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2023-07-10 08:47:19

How to cook a Rib Eye Steak like the Restaurants.

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And then finally some time the good news is I can find the meat from my favorite steak at Costco .

So I went to Costco and got a beef tenderloin and I've actually found kind of counter intuitively that I prefer the choice beef tenderloin from Costco rather than the prime for some reason , it just turns out more tender and it's better .

So I'm gonna open up this package and then we're gonna cut out our perfect steak .

The best steaks come from the middle of the tenderloin .

So I'm gonna cut it right here with a beautiful cut of meat like this .

You don't need a lot .

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So we're just gonna season it with salt and a cut of meat while the steak warms up on the cutting board .

Let's get our pan ready .

Want it nice and hot .

So we get a great sear .

Step one , turn on the burner .

Right .

Step two is get some beef tallow .

I like the Wagyu beef tallow because it gives you kind of the luxurious mouth feel of Wagyu beef .

But without having to buy Wagyu beef .

So we're gonna use that also .

It's got a high smoke point .

So it's great for searing .

So we're gonna open this up and put some in the pan .

Now , be careful when you add the tallow that you don't add too much .

If you add too much tallow or too much oil of any kind , you're not gonna get the kind of sear that you want .

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So we're gonna let this melt and when this whole thing gets to about 500 degrees , we're ready to start searing , starting to smoke .

Now it's time to put the steak off .

I just added a little bit more beef .

You can always add more .

But if you add too much , it's hard to take it out because it's super , super hot .

Now , we're starting to get golden brown .

This looks really good .

We still want it to get a little bit darker .

We want more flavor to build up right now .

We're getting close .

It's starting to get that dark color that I want .

And what I do is I move it around the pan so it goes from one hot spot and then to the next to the next to the next .

So it's always on hot metal .

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So this is good , a little bit more and we're going to be right .

This is the kind of crust we want to see .

So we're gonna flip it and get the same on the other side .

Now we have a good sear on the bottom side .


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