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2023-07-08 09:04:47

Spicy Tuna Tomato Pasta Sauce - Mid Week Easy Recipes - Tuna Pasta - Quick n Easy Tomato Pasta Sauce

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Welcome back .

Once again to how to cook red food dot com .

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What I mean today ?

Keeping it really simple .

Another kind of midweek special , we're gonna do some tomato tuna pasta sauce .

I've got some spaghetti right there as you can see really easy , nice bit of chili in there .

A bit of kick .

Let's go and take a look at these very simple ingredients .

OK ?

Let's take a look at the ingredients we're gonna be using for this really simple one can of tomatoes .

There , there are whole , we're gonna chop them as I put them in roughly onions and tuna .

The tuna is that the same size as you know , a kind of regular can not the small one , a regular kind of large one .

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And as you can see roughly the same amount of onions to the tuna tablespoon of chopped garlic .

Here , I've got about 200 g of tomato paste or puree two teaspoons of a dried oregano .

You could be using something different if you want like a mixed Italian herb or basil or something like that .

And then one heat teaspoon there of chili .

We're gonna start this off with a touch of oil and I've got my pasta there .

I'm using some spaghetti .

Already cooked really simple .

Let's go to the cooker .

Ok .

So we're gonna need the pan or like a skillet or something .

I've got some oil in there .

I'm using the sunflower oil .

You could be using the olive oil , maybe if you wanted .

Let's get our onions and let's drop them in along with our garlic .

I've chopped mine .

You can slice it up if you want really simply medium heat .

Three minutes , give it stir every now and then .

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There you go .

That's just three minutes .

These uh onions are starting to soften a little bit garlic stones go a little bit golden brown .

And so at this point , we're gonna add our tuna , our canned tuna in that goes .

Now this tuna is , comes with oil .

You get something that comes with water , oil up to you .

We're now gonna add in that chili , that nice amount of chili powder .

Our dried herb which today is boner .

We're gonna get some salt in the mix along with some black pepper .

I'm gonna cook this again for about another 3 to 4 minutes .

Give it a stir every now and then .

This is coming together really nicely .

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It's at this point we're now gonna drop in that one can .

Well plum tomatoes as you can see their whole , just gonna roughly chop them .

You could be using a kind of smooth passata on this .

If you wanted , we're now gonna add that tomato puree or tomato paste into the mix .

If you wanted to think about some fresh chili in here or some fresh chili flakes .

If you wanna go extra spicy , think about some other veg .

You might wanna throw a few shrooms in here or something like that .

Maybe some black olives or green olives .

We're keeping this nice and simple .

We're gonna lower the heat .

Now , we're gonna let this go for 5 to 6 minutes and it's done .

Ok .

Off goes the heat .

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Now we're trying to make this nice and quick , but the cooking of the tomatoes is very important .

We need that kind of six or seven minutes to really kind of cook them out .

But there you go .

Check that for salt .

It's gonna be fine for me if you wanted maybe a bit of parsley in there or something with spaghetti or if any pasta actually delicious .

Hope you enjoyed that .

Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and we will see you soon .

Lots of love .


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