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2023-07-09 14:14:47

The perfect sirloin steak

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For some reason , we are all expected from a relatively early age to be able to cook the perfect steak without even having any tuition .

No training .

That's not really fair in my book .

So today I'm gonna show you how to get perfect results by cooking a perfect steak .

So really , the first thing we need is a decent piece of steak to start off with .

If you put a dodgy old piece of beef into the pan , no matter how perfectly you cook it , all you're gonna get back is a dodgy piece of steak , Right ?

So here we go .

I'm using a sirloin steak today .

Um , you could be using fillets .

You could be using rump steaks , but the sirloin just does it for me .

Please remember a little bit of marbling going in throughout the stick itself .

Trust your butcher .

Tell your butcher what you need and a nice bit of fat coating on the outside .

Don't be put off by the word Fat fat really does equal flavour and you've gotta have it .

You've just gotta have a nice layer of fat on the outside of your sirloin steak .

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Now then , a little bit of seasoning some ground sea salt .

You'll notice I'm using a red cutting board .

Raw meat , red board , Observe the laws .

Then I'm gonna brush it with a little bit of oil on both sides .

Put it together .

She and steak is now ready to hit the pan .

But before we do that one last thing we've gotta check is the pan is good and hot .

If I was to put this so on steak into a pan that wasn't quite hot enough , all that would happen is this juices would seep out the steak into the pan and just boil and simmer away .

It become tough and pretty un this way .

Good , hot pan .

Um , if there's a little haze coming up , I got like , the heat haze coming off the pan .

Now we can know it's just about there .

OK , in it goes , Yeah , It's also important to remember now at this stage that this steak or chicken dimension of it , or pork steak , whatever you're gonna pan for or grill , is singing back to you immediately .

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I was telling you Yeah , we're hot .

We're cooking .

We're cooking here .

Otherwise , you get back to that same situation where the steak just sits there and seeks in its own juices , and you don't want that .

So a good sizzling steak is a good way to start .

Give the give the steak .

Now about a minute sizzling on this one side and we'll turn it over .

OK , that's good .

That's looking nice .

Probably put it .

Put it down a little bit .

What's going to happen now ?

You see , we're sizzling on the other side as I turn the steak .

All the juices are getting more and more active inside the steak , so it's turned it over .

The juices are now falling down the other way to keep the centre of the steak nice and moist .

The juices have to be both sides of the steak , so we're gonna leave the steak now sizzling nicely for another minute on this side .

That will be a minute on both sides before we start really considering to what degree of cooking we want , whether it's gonna be rare , medium rare , medium or ever better even well done .

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Uh , and by the way , if you want to earn the respect of any restaurant that you go to , don't order well , another steak because they will not respect you .

OK , now , as we've had a minute now on both sides , sizzling away happily , Uh , it's not a big smoke screen .

I think it's under control here .

Looking good .

But now we get to the quandary on what on earth is it like on the inside ?

OK , so one big tip , I guess really The best one I know of is , apart from experience , makes perfect or practise .

Makes perfect .

Is that , uh , do the old thumb test right now by applying your forefinger to your thumb and test this flashy bit .

Here , stand by your thumb .

Rare .

OK , that's gonna be a nice , rare texture and analyse it , Test it .

Oops .

Yeah , we're getting pretty rare here .

You know , if you move your for your your fingers across your hand onto your thumb , the nearer you get to your little finger , the tighter the more resilient the more resistance that this fleshy part of the thumb has IE .

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The more cooked it becomes , the more resistance this has .

OK , so applying that into practise four finger to your thumb .

Nice , soft and flashy .

And what we have here is nice , soft and flashy .

So we're gonna stick to rare .

The next thing is now take it on to medium rare and I'm gonna take it to a medium so you can see exactly where we are now , all the way through the cooking process .

Please remember to keep doing this test because it can cut you out .

You can cook quite quickly .

So again , we've gone past that .

We're well past the rare stage now , OK , We're probably We're probably just about at medium rare now .

And this test really does work , OK ?

There's a very , very similar experience going on here with the resistance of this and the resistance of the stake we're we're doing well , we're going to go one more stage further , which is media .

So I'm gonna turn the stake one more time on the other side .

OK ?

Huh ?

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Now this flat .

I mentioned earlier with us getting this in caramel .

Now that's a natural issue of is of the fat coming up and getting caramelised .

That's a good thing .

You know , blend boring .

White looking fat isn't really tasty , but this is gonna be tasty right there Money where my mouth is .

I always say that this is now medium just by going on this test , The resistance is just about identical .

So here we go .

So I've got a little white board down here Now put it there with a nice knife and all I need to do now is lift up my steak .

My medium steak cos it probably is the most popular .

People have it cooked .

OK , OK , now the steak is out .

It's as money where your mouth is time .

I am convinced that it's a medium steak without looking inside it .

You will be too .

Um , but one last thing we must do or allow ourselves to do is allow the steak time to rest .

Resting a steak .

Yeah , because while it's cooking , it's very busy .

All the juices are busy inside , bubbling all all over the place .

Now I have to carve into the steak .

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Now all those busy juices will come oozing out onto the chopping board , which is not where we want all these juices .

We want them to stay locked inside the steak so it stays nice and moist , and the way you achieve that is by allowing time only a minute for the steak to rest .

And the same applies to roasting joints .

Any joint , whatever you cook on the larger side or red meat side , allow time to rest .

And those juices will stay nice inside where it belongs .

OK , nicely grilled salon steak cooked to medium .

Let's just see to a good , sharp knife right down the middle .

Nice thick part of the steak left to the one side , and they they have it a beautiful , moist , juicy medium cock sail and steak .


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