we're doing , which is still two hours .

The basic bread was four hours Sweet bread when she's got milk , Uh , French bread , which for me , I'm not gonna do .

But it was pretty much identical , but just a little bit more oil .

The times were identical .

I don't I didn't I don't know whole wheat bread , which you might try basically because it's got this on the box .

And that's the closest to that .

And I'm like , How the heck are we gonna make it look like that ?

We'll worry about that later .

Rice bread , gluten free bread , dessert , bread , whatever that is .

There's a mixed mode .

There's a dough mode , which is pretty cool , I guess .

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If you wanna make a a dough , there's a need setting , which is probably what it's doing now there's a cake setting .

Oh , yes , we're gonna make a cake in this thing jam We made jam recently .

I know we do it in a pan , but I could see how that would work .

A yoghurt setting .

We've had a yoghurt maker .

You can see how that would work .

A bake setting for baking anything sticky rice setting a rice wine setting to make your own rice wine a defrost setting .

And then finally , there is a stir fry setting .

And , of course , being And Barry , I I'm gonna get my bread maker .

I'm gonna make bread first of all .

And then , of course , the natural thing to do is to stir fry .

Can you see that ?

Some peanuts ?

What ?

I don't want to scare anyone , but it's now at the stir stage and there is a distinct smell coming out of that .

I think , though that is the heating element starting to work for the first time and emit that factory scent .

It does actually say that in the warnings .

Along with that , no one under eight should use this .

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It's interesting to think that whilst I'm walking Boston , uh , that there's an appliance that I've not used for the first time , probably in the heating stage right now .

Uh , and hopefully there's no smoke alarms going off .

If I hear the fire brigade , I guess I'll head home all right .

47 minutes left to go , and it's just risen and almost hitting the screen .

And the smoke has returned quite intensely .

Um , I do .

It's not burning the dough because that's all still safely inside .

In fact , you might just see it from this angle , the the actual bucket .

But that is a lot of smoke , and I don't know why .

I , I don't I don't like that , Um , but there's no dough outside of the bucket yet to catch fire .

This is like I did not expect it to go like this .

We'll see .

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We have got one minute or probably less than that left now , and it's still on the bake setting .

Apparently , after that , it drops down to the keep warm mode , uh , which we can optimally if we want Oh !

Oh , my gosh , that looks incredible .

Whilst that's been doing its thing , I've actually , uh , used another gadget we used recently the rice cooker to help with our rice bread .

I poured some rice and water in there , got it cooking away , and we need a little bit of that measured out and cooled down to one side to make rice bread .

And that is all of those things over there .

Got my wire rack .

Ready ?

Let's get that bread on it .

Ah !

Oh , blimey .

Yeah .

That that metal bit ?

Yeah , that's hot .

I've actually I've got Got it here .

It's like a space shuttle .

Wow .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , I I don't mind .

It's It's not really made that much of a dent , but that's a loaf of bread .

Folks , I think it's definitely worked .

It's a little bit of scorched there , but it kind of made toast at the same time , So I'll let this fully cool on here .

I'll clean this out and we'll start stir frying and then get a slice of this .

It is Mode 19 , which is a default of 30 minutes , but we could actually increase it up to two hours .

I am not gonna do it for that long .

I just heard it go .

Oh , and again , peanuts roasting inside a breadmaker .

Well , I'll keep you posted .

Or should that be toasted ?

Look how hot that is .

That is light sabre territory , folks .

And you guys know I love back to the future .

Boston is the breadmaker .

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Oh , they are slightly brown .

Mm .

Wow , that's real .

Mm .

It's definitely done .

It they've been worn through .

They've gone slightly sort of chalkier in texture .

But yeah , um , I just er fried some peanuts .

But anyhow , we have got the , uh , needing paddle thing back in .

So let's get that salt in the sugar , the oil and the water .

And then just like before adding in the cooked rice , some of the flour .

I'm gonna be a bit more confident with this now , cos we're doing not doing it over the heating element and then put that yeast in there a wallop in two hours and 45 minutes , we should have some rice bread .

Although there's one final setting , the first few ones are different breads .

There's a bit where you can start to add in fillings .

So I was tempted to add in the peanuts .

I've got some fruit we might stick some raisins in .

It'll beep when it tells us that .

So I just had to show you this .

It looks like a massive rice ball .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I mean , it is in a way , it's clever , isn't it ?

Yeah , it is charred That end , though , isn't it ?

Oh , the whole It is going quite way into it , isn't it ?

Look at that .

Oh , that's a good crunch on it .

Hm .

Oh , wow .

That is lovely .

Mm .

That is so light and airy , isn't it ?

Oh , that's so nice .

Yeah .

So fluffy and soft in the middle .

Mm .

Fresh bread every day .

Now , please .

That's Mrs Bee's lunch .

Mm .

I might have some rice .

Bread is flashing a look at that .

So that is raisin rice bread .

They didn't tell me to put the raisins in .

I just wanted to try the mix thing .

And it's worked quite well , to be fair .

Oh , wow .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That looks like a proper , like artisan style loaf .

So I'm gonna let that cool down .

I'll clean this out and then we'll get a cake on .

This is gonna be a cake that's made with yeast .

I don't think I've ever done that before , So you have three eggs and a fair bit of sugar .

We're gonna whisk this through until the sugar dissolves into the egg .

Some more oil , two tablespoons of water , then the flour .

Oh , and then we put the yeast in as well 12 is cake .

Two hours .

20 starting .

Uh , that's got two hours .

I'll let that cool down for another 20 minutes or so and try that , and we'll see what this cake turns out like , Oh , hang on a sec .

I've just gotta show you .

Look , it is like , proper cake batter .

Now .

I love how it's doing .

Everything , though .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is beyond bread .

All right , The mix button just came on , so I'm gonna add in some more raisins .

I've only got a few left .

I was thinking that Oh , you put chocolate chips in .

Get in there .

Go on .

Anyhow .

Do you want some rice bread ?

A good crust on it .

Oh , that's good .

The reason I haven't sunk to the bottom .

Mm .

It's so weird .

Um oh , gosh , It's more gummy .

It's more stodgy .

I've got a bit of like I can feel it .

That might be the half a kilo of bread that we're eating today .

It doesn't really warrant having the raisins in now .

I don't think I like the Yeah , it adds a bit of sweetness , but the rest of it is is very savoury I'm finding .

I think that toasted with a little bit of on and a nice mug of English tea that would go down rather spiffing .

Anyhow , do you wanna join me again in about an hour ?

Time for some potentially .

Well , it's not cooked yet .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Chocolate raisin cake .

OK , one minute was just up .

Oh , my goodness .

Look at the state of that .

It is much more like bread than a cake .

Which is kind of what I was expecting in a bread maker .

To be honest with yeast , let some Let's get that out .

Come on .

But this is not wanting to move at all .

Brilliant .

Oh , my gosh .

It's proper welded to the sides here , folks .

Oh , here we go .

Oh , what the heck is that ?

Oh , no .

My paddle's in it as well .

It's actually baked into it .

Look , there is It doesn't look too bad like that .

Actually , we have got to get this out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , it's gonna be like an operation in itself .

That thing was spinning around so much , I think it screwed itself into the cake .

Uh , so here we go .

I think this just goes in at an angle and then we can Hey , there it is .

That is so hot .

Why is everything so hot ?

Oh , I know because it's an electrical appliance , but we have got that colour there .

I know it sounds a bit weird .

I still wanna taste it .

I'm gonna let it cool down and we'll have a little nibble .

Can we just give a shout out to this ?

This has been an absolute beast today .

It's like a loaf again .

Oh , is it like a loaf cake ?

You know , like a You know , you get like , banana bread .

Is it like like that ?

I mean , there's a bit of oil in it , but it doesn't look very moist like a banana bread .

It looks orange .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Very , very dense and quite dry .

That's heavy .

Put three eggs and a mountain of sugar went in , so it should be quite sweet .

It's gotta be sweet .

And you put the chocolate in .

I think it's like a so kind of malt loaf .

It's a bit rubbery .

You can taste the chocolate tastes like a chocolate car sponge .

That is no .

And that is one of the reasons I'm not pushing this any further in terms of doing the jam , All that stuff .

Well , it's to say a bet I love the idea of making a cake in this thing .

It's not your classic sponge .

Maybe that's it .

Maybe it needs a load of icing on it , but that wasn't why I bought a 40 quid breadmaker .

It's caught me out .

I'm like , Do you know what ?

I will see if I can do it .

And I some normally these things kind of work , All right , But I would fully say not to do that .

It's a bready cake .

It's a bready cake .

It is , but rice bread all day long .

That was nice .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Well , thanks for watching folks .

We're going to do one more test of this , but it's gonna be an overnight thing .

Um , we're gonna do the bread , so you wake up and it's ready .

So obviously there's no time on this .

You don't actually set it .

The only thing that could fail it would be if there's a power cut tonight .

After 10 minutes , it resets as a nine minute power cut .

We're gonna be all right .

Um , but what you basically have to do is it like it says in the manual like it's half past five .

Now , if we set it to 12 so 12 hours time .

That means that at half past five in the morning , it will be ready .

So if it's a four hour recipe , it will start at 1 .

30 in the morning with the 5 .

30 finish , if that makes sense .

Yeah , OK , so that's what we'll do as the bonus scene .

Uh , hope you enjoy this , But for 40 quid , this bread maker , I think it's I mean , we're gonna give this away to Patron , but I might genuinely get the same one .

Cheers , guys .

Uh , Mrs B , thank you so much .

Let's get this bread ready .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Problem ?

Yeah .

Nice .

Mrs .

Bee has chosen wholemeal bread and there was that , so Gosh , just a lot of sugar now .

Both the flowers .

Bread , flour .

Um , this is gonna be wholemeal bread .

So we're sticking in some wholemeal flour now , because on the box , it has got that lovely oy finish .

That is gonna be really hard to achieve .

Particularly as when we set this .

It might start early hours of the morning when we're asleep , and by the time we get out of bed , it might be like put the nuts in , or the fruit or in our case for this , It would be the oats we'll put a little bit in now , just in case .

All right , So , like , half of that ?

All right , so that's just in there to go in there .

Kind of like if we miss that fruit slot , which I think is highly likely .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right , The yeast is going into our nice little pocket again , but yeah .

So what we do know is the weight is the full kilo , and it's going to be er , wheat .

So number five , that's four hours .

That is a four hour bake meat .

That's hopefully gonna be some good bread .

And do you want a medium crust ?

I think we go safe .

I think we go medium .

Just Yeah , it's quarter to six .

In the morning if we want it to have quarter to quarter to nine .

Would you like your bread ready for quarter to nine ?

OK , so that would be 12 15 hours , which is the maximum .

It does so in 15 hours we are gonna have the bread ready .

It'll still be warm , so we'll let it cool down , but that's gonna be awesome .

We're gonna wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread 11 hours from now .

When the circle starts is quarter to five in the morning .

If that wakes me up , if that wakes Boston up , he'll probably will be in our bedroom so he won't .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'll try and nip out and drop in some more oats for that stirring .

But if I miss it , at least we've got some in there now .

So we'll see you in the morning .

And , uh , I'll leave the camera out in case his beeps wake me up .

But I think I think it'll do its thing .

And , um , I'm excited like being in a hotel .

Good morning .

Did he get woken by a breadmaker ?

I didn't either .

I even got the oats here left to be like , Oh , yeah , I'll put them in at five .

In the morning when it beeps and it didn't .

It has actually worked .

It's a little bit more gummy looking .

It's got one minute left .

And meanwhile , we've got some toast from the first bread we made yesterday .

Do you wanna try it , Clay ?

Oh , that sounds crunchy .

So this is coming out in about a minute and we will see Oh , my God .

But now do you wanna lift this up ?

OK , here we go .

Oh !

Oh , gosh .

That face does not look very good .

It's OK .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I was a bit like , Oh , it's risen up and obviously hit the screen again , and we put slightly less yeast in that it called for , but the main thing is , it stayed in the bucket .

It looks like it's got water in the middle .

Oh , and we've still got our whole See , that's the only thing I don't like .

Is that common with most breadmaker ?

Oh .

Mm .

Oh , wow .

That is really good .

Like light ?

Yeah .

Soft .

Mm .

The crust is brilliant .

Mm .

Wow .

So all in all , it might sound a bit obvious .

Probably don't stir fry in your breadmaker .

Maybe don't make a cake in it , But in terms of bread , 40 quid bargain .

So good luck to the patreon that gets that .

And , uh , that definitely gets our seal approval .

We're actually gonna make some French bread ourselves .

Now , I might show you very quickly what that turned out like .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And this should just Yeah , we go Look at that .

Ah , and the paddle is safe for the last 24 hours .

My house has smelled like a bakery .

OK , the nuts and cake aside that is probably one of the lightest in the areas that I've done in terms of how it feels .

Hm , that is gorgeous and the crust isn't too overpowering .

What an absolute bargain for 40 quid .

I know there's probably other bread makers that can do so much , and maybe I'll look into that .

But I've blooming enjoyed this .

It's been a long old session there , so it was useful .

Don't make a cake in it .


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