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2023-07-09 14:18:30

Porterhouse Steak in a Cast Iron Skillet

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Hey , everybody .

My name is Joey .

And today I'll show you how to cook this porterhouse steak in a cast iron skillet .

I'll share tips covering everything from buying it at the store to serving up this delicious steak on your plate .

Now let's turn up the heat .

So what exactly is a porterhouse steak ?

Well , it's delicious and that's all you really need to know .

This hearty cut of beef is often regaled as the king of steaks because it combines two of the choices , most tender and most flavorful cuts of beef known to man .

Come on in and get a closer look at the king .

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You will see that it has a T shaped bone that runs through the center and across the top .

If that sounds familiar , it's because the little brother of the Porterhouse is the eponymous named T Bone steak .

Pretty original name , right ?

As a matter of fact , they are nearly identical cuts of beef except do you notice what's missing ?

That's right .

The Porterhouse has a noticeably larger filet than its brother .

The T Bone A grade steak .

A steakhouse quality steak begins with the purchase before you buy your steak .

You absolutely must consider the grade beef comes in three grades , prime choice and select with prime being the very , very best and select being the least tender and least flavorful with choice somewhere in between simply stated by either choice or prime or don't waste your time .

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And within those grades , be sure to select steak that has the most amount of marbling , which will promote tenderness and flavor .

Next season , it some purists will tell you that you should only season your steak with kosher salt and coarse ground pepper .

But I say use whatever you want experiment .

If you want another idea , check out our simple steak rub by clicking the link on your screen now .

And if you want to live on the edge , add some red pepper flakes to give it a little something , something no matter what you season your steak with .

Be sure to apply it liberally to give it that nice brown crusted and tasty exterior .

Now to the pan itself , you should use cast iron to achieve the very best results .

If you don't own one and you want to be a good cook .

You should pause this video right now and go buy one .

It's the most versatile pan in the kitchen .

Next , turn up the heat , add your oil and let that pan get nice and hot .

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If you're unsure if the pan is ready as a test .

Simply your hand with a little bit of water and let a drop or two fall into the pan .

If it sizzles or smokes , you're good to go .

Can you hear that at home ?

Can you hear that steak sear ?

If tasty could make a sound , this would be it once the steak is in the pan , I use general timing guidelines based upon thickness , but this is not a perfect science .

The time can depend upon the thickness as well as the temperature of the steak .

Not to mention the heat of the pan when you put it in .

However , I generally flip after two or three minutes for a thinner steak and up to four minutes for a thicker steak .

There are several opinions on flipping the stake .

Some will tell you to flip it only once .

Others will tell you to flip it every minute .

I prefer to flip it as little as possible , but may need to flip it more than once to achieve an evenly cooked steak .

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Also on flipping , always use tongues , never use a fork .

If you pierce a steak , you may lose some of that delicious meat nectar .

Once I flip it , I like to add just a little bit of butter and some rosemary .

This will give it some great aromatics , some additional flavor .

I wish you could smell this delicious steak cooking right in your kitchen .

Never spend $50 at a restaurant for a steak when you can make this right at home and look at that color .

That's exactly why I use liberal seasoning .

It gives it this wonderful crusted brown and tasty exterior .

Now that the steak has been cooking for a few minutes , how will you know when it's rare , medium or ?

God forbid ?

Well done ?

Well , if you want to reach meat nirvana , you will need to learn to literally feel the temperature of the steak with your hands .

It will take some practice .

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However , as a simple guide , use the inside of your thumb for rare , use the outside of your thumb for medium and use the bottom of your wrist for well done or you just ruined it .

If you're not comfortable with the field method , keep a thermometer nearby , it's better to know the temperature of your steak than to overcook .

It .

This smells so good , the rosemary with the butter and the steak all caramelizing together .

It just smells so fantastic .

Now that the steak is done , let it rest for at least five minutes .

If you're a recovering fat kid like me , this will undoubtedly be the hardest part of the meal .

Now at home , you may be wondering what side dish is it going to serve with this ?

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Well , this is red meat lover , not side dish lover , but I will tell you that you can never go wrong with potatoes and some roasted vegetables .

This is the perfect recipe when you don't feel like firing up the grill .

You're making a dinner for one or even on a date night .

As this skillet can fit up to two large steaks .

Our motto , any kind of meat , any type of heat reflects our belief that there's many right ways to cook beef .

We would love your feedback in the comments below or to Joey at red meat lover dot com .

And remember what Henry Ford once said , whether you think you can or you can , you're probably right .

We'll see you next time .

Mm .


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