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2023-07-09 14:16:57

Ninja Foodi Deluxe - How To Cook Steak, Mashed Potatoes & Asparagus

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What's up guys ?

It's DJ avionics .

And in this video , we're making our first ninja foodie Deluxe pressure cooker meal that we just got recently .

And the recipe we're using is according to the uh recipe book that comes with it and we're doing the steak mashed potatoes and asparagus .

Now , this is a beginner recipe .

Prep .

Time is 10 minutes .

Cook time is 9 to 13 minutes .

Makes 2 to 4 servings .

Approximate pressure build is nine minutes .

Pressure release is quick .

So as far as ingredients go , we're using five russet potatoes , peeled , cut and half inch pieces .

I just cut them , cut them up like that .

You don't have to be exact .

And our first step we're gonna do is we're gonna take care of the potatoes first .

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And um , just a little side note according to the recipe , you wanna use frozen steaks .

But there's also a tip saying if you want to use fresh steaks , that's a separate step .

So this in this one , we're gonna do fresh steaks .

But the first thing we're doing is the potatoes .

So we're gonna put the potatoes in the park .

OK ?

Go ahead .

And here is the , uh half cup of water , splish , lash .

Ok .

So now we have the foodie on , we're gonna go ahead and put the pressure lid on , make sure it's in the sealed position , the valve and we're going to select pressure and then we're gonna , we're gonna set our time to one minute and we're just gonna , oh , that's two minutes and we're just gonna go ahead and start it .

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Ok .

So , while , um , this is preheating and taking care of the potatoes , we're gonna go ahead and prepare the asparagus .

So I'm taking the lazy way out and I'm gonna throw all the asparagus here in a Ziploc bag , one tablespoon of oil , olive oil , one teaspoon of pepper .

And then this is two teaspoons of salt .

But we're gonna use half of this .

That's probably it .

And I'm going to shake this all up kind of massage all all the ingredients in there together .

Ok ?

So now that the asparagus is prepped and we're still waiting on the potatoes , we're gonna go ahead and season our steaks .

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So we're using our salt and our pepper .

All right .

So our steaks are seasoned .

Ok ?

So this is the final countdown of the potatoes .

So once this is done , we're gonna release the pressure and then we're gonna open up the lid and then start mashing the potatoes .

Ok ?

So it's done .

So it is carefully released the bank .

Yeah .

Yes .

Now , always beware .

Let all the pressure get released first before you open the lid .

Otherwise bad things will happen .

Ok ?

So , come on over here .

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Now you'll know um that it's done releasing the pressure of the float valve on the top has , has fallen down and now it's safe to open up for you .

So now we're gonna start mashing the potatoes also while the potatoes are still hot .

And before we start mashing , you're gonna throw everything in here .

Your salt , your pepper , your cheese , your heavy whipping cream and your butter .

So let's go ahead and throw this in here .

Cheese , salt and pepper and your stick of butter .

And now you just go ahead and make some mash .

Ok ?

So our mashed potatoes are now mashed .

So now we're gonna add the racks in .

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Um We're gonna add it like this , ok ?

Not like this .

Not with the Deluxe rack assembly .

We're gonna put it in like this and we're gonna put our steaks and our asparagus all on the top grill and we're gonna broil it .

Um It says eight minutes for medium and 12 minutes for well done .

My wife and I would like ours medium well , so we're gonna put it on for 10 minutes , ok ?

So let's go ahead and put this in here .

Let's get our steaks .

I don't know if there's gonna be a lot of room for the experience .

We'll find out .

Ok ?

So there's one , there's the second one I like that and I'm gonna sneak in the asparagus in here somewhere .

One last , I guess I'm just gonna pile it on top and let anything sit in between .

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I'll go ahead and arrange it with the fork because I'm not getting messy .

So we're just gonna broil everything like that .

Mhm .

There's really no room for the asparagus according to the recipe book .

Ok .

So now that we have everything in here , the steak and the asparagus with the mashed potatoes sitting at the bottom , we're gonna close our crisping lid and you're gonna press the start stop re uh , to reset the , the modes .

I've already pressed the start stop button in and use rotating the dial .

You want it to go to broil and like I said , we're gonna do , we're gonna do 10 minutes because we want our steaks medium well , and you simply press , press in to start again .

There we go .

See you guys in 10 minutes .

Ok .

So it's done broiling everything .

Oh , wow .

So come take a look at this , right ?

The asparagus looks very tasty .

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So we're gonna go ahead and take the asparagus out and being that , um , these steaks are kind of thick .

I'm gonna leave , I'm gonna broil them for another five minutes , but also don't forget to flip them over .

You're supposed to flip it over halfway , but we're gonna cook a little bit longer .

So now is a good chance for me to , to flip them over and we're gonna boil it for like I said five more minutes .

Ok .

So let's go ahead and flip these babies over .

Oh , wow .

And the juices are going down into the mashed potatoes , which is looks very tasty .

Kind of looks like a gravy .

Yeah , these definitely need to be broiled longer .

Just look at that .

Ok .

So our steaks are done .

We added an extra five minutes in flipping it .

Oh , wow .

Smell that and take a look at that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That looks delicious Wednesday .

You steak and now we're going to take out .

Oh , look at those mashed potatoes black .

Oh , yeah .

Look at that .

All right .

Let's scoop these babies out .

Oh , yeah .

I'm not even gonna mix it on Scope Tuco .

All right guys .

There you have it .

Steak mashed potatoes and asparagus by the Ninja foodie and chef or , and DJ Avionics bone appetite .


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