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2023-07-10 08:59:09

How to play Hidden Identity Chess

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Hidden identity .

Chess how to play the rules are the same as regular chess except for these changes .

For a refresher of those rules , check out this video , there is no check or checkmate .

The object of the game is to capture your opponent's king .

Each piece is replaced by a special chess piece whose identity can only be seen on one side during set up each player places their pieces , however they want on their closest two rows with their pieces , identities facing them hidden from their opponent .

There is no restriction to where pieces can be placed .

Pawns are allowed to be placed on the first row and bishops can be placed on the same color whenever a piece is captured , its identity is revealed .

Pawns on the first row are allowed an initial double step move .

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If you want a pawn that moves to the second row still is allowed to perform a double step move on Paan is allowed like normal against an opponent's pawn taking a double step move from either the first or second row .

However , if the opponent's piece being captured isn't a pawn , then the pawn performing the on Paan is removed .

From the board .

Instead when performing on Passan , announce what you are doing , but leave the identity of the piece you are trying to capture hidden , your opponent then says , if it is upon , if it isn't , then the piece's identity remains hidden .

The king is allowed to move to a threatened space .

Castling is allowed if the rook is on the same row as the king and there are no other pieces in between to castle , move the king two spaces towards the rook .

Then move that rook to the other side of the king .

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If a rook is two spaces away or adjacent to the king , then the king takes the space of the rook and the rook is moved to the other side .

You may only castle if it is the king and Rook's first move of the game .

If ever a piece is moved illegally or it's discovered to have had moved illegally in the past , then the illegally moved piece is removed from the board .

And the opponent of that piece also removes any single enemy piece of their choice from the board as a penalty .

If the illegally moved piece was already removed from the board , when discovered , then the opponent removes two pieces of their choice .

Instead , if the removed piece was the king , then they win the game immediately .

If a player performs more than one illegal move in a game , then they immediately lose the first player to capture their opponent's king wins .

You can also play with the revealed king's variant at the start of the game .

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Use a divider when setting up the pieces and play with a normal king .

Remove the divider to begin play .

Both players will now play the game with knowledge of the enemy king's location .

If your opponent performs an illegal move , then instead of removing pieces , you win the game immediately .


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