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2023-07-08 09:10:30

How to Cook Garlic Butter Steak_ Easy Steak Recipe

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Hey guys , welcome back to Island Vibe cooking in today's recipe .

I will be showing you guys a very easy garlic butter steak and shrimp recipe if you would like to see it .

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If it was helpful .

Without further ado , let's jump right in to begin .

We're going to start by seasoning our shrimp .

I'm leaving the tail in the shrimp .

Now , what I am going to do is basically season the shrimp .

I'm using jumbo shrimp by the way .

Now to season the shrimp .

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I'm using paprika , complete seasoning ground black pepper , Italian , seasoning salt with a little bit of zone .

We're going to give that a quick stir just like so and we're going to set it aside .

Moving on to the steak .

The steak I'm using is New York strip .

Now it's very thinly sliced .

Of course , you can get the thick one if you like .

We're going to rub some olive oil on there so our seasoning can stick , then we're moving on to the seasoning .

I'm adding salt pepper on both sides .

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Next I am going in with some Italian seasoning , then we're gonna end with some complete seasoning and like I said , make sure to season both sides .

Now , we're going to rub in the seasoning just like that .

Once you're done , we're going to set that aside .

Moving on to our garlic butter .

I'm using about a stick of butter unsalted with garlic chopped and I'm using freshly chopped thyme with freshly chopped parsley .

Make sure your butter is nice and soften .

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Give that a mix until all the herbs are well combined with the butter here in this skillet , I am going to add about a teaspoon of that garlic butter .

Make sure your skillet is nice and hot because we want a nice color onto our steak and also the shrimp once melted , we're going in with the shrimp .

Once we're adding all the shrimp in , we're going in with the steak .

It looks really , really good , well seasoned and you can see how the seasoning just looks so nice on the steak .

You know , it's going to be delicious .

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Now , be sure to cook your steak on medium high heat for one minute per side because you do not want to overcook the steak because it's very thinly sliced .

Now , I've added some of the garlic butter on top .

Once it's nice and golden brown on one side .

Once the one minute is up , we're going to flip it over and flip the shrimp as well and you can see the pretty color on the steak and also on the shrimp .

And let me tell you if you love garlic , you love butter .

This recipe is a must try .

It tastes absolutely delightful .

And here I am adding the rest of the garlic butter on top .

Oh my gosh .

Now tell me this doesn't look very appetizing .

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I know it does .

This is it guys .

Hopefully you enjoy it .

I hope you guys try this out .

If you are going to try it , make sure to come back and leave me a review on how you like this recipe .

Thank you for watching .

Be sure to like , comment , subscribe and I will see you guys on my next video .

Bye .


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