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2023-07-09 14:18:36

Okayu (Japanese Rice Porridge) Recipe - Japanese Cooking 101

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Welcome to Japanese cooking 101 .

Today we are making Okayo , Japanese rice porridge .

Okayo is often eaten when people are not feeling well .

It has a very mild taste and it's easy to digest .

Okayo is also a popular breakfast item served at many hotels in Japan as part of the Japanese style breakfast .

These are the ingredients white short grain rice , water and salt .

Really simple rice to water ratio .

Here is about 1 to 6 or seven but you can use a lot more water or less depending on how you like your porridge .

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Typical topping for Okayo is um sour and salty pickled plum .

It goes very well with white rice .

You can also cook Okayo with eggs , sweet potatoes or even tea .

For more information about the ingredients , please visit Japanese cooking 101 dot com .

Making is easy .

We wash rice and put it in a pot with water .

Sit on the stove at medium heat , add salt and stir when it starts to boil partially cover with a lid and cook at low heat for 30 to 40 minutes .

Serving a ball and topped with um OK , is light warm and comforting .

It is perfect food when you don't have an appetite .

But even when you are not sick , it's still a tasty rice dish to try .


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