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2023-07-08 09:24:42

BRAISED STEAK AND ONIONS - HowTo Recipe - Greg's Kitchen

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Hey guys , Greg here and today I'm gonna show you a recipe that I had at mum's place .

The other day I went around there for dinner as you have to .

And she whipped up this meal and I was blown away with it because I thought , oh my God , that tastes so .

Of course , I asked for the recipe offer and she gave it to me .

So today I'm gonna make you Mum's bray steak and onion recipe , which tastes absolutely amazing .

And I'm really looking forward to having it again for dinner tonight .

So let's get to it .

Greg's kitchen .

Here's all the ingredients you'll need , which is hardly any .

You just need some beef or lamb .

I'm using a piece of rump , preferably a nice piece of chuk or some tough meat that needs to be cooked for a long time to get soft .

That's the meat for you .

I'm just using three big onions , some stock .

I'm using chicken , but I probably should have bought beef and some flour and some Worcester sheersh .

Ok .

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First things , first oven , I'm gonna put this on to 100 and 80 or 100 and 70 I , which is about 350 in Fahrenheit or less .

If you got one of those fancy fan forced ovens , and I'll just turn on my frying pan and start that warming up .

Ok .

So first what I will do is I'll put some flour in a bowl which I will season generously with salt and a whole heap of pepper of your choice .

We'll just mix that through and now I'll just grab my piece of meat .

No , this piece here and mum told me to cut it into nice bite size pieces .

I might cut it inside the foam .

So my cutting board doesn't get all dirty and covered in filthy bacteria .

It'll probably kill me later on .

Now , you don't have to cut it up .

But my mum told me I have to .

So you always have to do what mummy says , don't we ?

So now we'll just get our pieces of meat and we'll just coat it in the flour .

Ok .

So now once I've done that , I'll come over to my frying pan .

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Ooh , which has warmed up nicely .

And I'll just throw my chunks of meat in there to start cooking .

Oh , listen to that sizzle .

Not .

I should have probably have put a little bit of cooking oil in there to start the sizzling process happening .

That's better .

And I'm just gonna brown this meat off .

So , while that's browning , let's just start cutting up these onions .

I just want them into nice thick sort of pieces and by the magic of youtube that's done .

And so is the meat I've actually turned it over halfway .

So now once I , I'll brown that I'll just pour this into my oven safe baking bowl dish thing .

And now with these onions , I too am going to throw this in the flour and mix it around and I'm just gonna just gently fry these as well in my frying pan just until they soften up a little bit and change color .

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Well , it's been a few minutes and these look like they've changed color nicely and got a little bit softer .

So now what I'm gonna do is just transfer these and pour it over my bits of steak in my casserole dish .

Ok .

So now once I've done that , I'm going to add my dash of Worcester sheer shou and I'm gonna grab my stock or bullion or whatever you guys call it and I'm just gonna pour this in just enough .

So it's sort of just covering the meat at the base .

If you add too much stock it , the gravy will get really liquidy and it'll be a pain in the neck later unless you like really liquidy gravy .

That is .

So that was about half a liter .

I used about a Pint's worth , I guess .

And now I'm just gonna put the lid on , give it a swirl and this is going to go into my preheated oven for 1.5 to 2 hours .

Basically , we just want it to lightly simmer away in the oven until it's ready .

So , an hour and a half , two hours later I'm coming back cos you know what time it'll be ?

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Oh , boy , that's hot .

Right .

Well , there's the bray steak and onion .

So I just took it out .

It was in the oven for two hours .

Who steam Rooney ?

Very nice and moist .

So I'll just let it cool down before I give it the old test .

Let's plate some up .

Oh , just look how nice and rich that gravy looks .

But remember if it is a little bit too rainy for you , just add a little bit more flour to thicken it up .

Alrighty .

Well , there's some of mum's bray steak and onions .

I just whipped up .

I remember having this on toasted sandwiches as a kid and oh , it used to be my favorite .

So anyway , let's tuck on in .

See how it tastes .

It tastes absolutely amazing .

These onions are so soft .

They just like dissolve in your mouth .

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I must say though , mum , it's not as good as yours tasted , but I'll tell you what it tastes awesome .

Well , I'm gonna be serving mine over some mashed potatoes tonight .

Oh , I can't wait .

And if you do make it go and post a photo of it on my Facebook page link below .

So everyone can share in your excellence .

Remember to thumb this video up for me .

Thanks .

For watching and I'll see you next time right here on Greg's kitchen .

Oh , yeah .

Is Greg would stay on mum if you're watching ?

They didn't turn out as good as yours , but they were still .

Oh , yeah .

Yeah .


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