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2023-07-08 09:15:27

Super Easy PEPPER STEAK Recipe_ Better Than Take Out

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Hey guys , welcome back to Island Vibe cooking for today's recipe .

We're making this flavorful pepper steak recipe .

I know you guys are going to enjoy this one .

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Without further ado , let's jump right in to begin all the measurement and the ingredients will be in the description box .

So please be sure to check that out .

I am using light and dark soy sauce mixed together here about a quarter cup and here I have some yellow onion chopped , OK ?

You can chop them however you want .

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I have some green bell pepper as well .

And here I have some red bell pepper and here we have some mince garlic with Mince ginger .

Over here .

I have some corn starch right here .

I'll be adding in some bacon soda to tenderize the meat .

Also , I'll be using three seasoning , which is steak seasoning , creole seasoning and some Island Vibe seasoning .

OK ?

And here I have some honey , you can also add in some sugar if you don't have honey over here , I have some olive oil , you can also replace this for some sesame seed oil .

You will also need some chicken broth or beef broth .

Ok ?

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If you don't have chicken broth , but I'm using chicken broth , this is the steak .

I'm using Riba steak , whatever steak that you like to use go for it .

So I'm using Riba .

Right .

So , over here , what we're going to do is right now , what we're going to do is thinly slice the steak .

Now , I am going to show you guys a faster way to make this pepper steak .

In my opinion , it's fast because I took a little bit short cuts here and there because I was hungry .

OK .

So once you're done slicing your steak , add some white rice and vinegar on there and I am going to add a few pinches of bacon soda just to tenderize the meat .

Then we're going to add a little bit of water .

Let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes .

Then rinse it out .

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Ok , rinse it out with cold water .

Now it's time to season the steak .

All right , I am going to just add all my seasoning in there as you guys notice no salt added because the soy sauce is full of sodium .

We don't need any more salt .

Trust me , you don't .

Now we're going to add the ginger in the mince garlic in next , we're going to add about a quarter teaspoon of the baking soda in .

Now we're going to add some olive oil or you can add some sesame seed oil as well .

Here , I'm adding my soy sauce and also I'll be adding in the corn starch .

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Next , I'll be adding the honey or like I said , if you don't have a honey , you can use sugar .

Ok .

Over here , I'm adding the chicken broth or beef broth .

Whatever that you like , give it a mix just like that .

Then we're going to cover it , place it in the fridge for 30 minutes .

All right , 30 minutes is up , take it out of the fridge .

It's time to cook this steak .

Now we're going to add in the , the remaining of the oil in the skillet here .

Make sure it's nice and hot .

If you like a good sear on your steak , then we're going to place the steak and as you guys can see , I do not just pour it in with all the water .

I want a good sear on the steak first .

Then I can add the , the water later .

Ok .

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Now you can cook your steak however you like it medium well , well done or however you like it .

So I like a good sear close to medium well , ok , once the steak is done cooking to your liking , just remove it , place it on the side .

And next , we're going to cook the veggies .

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Now , I am going to add the green bell pepper and the red bell pepper as well as the onion .

Now , if you do like your onions to be overcooked , you can cook it to where it's nice and soft or if you like it a little bit crunchy just like I do .

You can just undercook them once it is slightly almost ready .

Just pour the remaining of the marinated sauce .

You marinate the , the beef in , just pour it in there .

As soon as you add it in there , it's gonna start to thicken a little bit because of the corn starch and just pour your beef on there and let it simmer for another .

I'll say another 3 to 5 minutes .

Then it should be ready before you know it .

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And this is it .

You just made yourself the most delicious flavorful mouth watering pepper steak .

I hope you guys enjoy this recipe .

If you do try this recipe , don't forget to come back and let me know how do you like it and let me know if you're going to try it as well and please don't forget to like the video for me .

I know you guys like my recipes , but also don't forget to like actually like the video .

Thank you for watching .

Subscribe if you know and comment down below .

I will see you guys on my next one .

Bye .


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