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2023-07-08 09:21:03

How To Make Perfect Medium Rare Steak at Home _ Cast Iron Series

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I get asked a lot of questions about cooking on an uni .

The number one question is probably how do I make good dough ?

And the number two question is always , what else can I cook in the uni how to cook steak inside the uni , you're gonna need a cast iron pan , uni has a variety of different pans .

Today .

I am going to be using the grizzle plate with the raised edges to emulate a grill type experience because I am cooking for my family tonight and that's three of us .

And the steaks that I will be cooking are a New York strip , a baseball sirloin and last but not least a terrace major .

This is one of the most tender cuts on the steak outside of the filet mignon which comes from the beef tenderloin .

It makes a really , really , really nice cut of beef .

So one of the most important steps is to let your steaks rest at room temperature for about an hour .

Otherwise , if you put a cold steak inside the hot oven , the middle is going to remain rare while the outside gets cooked while they're sitting at room temp fire up your uni and put your cast iron in there .

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If you're using propane , this can go right in while you like .

If you're using something like wood or charcoal or even pellets .

Wait about 10 minutes before putting the cast iron in .

You want to be shooting for a surface reading on your cast iron at about 600 F or around 316 degrees Celsius .

As soon as the pan is preheated , that's when we're going to season our steaks .

What we're going to do is take a little bit of oil .

Don't use butter .

Butter is gonna burn really quickly in such a hot cast iron .

Any sort of cooking oil do .

All right .

Next , what we're going to do is take just regular kosher salt and liberally season one side of the steak .

We're giving ourselves a nice natural barrier that's gonna help us have a nice release .

So it's not going to stick .

And you may be thinking , wow , Josh , that is a lot of salt .

But that's my secret to cooking excellent steak on the uni wow , we're at 600 degrees .

So , you know what that means ?

Let's get the steaks on and cook .

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So you wanna put the thickest , hardiest steak towards the back that's gonna get most of the heat .

So for me , that's gonna be my New York strip .

Remember ?

Put salt side down next , I'm gonna put my terrace major on salts side down and my sirloin now back into the , for about five minutes before we touch anything .

All right .

So , what we're going to do is flip our steaks .

They've been in there for about 4 to 5 minutes .

I'm gonna start with the stakes that are closest to the heat source that are in the back .

And what I'll do is I'll move it to a side of the cast iron that hasn't been used yet , just so I can suck up most of that heat .

The goal is to take the steaks off when they're about 10 degrees away from the final temperature that you prefer .

So , I like my steak at about 100 and 35 degrees internal .

So I'm gonna cook that to about 100 and 25 degrees and then let it rest , the temperature will carry up and make a perfectly cooked steak .

So , the reason that we are doing salt only is that these ovens get really , really hot and we don't want any seasonings to burn .

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Now , salt can handle really high temperatures .

So , what we're going to do is we're going to season it with a traditional beef rub when they are done cooking .

So I'm going to do the temperature probe one last time on the steak that was closest to the heat source , that New York strip that is perfect .

So let me take this out .

I'm going to do a quick temperature read of the steak right where I want it So I'm gonna take the New York strip off .

I'm gonna let it rest on a clean plate , gonna do a quick temperature on the rest of these .

I'm gonna give them both just a few more minutes .

The sirloin looking very good .

The terrace major has a little bit longer to go .

So I'm gonna put it back in for just a few more minutes .

So what's important is as soon as your steaks come off while it's still hot , you want to Sprinkle on your extra seasoning to both sides .

You wanna let this sit for about 10 minutes before cutting into them to make sure all of the juice is redistribute back into the meat and you have a really , really excellent bite .

All right .

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So now that the last steak is off , it is at temperature , I can remove it from the cast iron .

This is one of my favorite cuts of steak .

This terrace major hit it with our beef rub and again , let that sit on there .

10 minutes slice in and enjoy just a quick recap of what we did .

We seasoned one side of the steak with kosher salt , put it into a preheated cast iron that was in the uni oven .

As soon as four minute timer elapsed , we flipped it over , waited about 3 to 4 more minutes before taking our first temperature reading .

You want to make sure your steak at that point is about 10 degrees away from where you're looking to serve it for me .

I like to serve my steaks at around 135 F .

So I pull them off about 10 degrees before that at 125 F .

Once they get pulled off , that's when we can season them with our steak or beef rub and let them sit for 10 minutes , let the juices redistribute and then you're going to have one happy family .

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I'm challenging you now to get out there and cook steak in your uni , I would love to see your photos .

You can find me on Instagram at True Craft BBQ at True Craft Barbecue .

So get out there start cooking and let me see those steaks have a good night .

Everybody .

I know I am .


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