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2023-07-08 09:07:06

The Best Way to Cook a Steak. Period.

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Mhm .

Oh .

Mm .

That's good .

That's very good meat .

There are a lot of ways to cook a steak and today we're gonna talk about one way to us .

It's the best way .

What does that mean to us ?

The best way has to meet a few different criteria .

The first bean , it's gonna be packed full of flavor .

The second , the steak is got to be cooked to perfection .

And the third is , I don't wanna have to babysit it .

I'm not interested in techniques .

I have to hover over it and watch it like a hawk all night .

So for us sou vide ticks all those boxes with the added benefit of once you get it cooking , it's just there ready and waiting for you .

Not the other way around .

Ok .

And if you happen , let me show you exactly how to cook this steak , sous vide .

The first part of our criteria is flavor .

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What we're gonna do is hit this steak , lots of salt and pepper , gonna hit both sides , pepper , pepper , pepper , pepper , love lots of pepper , love when it gets nice and toasty when we sear it later and she just sends that salt and then we're gonna pop them in the bag .

I'm gonna hit it with a little bit of olive oil .

This is just for flavor really ?

And fresh bay leaf .

I don't use dried ones .

Dried ones are kind of crap .

If you don't have a fresh bay leaf , use some other fresher .

And that's it .

The second item on our list of criteria is perfect doneness .

And when you're cooking a steak with traditional methods , there's a lot of ways to get great flavor , but you have little or no control over the outcome of doneness .

And with sous vide , you have total control of it .

Let me show you what I'm talking about .

So with sous vide , I select my temperature , I don't have to think about it anymore .

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I know it will be cooked to perfection , edge to edge and I just sear it on the outside for flavor until it looks delicious and that's it .

So it's really helpful separating those two steps , the cooking and the searing and traditional methods .

You kind of mix them all happily at the same time .

So you have less control .

We're ready to pop this guy into our pot of water and walk away .

So today we're cooking with Jewel It chefs , its brand new sous vide tool .

Um I'm going to select my doneness with a really amazing feature that we have .

We're calling it visual doneness .

OK .

So I'm just going to open up the ST guide use the visual doneness feature .

Look at the doneness I want based on these awesome videos .

Go with that 129 F .

It's basically rare .

Pick my thickness hit .

Go .

You were ready to roll .

So in goes the steak and I can walk away .

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All right , the steak is ready .

It's not that it's finished and it's not that it's done just now .

It's that it's ready if it was actually done a while ago and it's been ready the whole time .

I'm gonna take it out .

I know it's cooked to perfection on the inside .

We'll confirm in a little bit from here , you want to finish it .

So we've got a little bit of flavor from the first step .

We've got perfect doneness , which is our second criteria and obviously our third criteria was didn't have to babysit it .

So I just went and did some other stuff , but I'm back now .

I'm ready to eat .

So I'm gonna finish it .

You can broil it , you can grill it , you can smoke it , you can deep fry it .

I'm going to sear it nice and straightforward .

I'll show you how I do it .

All right .

So we're gonna sear it .

So I add a little bit of butter , cook it all the way down until you don't have any more moisture in it .

So this is the most straightforward way to finish your steak at home .

I'd say it can be a little bit smoky .

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Sometimes a little bit greasy , a little messy , but it's worth the flavor .

So to keep some of the splattering down and to help it sear evenly , I'm just gonna give it a little rotate here .

Stir it around that keeps the bottom getting nice fresh oil .

I don't really want to overcook it .

We're just searing it just for flavor .

All right , I'm gonna give it a flip .

Take my Bay leaf flip that guy over the deeper the crust , the deeper , the complexity of that flavor , the more beefy that flavor is gonna be .

I'm gonna call it good .

We say we're done just a little bit of that good stuff .

All right , our steak is finished .

Let's slice it open and see if it's cooked to perfection on the inside .

I'll just take one slice there .

Seriously .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Supple he who I'm gonna try about it real quick .

So sad that you can't taste this .

Let's check it next to our uh visual doneness , da da da da .

I love it .

Best way to cook steak .

Just gonna take my word for it .

Pack full of flavor .

I think you can see that it's cooked through perfection and I'm not kidding about the , it's gonna be waiting for you thing .

Seriously , I love cooking steaks this way .

I'm gonna have another bite , man .

That's good .


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