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2023-07-09 14:27:39

Making White Rice, My How To Guide

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Hi , I'm Chef Rafa and welcome to today's video today .

It's a tips video on how to make your rice to come out like this a single grain whereby it's not mashed , it's not overcooked .

It's a simple guide and I'm sure you learned something .

Let's get started .

So I'm now making two cups of rice and for two cups of rice , I will need three cups of water .

So the first thing you need to do is establish which cup you will use .

So now I'm using this cup and I'll be measuring two cups of rice .

So the next thing is to wash the rice .

Now , depending on the amount of starch your rice has , um I would say clean it up to two times .

Put the first water mix , pour off the water , put another batch of water and then pour it off .

That should be enough .

So for the water , my ratio for cooking rice is one cup of rice for 1.5 cups of water .

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So now I have two cups of rice , I will need three cups of water after the rice is clean , place it in the cooking pot and mind you , you don't have to wait for the water to boil .

You can place , you can actually add the rice to cold water or to boiling water .

When the water starts boiling with the rice in , you need to reduce the heat to the minimum so that it comes to a simmer .

When you're using this method of cooking rice , it takes about 12 minutes to cook .

Now at minute , nine or 10 , open the pan stir it .

And at this time , I usually like tasting the rice so that I can sell if I need more salt or not to avoid rice from over cooking .

It's always good to stir so that the rice on the bottom comes on top and the one on top goes to the bottom .

And in around 12 minutes , the rice will be cooked , just make sure you taste so that you are sure that it's fully cooked and turn off the heat .

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So check out my other videos on my channel to see more rice recipes including the Mary's Gold Peso Rice series .


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