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2023-07-07 13:57:43

Easy Carbonara Pasta with Bacon _ 5 ingredients _ 10 min

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Hey , everyone .

It's Oliver here .

Welcome to New at cooking today .

I'll show you guys how to make the perfect carbonara .

It is one of the easiest pasta dishes out there yet .

It is so tasty and only requires five ingredients .

The original carbonara call for or but they are harder to find depending on where you live .

So I decided to use thick sliced bacon .

I am cooking for two here .

So I will be using two slices of bacon , two eggs , freshly grated Parmesan cheese , about eight ounces of spaghetti and also black pepper .

This is a very simple dish .

So if you can try to get better ingredients and the end result will taste vastly different .

Once the water starts to boil , you wanna season it generously with salt and boil the pasta just 1 to 2 minutes less than its suggested cooking time .

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So when the box says boiled 9 to 10 minutes , I'm just gonna boil it for eight minutes because the pasta will continue to cook once it's mixed with the sauce .

Now , once the pasta is in the pot , we can start preparing the sauce , the sauce and the bacon can be finished within eight minutes .

First , you'll want to cut the bacon into similar size squares , thicker sliced bacon gives the bacon a slightly chewy texture once it's cooked instead of having really crispy bacon bits in the pasta .

Now , this chewy texture mimics the original carbonara .

And once it is cut into cubes , put it in a cold pan and turn on the stove .

This helps to render out the fat in the bacon .

While the bacon is cooking , we are going to crack open two eggs , grate some Parmesan cheese .

And if you want a creamier sauce , just add another egg yolk into it .

The original carbonara calls for pecorino cheese , but I couldn't find it anywhere .

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So I'm just gonna substitute it with a good Parmesan .

You want to have roughly four tablespoons of grated parmesan in the mixture and be sure to add plenty full of black pepper , beat the mixture into a gooey consistency and that pretty much is the sauce .

Now , the bacon has been cooking for a while and you can see the fat is already starting to come out .

It seems like our pasta is ready before we strain it .

It saves some pasta water and the pasta water is very important here because the starch and the salt will thicken up the sauce and also season it , let's dump the pasta in the pan and give it a good mix and stir .

Make sure everything is coated with that bacon grease and pouring around a quarter cup of pasta water and turn off the heat .

At this point , there should be a thin layer of water at the bottom of the pan .

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Once the heat is off and you no longer hear the sizzling and the popping from the pan , that means the pan is cool enough not to fry the egg .

The last thing you want is spaghetti with scrambled eggs .

This is where all the magic happens .

Once you have poured in the egg and Parmesan mixture , you wanna quickly mix it , the cheese will melt over the spaghetti and the yolk of the egg will emulsify the pasta water and the bacon grease .

Notice I didn't even add any salt to the dish .

That's because Parmesan bacon and the water are all well seasoned .

There's no need for further seasoning .

I had this giant wooden fork that I used just to plate pasta and we are gonna add a little finishing touch to it by sprinkling black pepper and adding more Parmesan .

Since I was told to eat vegetables every meal , I just had to Sprinkle on some green fresh parsley .

Carbonara is such a classic dish .

But I think my own version of it is just as good .

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If anyone wants to make this recipe , all the ingredients are listed down below in the video description .

And if you really enjoyed this video , please hit that like button comment and subscribe for more future videos


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