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2023-07-09 14:07:45

How to Make FOUR CHEESE PASTA Like an Italian

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This is the cheesiest creamiest pasta you ever seen on the planet .

This is it .

No cream , just top quality cheeses .

Ladies and gentlemen , the for the four cheese pasta , it's here on plate and I'm going to show you how to make it guys .

If you are a cheese lover .

This is the perfect perfect dish for you .

Hi and welcome to plate the place where you get to learn how to cook .

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Amazing Italian food .

And this is an amazing cheesy Italian dish made with my favorite creamy cheese .

Let's do it to make pasta for we need to use four special cheeses .

Ok .

So we're gonna choose three creamy cheeses and you can pick what you want .

Ok .

This is my choice .

I picked Italian cheeses .

So I've got 50 g of gorgonzola cheese .

You can use blue cheese .

I'm using 50 g of ST quino cheese .

I know it could be difficult to find so you can replace it with ricotta or any other cheese that you want .

I've got 50 g of map really like mascarpone and three large even four tablespoons of Pecorino cheese or it can be par .

Then the pasta I've chosen is 200 g of pen .

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Now you can use any pasta you want will be fantastic for this would be fantastic .

I'm using 200 g because it's for the two of us .

So 100 g each .

It's a very rich pasta .

So I think 300 g is too much .

So 200 g for the two of us is more than enough .

Last but not least we need 80 meals of milk .

I'm not a big fan of cooking with milk , but you do need milk for this because these cheeses have milk base and then we need one tablespoon of rock salt for the pasta , water and a handful amount of walnuts .

Now , this pasta is so quick to make .

So we're gonna boil the pasta first .

So let's put , put one tablespoon of rock salt into boiling water and now we're gonna boil the , the this pan needs 11 minutes to cook .

Always read the instruction on the packet .

See you in 11 minutes .

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Now guys , before we start cooking the sauce , let's crush the walnuts .

We're gonna use these walnuts for the final decoration .

OK ?

OK .

Nice and crash .

And they will go on top of our plate at the end of the recipe right now , we are ready to make the sauce .

So on a very low heat , medium low heat , we don't want this to be high heat .

OK ?

Medium low , we're gonna put the milk in the sauce pan .

OK ?

The milk is the base of our cheeses .

Now , we have two cheeses here to use .

OK .

First , we're gonna put the gorgonzola and the inside the milk because they will melt together and the pecorino and the mascarpone will go at the end .

Ok .

So let's put this cheese first , let's go with the gorgonzola and because it , when it's a bit harder , just break it .

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So you help the cheese to melt faster .

OK ?

And stir now very gently and slowly we want this cheese to melt .

Now , if we are going to add the mascarpone and the pecorino right now , what's gonna happen is the pecorino will become stringy and we don't want to see strings of cheese .

We don't want that .

We want the cheese to become cream .

OK ?

And the mascarpone doesn't need to be cooked .

To be honest , the mascarpone just needs to melt in the pasta .

Beautiful .

Mm This melt from the gorgonzola and again , you can use blue cheese .

You get the same effect .

Uh It's just a beautiful , beautiful smell .

Guys .

Feel free to use any cheese that you love .

OK .

I'm not doing a reaction video uh about this .

You can use anything that you like as long as a nice soft cheese .

Now , why do we need the milk here ?

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We need the milk because the milk is the base of our cheeses and the milk will evaporate eventually , but it will help to melt the cheese .

You don't wanna use milk .

You can use uh cooking cream .

Ok .

I think the cooking cream will make it heavier .

It's a heavy dish .

So it's not really a problem if you make it heavier .

But I think milk is a better option .

See , the cheese is melted and we are now ready to add the pasta .

See what we have over here .

It's beautiful cream .

It became cream .

The milk is not running anymore now it's creamy .

You know , it's thanks to the cheese .

You know , thanks to the gorgonzola to the , the , it's such an important ingredient because it gives you the kick .

Ok ?

So the other cheeses that you use , you don't want them to be too strong .

Ok ?

The gonzo will take over .

So just use subtle cheeses that will make it creamy .

That's what we want .

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Our , our goal is to have a creamy pasta without the cream .

Now , a pasta is ready .

What we're gonna do is we're gonna get a mug of pasta water full of starch and this is extremely , extremely important to make the pasta creamier and to combine all the ingredients .

Now , let's take the pasta out and put it in the sauce .

See , the sauce is ready .

It's calling the pasta pasta .

Where are you ?

I'm waiting for you .

All right .

So let's put the pasta in .

Ah , beautiful .

Let's quickly , quickly stir fantastic .

Now , what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna put the mascarpone cheese , mascarpone cheese in there quickly .

I wanna melt this for a few seconds .

A little bit of pasta water .

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This is gonna make it creamier and the fire is still on .

Ok ?

A little bit of pasta water , the mascarpone is gonna melt and in about 10 seconds we are going to remove the pan from the cooktop and we add the parmigiano pecorino cheese .

This is happiness into a pan .

Look at this cheesy .

Alright .

This is the time now for the pecorino .

Oh see that , see well , look at what happens now .

Look what happens now .

Ok .

I'm gonna add the pecorino everywhere .

Super cheese and mix and now it's time to let's get the pasta jumped .

We want this and this will help to get creamier .

Look how creamy this is , huh ?

Look how creamy this pasta is .

Look at that .

Look at that .

Look at that .

Look at this .

Look at this .

Come on , look at this .

Look at the creamy there .

See it's not stringy , it's creamy .

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It's fantastic .

It's it's it's ready to be eaten .

The pasta wants to be eaten .

Come on , come on , come on it .

Now .

Look at that .

Look how pretty look at this .

Look at this , I can dream this cream can dream it .

Look at that .

Look at that guys .

This is the 10 minutes creamy pasta that is going to change your life .

The four cheese pasta made just for you just for you in 10 minutes .

I wanna show you how to make it because this , it's a must see guys .

I just want you to see .

Look at that .

Look how creamy , look how creamy this is .

Huh ?

This is gonna make you so , so happy .

Oh My God .

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This is gonna make you so happy .

Is wonderful , wonderful cream .

Of course , the gorgonzola is taking over .

But what a wonderful creation .

Simple , easy .

This is another example .

The food should be kept Simple .

Marvelous simplicity and is best .

Yeah .

So let's plate this marvelous , marvelous , cheesy pasta .

Oh , wow .

Wow .

Wow .

Beautiful , beautiful cheese .

Yeah .

Yum creamy .

This is food porn at its best food po at his best .

It's very important that you collect all the sauce in the pan , get everything out and then we're gonna put it right on top of a pasta and that will be the how we finish it off before we add the nuts guys .

The final touch is the crashed Walnut .

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Let me tell you it's gonna be so yummy you can use crushed pistachio if you want crushed maca , any nuts that you want or if you're allergic , you don't use any nuts .

You know , you don't really have to put the nuts , but I think the nuts take it , it gives you the extra flavor , the extra kick and here it is your full cheeses pasta made with love .

And again , this is my favorite part of the recipe .

I'm looking forward to this moment when I get to eat my food .

Look how creamy .

Let's have it .

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Mm .

Mm .

The cake , the creaminess .

Mm .

I've got the cream stuck in my mouth .

I need a glass of white wine to wash my mouth .

Mm .

Mhm .

Yeah .

Mhm .

Why , why I cook so good ?

Why my cheesy pasta is the best pasta on youtube .

Uh , you tell me why is my cheesy pasta the best cheesy pasta online , huh ?

This is incredible .

The cheese comes out from the , when you , when you actually try to get them , you can see the cheese coming out from the name guys .

I need to keep eating .

So thank you so much for watching this episode .

I will see you in the next Vincenzo plate with your recipe .

Vincenzo plate .

Oh , it's a cheesy Vincenzo plate .

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Oh , if you're a cheese lover , this is perfect for you .


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