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2023-07-10 08:53:21

Guitar Lessons Learn How to Play Country Guitar Solos like Albert Lee Danny Gaton Brad Paisley

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Um I'm gonna explain these , these licks really short and , and quick for you .

Um , just to give you a grasp of where my mind is a little bit and where these , these uh lessons and examples , the Riffs phrases , lines , whatever you wanna call them , uh came from with me and who I swiped them from or stole them from and uh kind of uh what to concentrate with each one .

So , um this first lesson here is uh from Brent Mason .

I got it from and he might have stole it from somebody else , but he's the one that made it popular .

I think this is kind of a signature thing of his and it's uh using the toggle and I'll have a , I'll have two cameras on each hand here in a moment .

But uh the toggle thing is two fingers upstroke downs stroke with a pick .

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So I'm on the fourth string , fit for it .

And then these two , well , the third string is open and then the second string is on the third frat and getting all these notes independent is what you're after .

That's , that's really what you want to look for .

It's the tightness and the staccato of of double stops that make it so admirable and sought after .

So um here's that first lesson , the first example um up to speed a little bit .

Mhm .

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Mm .

Ok .

Um I'm gonna slow it down a little bit now .

Come on .

Three .

Mhm .


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