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2023-07-09 14:17:13

Joe Rogan's Reverse Sear STEAK method

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And , and , and I look at your uh Instagram , you're cooking meat , right ?

But for me , I'm thinking how the hell does he get the meat ?

Uh , like from , from top to bottom , like medium rare throughout , you know , like that's for me that's more of a learn .

I can teach you sebastian , I could teach you , you know , the key is cooking it slowly .

OK ?

So you got like this grill or whatever a pellet grill , pellet grill you want , you want , if it gets my meat the way it gets me , I would , I'll have them send you 100% perfect .

Um But yeah , they take the sawdust from , from sawmills and they compress it and they make these little tiny pellets .

And so there's no chemicals .

No nothing .

It's just wood .

I'm trying to get more people to cook like this because it's just wood and fire .

It's the best .

There's no chemicals .

There's no bullshit .

No lighter fluid , no gas , no nothing .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I cook it from between 225 to 275 degrees , which is pretty low and I'll cook it until it hits an internal temperature depending upon what I'm cooking somewhere around 1 20 to the maximum like 1 30 ish .

Then I take it out and then I have a cast iron frying pan as hot as a motherfucker .

And I use either a beef tallow or grass fed butter and then I sear the shit out of that with some garlic and I throw some thyme in there and fucking flip it over and get that good sear .

And then I let it sit for a minimum of 10 minutes .

Think he lies that money .

Ok ?

So your , your me is unbelievable .

I've seen it on the end when you say that Instagram .


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