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2023-07-09 14:20:48

How to Make Thai Sticky Rice

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Hi guys .

I'm guest .

Welcome to Asian at home .

And today I'm going to show you how to make Thai sticky rice to serve or make a lot of delicious Thai food such as papaya salad or the the meat salad or making delicious Thai mango sticky rice dessert .

You need to know how to make this basic sticky rice from Thailand .

So let's get started .

You will need only one ingredient .

Thai sticky rice .

That's all you need .

You can find this Thai sticky rice or a Thai sweet rice at your local Asian grocery stores or online .

There's two different types of sticky rice or sweet rice out there in the market .

One is a short grain sticky or sweet rice .

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You know , right is made out of this short grain sticky rice .

The other one is of course the one we are going to cook today , the Thai sticky or sweet rice , it's more longer grain and also has this uh fragrance like how the chasin rice has a fragrance .

This is sticky rice , I think maybe same roots or something .

So it has a very similar unique uh fragrance into it .

What I was going uh I forgot what I was saying .

What I was saying , what I was saying ?

Something , both types of sticky rice actually will work .

This is a cooking method .

So if you cannot find this Thai sticky rice , go ahead and use the regular short grain , sticky sweet rice .

First thing is first , you need to wash your rice gently rinse the rice about 3 to 5 times or until you don't see any cloudy or milky water .

Now fill up cold water up to about one inch high from the rice .

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No , the rice and the water .

You know what I mean ?

The rice , the water water is supposed to be like one inch higher from where the rice is and like am I explaining ?

Right ?

I , you got it right .

I think you got it soak the rice in cold water for overnight or in a warm water at least two hours when your rice is always soft and ready to go , then get your steamer out .

Um I'm not gonna use this today , by the way .

Um This is actually Thai traditional uh steamer which is you can buy easily from online .

But today I'm just going to use my regular bamboo steamer because that's my favorite steamer .

So you can use any steamer , whatever you have in your kitchen place , a large cheese cloth on top of the steamer , then place it drain the soft sticky rice , gently spread out the rice and cover the rice with four corners of cheese cloth cover with a lid .

Now bring the steamer to a wok with boiling water .

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Let it steam about 20 minutes or until your rice is fully cooked .

Oh , that is about it .

Steaming .

Sticky rice is just , that's it .

You can use whatever steamer you have in your , in your refrigerator , in your kitchen .

Only one thing you need to realize when you cook rice .

This method which is just steaming without any extra water .

They tend to really quickly and easily dry out .

They are face will like get dry so quick as as soon as they touch the air .

So make sure you transfer to airtight container or air tight ziplock bag or plastic bag , something like that .

Or if you have this fancy sticky rice serving thingy , then go ahead and use that .

I don't have it .

I'm sorry .

All right guys .

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Now enjoy your sticky rice with many of my Thai recipes that I already have .

Thai basil larp is coming .

Uh mango sticky rice is coming .

So wait for that too .

But please enjoy .

Meanwhile , with delicious other Thai recipes with this Thai sticky rice , I hope you enjoyed .

And if you like my Thai sticky rice recipe , please give me a thumbs up and subscribe my channel for more inspirations and idea of Asian home cooking .

Thank you so much for watching me today and remember you can always cook Asian food at your house , making it easy and fun .

I'm so long and this is Asian at home and I will see you next time .

Right .


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