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2023-07-10 09:16:51

Cooking Perfect Sirloin Steak on the Grill _ Tenderized & Garlic Butter Topping Cooked Medium

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Hey guys , what's up , Steve Murph ?

And tonight we are cooking a top sirloin steak .

So , what do you need to know about this before we begin ?

The top sirloin is a very lean cut .

It's very popular too .

You can get in pretty much any restaurant .

The only steak that's more lean than a top sirloin is gonna be your filet .

And normally I cook rib eyes and New York strips .

I get really good deals on them and I tend to lean towards those because they have a little more marbling and a little more of that fatty flavor .

But tonight I wanna try something different .

I wanna get into a top sirloin .

It's very popular .

Everybody knows about it .

So we're gonna do a few things with it .

Um , basic ingredients , your salt , your pepper , your olive oil , but I am gonna be adding a tenderizer because because the top sirloin has less marbling throughout it .

It , it is a little bit tougher to chew .

All right , let's get right into it .

And here we are , these are our cuts .

This is what we're gonna be enjoying tonight .

Um , so each of these is probably about three quarters of a pan .

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But as you look at it , as we inspect the stick , you can see there's not much marbling at all .

These are USDA choice .

So if you get a prime , I'll probably get a little more marbling .

Uh And sometimes there's a little bit of fat on the side .

This one has it and of course , parsley for um youtube aesthetics and like I said , we're just gonna be putting some salt , this is kosher salt pepper .

Um And then I picked up some tenderizer from the store .

This has a little bit of a salt flavoring .

So I'm gonna go a little bit lighter on the salt than I normally do .

And then of course , we're gonna start out with some olive oil to cut our steaks .

And so all the seasonings stick and when you use a tenderizer , you want to wait about 30 minutes before putting these bad boys on the grill or in the oven to start with .

We just get a nice coating of olive oil .

This helps with cooking and it also helps for the seasoning to stay on the steak .

And there is like a regular sirloin and then a top sirloin .

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If you get a top sirloin , you're gonna get a little more tender of a slice of beef .

So if you can get that at the store , I definitely recommend going with top sirloin .

There we go .

Now that we have a nice coating , we hit it up with some salt .

Here we go and I'm gonna go a little bit lighter because like I said , that um tenderizer that has a salty flavor as well , gonna go ahead and put on some tenderizer .

Give it a good coating .

What this is gonna do is it's gonna break down the meat and make it taste much more juicy , much more tender to the bite .

Normally , I don't use this , uh , but with a sirloin , it's a little bit tougher .

So we're gonna give that a try and then just finish it off with a little bit of fresh ground pepper .

Now , I put in my bowl because that makes it a lot easier on youtube .

And I see some people they just touch a steak and grab their pepper grinder and grab all their seasonings and everything and , um , not a problem with that .

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It just makes me a little uneasy to be touching the steak and then , uh , you know , things I'll be using just don't wanna spread around that raw steak .

Beautiful .

We got a nice layer here .

I'm just gonna add a little more pepper .

I love pepper .

Pepper is the bomb dot com .

There we go .

And then you just flip and repeat salt tenderizer , you and pepper and there we go .

This steak is ready .

So I'm gonna let it sit for 30 minutes , let the tenderizer work it over .

Um , that will really help make every bite juicy and more tender and then we're gonna put this on the grill and tonight I'm gonna be serving these steaks with a , a smothered onion mushroom topping .

So I'm just gonna be giving them a light , uh , garlic butter topping .

Not my usual wonderful rosemary garlic topping .

So I'm gonna grill really , really hot .

I'm gonna bring it down to 4 50 while I'm cooking the steaks .

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If I like that , then with some pretty intense heat right off the bat .

Now I leave my steaks in the fridge right up until it's time to grill because I like to do five minutes on one side , five minutes on the other side .

And that gives me like a really good , medium , rare to medium .

So now I'm going from medium so I might have to cook them a little bit longer , but they're only an inch thick .

So I'm thinking five minutes should be good .

Here we go .

These bad boys on the grill .

Oh , yum , man , that was so good .

Decided to try some of these .

Here we go .

All right .

So we just shut it and leave them there for five minutes .

Make sure it's not staying about 4 50 .

It's still a little hot .

Someone let some heat out something like 5 50 right now .

Weirdness .

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All right .

Five minutes I'll flip .

All right .

That's the timer .

So guys , that actually was six minutes .

I took a look at them and it looks like to get some medium .

We'll probably need six minutes on these steaks made that executive decision .

It be a nice flip .

It's ok to push them down into that grill a little bit and I'll check back in six minutes there .

It is six minutes .

Alright , so that's a total of 12 minutes .

Let's check these stakes out .

I always give them a little push to see where they're at do .

It's feeling like a medium I think we did good here .

This one feels a little more closer to medium rare , the biggest one .

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but the others are nice and nice and feeling like a medium .

All right , take these off and you get them inside to enjoy the leaning tower of steak .

All right , we got these sirloin inside .

So I'm just gonna put a little light brushing of garlic butter on here and this is just two tablespoons of butter with a teaspoon of garlic powder and this will give it a little bit of a nice flavoring .

There we go .

And so you let your steak rest for about 10 minutes and I like to put some pink oil over .

Keep some nice more .

All right guys , we have the steaks plated and a special surprise for you .

Pre pres sister is here visiting .

So she will also give you the unbiased steak opinion .

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All right ladies , you may taste your steaks .

Looks like mine is medium just the way I like it .

Oh , the moment of truth .

Mm .

So juicy first of all , such good flavor and it's tender just the way I like my steak when it's really , really good .

I mean , so yummy .

I'm not sharing this with anyone .

It definitely has a lot of flavor .

I love it .

Well , thank you ladies .

I appreciate that honest unbiased review and enjoy your steaks .

Thank you .

I hope you guys liked that video .

Those steaks turned out really great .

I loved it .

Now with that um Tenderizer , it was a little bit salty .

So just be sure to keep that in mind when you're making this recipe .

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch the video .

If you guys like what you saw , I give it a thumbs up .

Any questions about the recipe or the steaks , comment down below and of course , subscribe to Danny and Pre for more great steak and food videos .

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All right , I'll see you guys in the next one .


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