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2023-07-09 13:58:21

Lazy Man's Pasta Olive Oil - Budget Recipe.

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Today .

Hi , this is Tony again .

Probably wondering why is the water boiling ?

There's nothing here today .

We're going to do something for the students .

Students who don't have too much money , don't have too much time .

Uh We're gonna do a spaghetti with an olive base uh sauce to it .

It's very , very simple and very , very fast .

The whole process should take 20 minutes .

It's gonna take longer for me because I have to explain how to do it .

So this I bought at strangely at a dollar store here in Poland and the olive oil and the butter .

I got another location but this whole meal according to my calculation cost a total of 50 cents .

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So the spaghetti I'm using is uh Durham wheat and of course we're pulling service everything and fold here .

So now I'm just gonna make a little bit here because I am .

It's basically for me .

So I'm just gonna take a little bit here .

The water is boiling and I just dropped that down like this to the water .

I'm going to add just a little bit of salt .

Not too much oil .

I like oil , but what you can do whatever you want .

Now , adding oil is an option or not .

I like that .

Just a little of bit of oil to the boiling water .

Now , once your water is really boiling , drop it down a little bit .

And at this point , be very careful because we do not want the spaghetti to stick .

So I just grab it in my hands and just move it around until she's in water is not gonna hurt you , but you just don't stick your hands in .

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Now , you take one of these little contraptions that you can also buy at the dollar store or two bucks any place else .

And it's my Spaghetti scooper , which is one of the most handy tools that you can use and I'll show you how to work later .

So now what you do now is just every now and then stir the spaghetti so it will not stick because if you don't stir it , it's gonna turn into one big clump .

So I'm gonna turn the camera off now and I'm gonna come back when it's ready and show you how to make sure that the spaghetti is ready .

OK .

And we're back as you can see , it's been boiling here for about 10 to 12 minutes .

Now , how can we tell when it's done ?

Some people like a little bit more salt , some , like a little bit uh more hard .

So I can usually tell for myself how it feels as I spaghetti feels as I'm moving around .

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So the best way to do it for any individual is just grab one spaghetti , pull it out .

It's not that hot .

It's not going to hurt you and just grab it and take a bite .

Now , for me , it's perfect .

It's not too hard , it's not too soft .

So I'm now , what are we gonna do now ?

Lower the heat now .

And what I do now is I take this bowl and with this contraption that I showed you and you don't have to do any draining because everything drains automatically .

But I want a little bit of the water with the starch in it .

I don't want to drain it under cold water because I want the starch .

You can drain it under water if you want , if that makes you happy because your mother told you to do it or somebody else on youtube told you to do well , you go ahead .

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I'm showing something that's simple and fast and I left here for about 12 minutes and I came back and if I was a student , I could have read at least five or six more pages .

There we go .

Now , spaghetti is in here now .

Put it off inside , take this water and just dump it .

There you go .

It's gone .

Put it back on the long plane , take some butter more or less whatever you want and just drop in the bottom of the pan .

Take a little bit of salt .

Just a little bit .

You know , me , I like a little bit more .

There you go .

And you can take some olive oil .

You can buy this stuff at uh you know , the Dollar Store .

Uh This is extra virgin la pula , whatever that says .

And the rest here is all in polish .

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So I take a little bit there and just put a little bit of olive oil in there and that's it .

Now we take a little bit of pepper , fresh ground pepper , use the fresh stuff .

I like it a little bit more .

You move that all around and we don't want to overcook it because I don't want to turn the oil into polys , saur fats .

Now we take some parsley or dill or oregano or basil , whatever you want a little bit like this .

I like about this much and just drop it on the side , stir it around a little bit till the butter is completely melted .

Like I said , we do not want to overcook the oil .

Now we just chop that inside and we just tossed it around like that .

Shut up the heat .

He says we don't want to cook it no more .

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And there we have it done and put back , there's our spaghetti .

We pour it on the plete the side you can get on here .

Family .


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