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2023-07-10 08:45:14

Goma At Home - Ribeye Steak With Homemade Herbed Butter And Mushroom Sauce

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Hello and welcome to , we're here in city .

And today we are preparing steak with herb butter .

You know , uh I receive a lot of uh comments and you know , II I go through it and I read it and uh here's one from uh Elaine .

Hi , Mayor .

Would you be kind to uh make a video about how to cook the perfect steak or your version of that steak ?

This would go splendidly with the mashed potato recipe side for the steak as well .

Ok .

Stay safe and healthy .

Love you .

Ok .

Thank you so much Eleen .

Uh So today , uh that's a request .

So we , we're preparing steak and now I have a good cut of uh riba .

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What we'll do is uh we'll pat it dry and then all you have to put it , just crush pepper and salt .

That , that's all I need to , to put on my steak .

We'll uh crush our , our pepper and then just put in your , the pepper just like that .

But put lots of uh pepper .

OK .

Oh , this meat is so soft .

OK .

So there's a steak and then we put in some uh salt .

Let's be generous with our salt as well .

Put it on the other side as well .

Ok .

What we'll do is that , uh , we'll hit up our oven then heat it up .

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I use , uh , every once in a while I collect them .

So when I need to , uh , use my oven there , then once , uh , once you put it in and then until , uh , hit me overnight and put it on the side , we have some more .

We will wait for over a minute and about 300 F or about 200 C 20 degree .

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While we're doing that , we'll put our steak on the plate first and then uh , compound butter .

So , what you need are just one whole butter , use one whole melted butter and put it in a bowl and then let's get some , uh , fresh herbs , get some , uh , rosemary , get some , uh , time for , for butter and then some fresh basil .

So what we'll do , let's cut it all together first .

Then you have them all .

There you go .

So rosemary again .

And then , so just , uh , pull it and then pull it .

Yeah .

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OK .

I got a drink home over that eye .

It smells so good .

Put lots of uh herbs and butter and , ok , so the basil will just wash it a little .

So what we'll do , put it there and then shake , shake , shake more water .

What do you do with the basic , when you , when you cut basic leaves , it'll be much easier to cut them and then just roll it .

The dog fair enough .

There you go .

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So you look at the , look at the and then , and put it on the side , you can take it out and then all of this clamp it together and then just slice it , hey , and find , find the chopped herbs .

And this will go to our , this will go to our butter .

And so all of this all together is a , a butter nut in add this unsalted butter so we can put in a little salt and then we'll uh put in some uh some uh pepper , not so much .

OK ?

Here you go .

OK ?

And while we're doing that , we will uh heat up our skillet there .

OK ?

Let's mix it .

Well , let's blend it in .

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Just say that and then he , it's a freezer just to freeze it .

OK .

OK .

Put it here and then we'll just uh drop in our butter .

Fuck .

You can tell them about it .

Mm OK .

Just throw it , throw it in just like this .

You go , started doing some more then .

So just keep on rolling it and , and then when we uh what is in the freezer later on , it will be easier for us to , to just cut it and roll the butter .

OK ?

So there you go .

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This will now go to our freezer .

So let's uh clean our uh and spill it .

OK ?

You know it's a skill .

So cast iron skillet .

You have to be , you have to be very careful in , in using it .

No , otherwise if you use a metal scrub without , without putting a coating of , without putting a coating of uh , oil .

So , you know , I did not , uh , put oil on steak because I want , I want this to be as dry as possible .

Ok .

So now we'll , uh , put some oil , it's a little oil .

I ski it and then we just see her on both sides after this .

Ok .

So we put our steak .

It's really hot .

Wow , there you go and give it a minute .

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But while we're sharing this , give it one minute and garlic , you still add more , uh , more flavor to the steak , put some garlic and garlic there and then let's get some , uh , rosemary sprigs this one here and then we'll put one there .

Ok ?

So now the rosemary the garlic .

So after one minute of , um , we'll turn this over and then the rest of after one minute passed .

Oh , thank goodness , staying over .

Uh , look at that , look at that color .

OK ?

Another stone .

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We'll put this in the oven then really hot oven .

Uh , we'll put it in the oven for about , um , about 5 to 6 minutes should be good enough for a medium rare steak .

OK .

There you go .

But every now and then about 410 C .

So let's give it about five minutes .

Para medium let's wash your hands .

It's always good to , to wash your hands after touching meat .

So , while we're waiting for a steak , uh , this , uh , a message from , uh , Ellen .

Ellen .

I mean , did you go to culinary school ?

Uh , I did not , I just , uh , read a lot of , uh , uh , culinary books , cooking books .

And then , uh , I , when I go to restaurants I really observe a chef .

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Yeah , there are restaurants in the opening kitchen so you can see how they're working on things .

So that , that's what , that's what I I do .

And then there's a message from uh Sute Mariano .

You had your own painting behind .

Decided to say yes , this is mine .

I painted it here in city .

So I have a , I have a series of this and then uh there's one more message from uh so I placed the , the compound but uh freezer but we wanted to , to harden faster .

So what I did was I transferred to an ice bath .

So with the ice bath you can see here , let me take it out , put here .

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So once steak , we just cut the butter .

Here you go .

So this is our uh compound butter .

If you take a look at it inside and then have no uh no herbs .

Mm The basil , the rosemary , the thyme .

So now while we're waiting for a steak to , to finish , we'll bring this back to the , to the freezer .

OK ?

After a few minutes , uh , we'll bring out our steak .

Oh , good .

It should be , should be medium , medium brown .

It's very hot .

So , what we'll do is that we'll , we'll base it a while .

Right .

The flavors from , from the garlic , from the rosemary .

We'll go to the steak .

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Now , we'll just , uh , put it in a chopping board and then let it rest .

Wow .

Look at that .

It a , so you even just , uh , take it out but leave some of the , some of the leaves , you know , and then we will um make some sauce out of this .

See , the flavors are there .

So we have some mushrooms here .

And so just your regular canned mushrooms .

Now , it's easy to cook .

It's easy to prepare and it's easily available .

So the garlic flavor is right there .

The rosemary flavor is there .

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All you have to do is just put this in you your mushrooms there and uh we'll just it really quick .

We put a little red wine should be perfect for your beef .

Yes , to be careful , can say they found so hot .

Yeah .

OK .

This is the alcohol content by the a little salt .

The pepper is there and this will be our , this will be our uh sauce on the side for , for steak .

Plus the herb butter and pop go , they fail to reduce .

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So while this cooking let's uh thicken it by putting just a little uh just a little flour for the stone .

Just to thicken it .

Yeah .

Yeah , that should take in the sauce a bit .

Yeah , right there and then the fur is cooked .

Um , the sauce will be ready I can .

So we'll turn this off and then we will check on our steak .

So at this point we are going to cut our steak .

Oh , look at that .

Oh .

Oh , look at that .

Perfect , perfect medium rare steak .

That's the way you want my mistake to be .

See , that , that's medium rare .

Ok .

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So now we're going to uh , plate a steak .

I forget the garlic when you , so your stick you can put the garlic there and then put the whole steak here for garnish .

We'll put in more rosemary .

Put the rosemary on this side .

There you go .

And of course , you know our compound butter , our herb butter , you put it on top .

Here you go and then let it melt .

We'll put our mushroom sauce on the side .

Look at that beautiful .

So these are stick as requested by uh Elaine .

Ok .

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Her butter , a little mushroom garlic rosemary .

Now it's time for us to give it a try .

Wow , it's got a small piece and then we put in some butter and a little of that mushroom .

Right ?

Yeah .

So succulent .

So good .

One more .

It should have got there .

Hm .

So soft when you bite it , it's like butter .

Well , thank you so much for watching me here and at home .

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Please leave a comment and they like , um , don't forget that , you know , every week we come out with , um , with a new episode .

So recipes tag me and then leave a comment and , uh , we'll see what we can do , but then , and then don't forget to click on our notification bell .

Ok .

Ok .

So thank you so much and I'll see you again .

Bye guys .


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