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2023-07-11 06:52:00

Grilled steak in the Power XL Air Fryer Grill _ Air Fryer recipes

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Hey , everybody .

Welcome back to cooking with James .

I'm your host , James .

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Today .

We are going to be doing steak .

I have a T bone steak we're gonna be doing in the new Power XL Air Fryer grill .

We're gonna be using the uh grill grate to get some nice marks on it and season it up and I'm gonna show you just how to get a perfect steak .

Let's get into it .

All right .

Um This is what we got .

We have a , a bone steak as you can see .

And , um , this is gonna be super simple .

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Um It's probably about three quarters to an inch , uh thick and basically , the only thing we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and season it up and we're gonna keep it simple .

We're just gonna use some salt and cracked black pepper .

All right .

So we got this uh , side seasoned up .

We're gonna let this sit for probably anywhere between five and 10 minutes , let it sweat a little bit and then we'll repeat the process on the other side .

All right .

So we just let it sit for about five minutes , um , soaking up a little bit of the seasoning there and just make sure to , you know , press your seasonings and not rub them , just kind of press them in and we're just gonna turn this thing over and repeat the same process , salt and pepper or any seasonings that you like .

All right .

So next , put your grill grate on the bottom .

Go ahead and push it in .

We're gonna close it up .

We're gonna set this thing on 400 degrees .

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You're gonna wanna choose on the second knob here , the , uh , air fry slash grill and we're gonna give it , I put it on 20 minutes .

It's going to take between five and seven minutes to get the temperature and we're looking between 4 50 to 500 plus degrees before we throw this thing on .

So we'll see you in a minute .

Ok .

So now I've got the temperature up to about 400 50 degrees .

I've just used my gun right here .

Put it right on there and we're looking at , I don't know if you guys can see that , but it's three in the back .

4 59 4 60 .

This thing is perfect .

All right , let's go ahead and throw the steak on and we have my thermometer in the state .

So I know what the temperature is of the steak .

So , here's my prong that's in the steak .

Now , we're gonna go ahead and just throw the steak right on .

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All right .

Let's go ahead and close it up .

We need it for about three minutes and give it a quarter turn .

Nice sizzle .

All right .

It's been three minutes .

We are gonna give this a quarter turn .

Ok ?

You're gonna give them about two minutes and we'll flip it .

All right .

It's been three minutes .

Now .

We're just going to flip the steak , close it back up and we're just going to finish it for about about three minutes until it gets the temperature .

Ok ?

It's been an additional three minutes and we are at 100 and 35 degrees .

Looking good .

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Let's go ahead and get this thing to the cutting board .

We'll see you in a minute .

All right .

So this is what we ended up with .

I am so waiting , I mean , juice are flown everywhere but some pretty good marks .

We got it just , just below 1 40 it's rested for about five minutes .

So probably came to about 1 41 45 .

Let's go ahead and cut into it .

All right .

Let's see what we got here .

Oh , it's a , uh , it's a medium to medium .

We , so actually , man , it was , what , three minutes , three minutes and three , so nine minutes and this thing is , um , I wonder that , I don't know if you can see , but a medium to a , a medium .

Well , wow , this thing could probably cook this whole steak .

Two minutes , two minutes and two , about 67 minutes .

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Wow , that is amazing .

Awesome .

Yeah .

Let's take a look .

Let's get a little deeper in here .

Mm .

A little soft .

Oh , yeah .

That's what I'm talking about .

And you know , the juices are , oh yes , that's what I'm talking about .

I'm gonna take a bite of this .

Mm .

That is soft .

Juicy , salty , peppery and amazing .

Look at that .

Mm .

This thing is a steak machine and I can't wait to do some other stuff .

Awesome .

All right .

We're gonna bring it back up top and finish this up .

See you in a minute .

All right .

We're finished with the cook .

Amazing .

I can't believe it .

So nine minutes we actually got a , uh , between a medium and a medium .

Well , I mean , next time I do it , um , I'm gonna do two minutes , rotate or do the quarter turn two minutes flip .

It probably give it three minutes like seven minutes .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Totally like a medium , medium rare .

But that was phenomenal .

That steak was awesome .

So , yeah , it is super easy .

Absolutely .

So , um , like I said , if you're new to the channel , please think about subscribing if you like the content .

Um , all I'm doing here is cooking with , you know , different things .

Got a great one coming up next week .

Make sure you hit the notifications drop , an awesome comment below and I want to say we'll catch you on the next cook .

Thanks for watching .


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