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2023-07-10 09:12:15

Cajun Chicken Alfredo Stuffed Pasta Shells _ How To Make Spinach Stuffed Shells Alfredo

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Today , I'm a stay at home chef .

I'm showing you how to make authentic pasta carbonara .

Pasta carbonara is an Italian dish that originates in the Rome region of Italy .

Since I just went on a trip to Rome .

I made sure that I ate around the town and found the best pasta carbonara I could possibly find .

And I'm replicating it for you at home today , start by adding a tablespoon of salt to a large pot of water and bring it to a boil .

It's important that you see the water that we're cooking our pasta in .

Not only does the pasta absorb some of the water and flavor .

We're also going to use the pasta water in our sauce .

Then we're going to cook a pound of spaghetti noodles .

According to package directions , you could also use bucatini or Elli .

Any long pasta will work .

But there's a reason why they call this spaghetti carbonara .

While the pasta's cooking , we're going to move over to a sauce pan and cook some bacon .

You want to get a pound of diced , thick cut bacon into a skillet that's cold .

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But I highly recommend the pecorino just a minute or so of whisking and your mixture will be ready to go set that aside for a second and let's head on back over to the stove and check on our bacon .

Looks like it still has about five minutes to go .

Now , just before your pasta is done cooking , you want to take a glass measuring cup , dip it in and reserve about a cup and a half of that pasta water .

You don't want to forget this step because you need that starchy water for our sauce .

Once the bacon is nice and crispy , we're going to go ahead and leave it in the pan , but drain off the excess grease .

If you'd like , you can leave in 1 to 2 tablespoons of the bacon grease for extra flavor .

Turn the heat to low and add in your cooked spaghetti pasta and the egg mixture .

Just scoop that right on top of the pasta and then add in about half a cup of the reserved pasta water and start tossing this together .

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You want to work quickly on this and then gradually pour in some of the remaining pasta water until you achieve your desired consistency for the sauce .

And then just keep tossing this and cook for about two minutes over that super low heat .

Serve this up hot topped with a little bit of freshly chopped parsley , some black pepper and a little bit more of that Pecorino Romano cheese .

Thanks for watching .

You can find the full written recipe in the video description .

Be sure to subscribe like and follow and check out the rest of my videos where you can find hundreds of restaurant quality recipes you can easily make at home .

See you later .

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Then we're going to season the water with some chicken as well as some salt .

Then you're going to cover it , allow it to come to a boil once it started to boil , I pour in my pasta shell .

I cook the pasta shell for about seven minutes .

Once my seven minutes was over , I remove the pasta shells from the heat , pour some cold water to it just to prevent it from being overcooked .

Then we are going to move on to our chicken breast .

I added some olive oil to a hot skillet on medium high heat .

We're going to cook our chicken breast for about five minutes per side or until golden brown .

Once one side is nice and golden brown , just flip it over , allow the other side to be cooked .

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How beautiful are those ?

Now , you can make a chicken sandwich with just this chicken .

That's how delicious it was .

Now , I am going to remove them , set them aside , allow them to rest a little bit while I work on my Alfredo sauce .

They will be nice and juicy by the time we're done .

So I am going to use the same skillet , pour in my heavy cream .

Give that a nice whisk just to deglaze the bottom of the pan .

Also , I am going to be adding in some mozzarella cheese and as well as my grated Parmesan cheese .

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Next , you're going to give that a stir just like so until you have something like this nice and creamy , then it is done .

Just remove it from the heat , ok ?

Now we're going to move on to our spinach .

I am going to chop the spinach very small so we could be able to stuff it inside the shells .

Now , I am going to move on to my chicken breast .

Look how juicy they are .

I am going to chop them very small just like that .

Now these look way too delicious .

I couldn't help myself .

Ok ?

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Now I am going to grab a large bowl and I am going to take my spinach , just add that in .

And also I am going to grab my fire roasted tomatoes .

I am going to pour that in there as well .

And also I am going to grab in my chicken , of course , just pour that in there .

Oh my goodness .

This is going to be so good .

Ok .

Now I'm going to add the cream cheese in there as well as some mozzarella cheese .

Ok ?

And as well as some freshly grated Parmesan cheese , you guys this you have to try it .

Now , you already can tell how delicious this is going to be .

The only thing you have to do now is actually make it happen and actually make it .

Ok .

So moving on , we're going to mix it with a fork , just mix everything together .

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Now I am going to grab my baking dish and also I am going to take the sauce and just add one scoop of the sauce to my baking dish .

Next , I am going to grab my pasta shell and start stuffing these bad boys , ok .

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Now I am going to grab the remaining of the sauce , just drizzle it all over my stuffed shelf just like that .

I didn't wanna go too overboard with it because I want to see the shells and also I am going to grab some cheese , some mozzarella cheese , just pour some more on top and as well as some grated Parmesan .

Now I am going to bake this on 3 50 for about 20 minutes or until my cheese are nice and melted .

And once it's done .

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This is your result and this is the perfect weeknight dinner .

You can try this out .

Let me know what you think about it .

How you like it also , if you haven't done so already , give this video a thumbs up if it was helpful .

If you enjoyed it , also subscribe .

If you know here , I will see you guys on the next recipe .

Bye guys .


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