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2023-07-11 07:04:15

How to play No Stress Chess

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Um And so there's a trade off .

I mean , obviously , white has a little more space than we do , but the weaknesses are , are real and we can take advantage of it if we know what we're doing .

So this is just one example , this can come up in a lot of different ways , but look for ways to bait your opponent to moving their pawns forward and then take advantage of the weaknesses that are left behind after those pawns move , right ?

The next principle is that a good night on an outpost , a lot of times can be worth a rook .

So as you know , nights are three points and rooks are five points .

But if you get your night in the right spot at the right time .

Uh Sometimes it's actually as good , if not better than a rook .

And here's a good example .

This night is extremely powerful .

Look how it's blocking off both of black's rooks .

It's also controlling the , the square that the rook might like to go to , to control this file .

It's putting pressure on two different ponds and it's just sitting there defended by this pawn and black is kind of like , what , what am I gonna do ?

Right .

What , what can I even take ?

Black can hardly move any pieces because that , that one night there .

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It runs into captured pieces are removed from the board and may no longer be used .

You may not share a space with a friendly piece .

You must move if you can and if you draw a card to a piece , you are unable to move , then you lose your turn .

When the deck runs out of cards , shuffle the discard piles into a new deck .

If you draw a move , same type of piece again , card , you may choose to move a piece from the top of either player's discard pile .

There is no check or checkmate .

You may not cancel .

And on Passan is not allowed when a pawn reaches the farthest row , it is promoted to any piece except a king .

After you have mastered this method of play .

The next step is for each player to play with three cards in their hand .

And each turn , you draw one card , then pick one card from your hand to play .

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So if you can ever get your night on an outpost and this is an outpost because there's no pawns that can attack it .

OK ?

So the way you would , you would figure this out is first you want to look at the board and see , OK .

Where could there be a potential outpost ?

So for example , the square G five is , is not an outpost because this , after the night moves , this pawn could move forward and attack your night , let's say .

So that would not uh would not work uh this square , not really an outpost because this pond could move forward .

Now , in this case , it can't .

But um you have to be careful with that one .

Here , it would be a good place for your night , right ?

Because there's no ponds that could control it .

And then obviously on D six where it's at right now is , is a great outpost .

But if you find squares like that , when you're playing a game , see if you can maneuver your nights around um to get them there .

And so , you know , in this case , black could actually play 90 85 which is a good move for black because that's an outpost for Black .

There's no pawns , uh no white pawns that can attack it .

So that's what you wanna be looking out for .

So because of the principle that we just talked about about how good a night is .


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