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2023-07-09 14:11:51

How To Cook A Steak by Gordon Ramsay

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You know what I mean ?

You know , 5 to 6 months .

That's good .

So I'm gonna set this to the side .

I've already died down my onions .

Now , I wanna go ahead and do my bell peppers , right ?

Because this is gonna be key .

But don't forget we left a lot of fine and inside of the uh inside of our pot , we're gonna pick all of that up with this , right ?

So let me get this dice down and then we go from there .

Alright .

So look when I tell you it's key to like how you slice these ?

Look , we're not gonna dice them .

I'm gonna just go ahead and just , you know , sort of do them like this then if they're too big , I'll clean them up .

But right now I gotta admit to you guys listen , if you ever smelled jerk seasoning , you know what I mean ?

You know how you can smell a little bit of that sweetness .

All of that is good .

I can smell it all then I smell these fresh , you know bell peppers .

Oh my goodness .

Ok , so look , I've already chopped it down but I wanna show you guys because I want all my peppers to go at the same time .

Look this right here is a habanero , right ?

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You normally would make this probably with uh a scotch bonnet but I don't know how easy it is to find a scotch bonnet , you know , everywhere doesn't have it , especially at my little local store .

But they got these , these were make for a great substitution .

I'm gonna go ahead and see DC these and then I'm gonna go ahead and chop them down .

OK .

So I want you guys to look , I went ahead and put a medium flame under here .

You see all of that inside of there .

That's all that I find that's that , you know , infused olive oil and pick up that jerk seasoning .

Now , what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna give it just a little , little bit more .

Yeah , but like that .

Right ?

And don't forget we got shrimp .

I'm gonna go ahead and get your shrimp out the way .

So now I'm gonna go ahead and drop these in .

But I'm gonna do something a little different with these .

That's nice and hot , right ?

Look at the color .

See , I was picking up everything over .

I'm running around the edge of it and these hicks clad pots and pans .

Listen , it's non stick .

So you really don't get to find that you're used to , but it's in there folks .

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Now I'm gonna take my hand and I'm gonna do it like this .

Um , because we did say we wanted to be a little jerky , right ?

So as they start to cook , you know what I mean ?

I , I want them to stay down on the bottom .

So they can get some heat , you know , when they cooking , you can tell by the tail and then what , what do they do ?

Folks ?

Let me know down in the comment section below when shrimp start to cook , what do they do ?

I gotta tell y'all anyway .

Look , they start to curl up .

Right .

So I just get them right .

Pick up all of that .

The seasoning and man , it smells incredible and we don't wanna overcook them , right .

So this process only takes us about .

These are some big shrimps .

I'm gonna say a little bit maybe close to four minutes at the heat that I have it at right now .

So I don't want to use the curl all nice and tight , right ?

We don't want that because listen , we're gonna put it in the , in the rep , you know , with the rep , right ?

So now I'm just gonna go ahead and get everything in here .

Look at this right here .

Now , I'm gonna come back with my garlic infused olive oil again .


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