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2023-07-09 14:21:36

Rice Cooker Biryani - Vegetable Biryani For Easy Cooking - as shown on live show

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Hello , welcome to another live cooking session with your was chef and that , you know , master class with Fortune Basmati Rice and Fortune Sunflower refined oil .

So today we are going to make , we are making this rice cooker biryani , which is very , very easy , very simple .

So the technique is what you guys need to understand .

We're going to add the vegetables .

So even a little bit of onions is fine .

I have some brown onions later to add .

And in this add vegetables like beans , carrot , cauliflower , whatever vegetables you want , you can add to this , you know , green peas and capsicum .

I'm going to add a little later in this , add the potatoes .

And also we're going to add rice premium classic basmati rice I'm using and this rice I'm just going to put it in this bowl and add fresh ginger and garlic .

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So that will give a very nice aroma , add green chilies , very simple .

Uh You will make a perfect biryani today by following this recipe and mint and in this add some coriander , what is the number one thing that will make your biryani tasty is salt ?

But how do you add salt So here I've taken two cups of basmati rice .

So I've taken four cups of water in this .

I'm going to add salt and mix it well .

And I'm going to taste this water once again .

If this water is tasty , my biryani is going to be super tasty .

If this water is not tasty .

No .

Hm .

Rough .

I'm going to add only 3.5 cups of salt water and half cup .

I'm going to keep it aside because I'm going to add yogurt in the last .

You can add , you know , one or two cloud to this .

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Maybe a one or two , a Biryani bay leaf and a little bit of switch on the rice cooker .

When you switch on the rice cooker , you better put the lid on and I'm going to leave this on the other side .

So the Biryani will be done .

But there is a technique .

How are we going to make it flav ?

I have here melted butter in this .

I'm going to add the biryani masala .

Do not add too much just for this two cups of Biryani masala should be good enough .

Mix this one and we're going to keep this ready .

This one is going to go on top of this rice when much of the moisture is absorbed .

Now we're going to do this magic .

All we're going to do is add the saffron water on the edges , put the butter and the Biryani masala on top .

This will melt and it will give a very good flavor and look at it how it's melting away .

See , we added a little less of the moisture .

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We're going to fulfill the rest of the moisture by adding some yogurt .

So yogurt will be at the top and if you want , you can add some more mint coriander leaf .

And here any biryani without onions , brown onion will not do in this .

We're going to add the green peas .

I am going to first eat the vegetarian biryani .

Today we are going to just mix it one time vegetarian biryani .

And I want you to see also because this is nice , beautiful and perfect .

The rice is individually very long rice .

Here , this is getting slightly cold .

This rice is so good when you have perfect basmati rice to use that is when you get this .

So this is very , very hot and I can't stop .

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Mm A perfect biryani is when you can feel each grain of rice in your mouth , literally melting away and the vegetables perfectly cooked and full of flavor .

Very easy to make rice cooker .

Biryani .

You have seen we are posting new recipes and just yesterday , I posted chicken 65 biryani that too , you know in the rice cooker .

And of course I've used Fortune Basmati rice and of course the Fortune Sunlight sunflower oil .

So see you in another video .

Tell them .

Bye bye .


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